Keto = endurance

(Jamie) #1

This past weekend i rode the “tour de cabot” which is an organized ride where our gear was trucked from campsite to campsite.

Three days, 300 km and 4086 meters of climbing recorded.

On a fatbike, loaded with a ton of extra gear and weight.

Fasted exercise only - OMAD, supper.

As long as i stayed below anaerobic level i was able to motor along all day. No need for stops other than to refill my onboard water and reload electrolytes.

Running on fat is the ultimate secret weapon!

I was the only one of 26 riders not filling up on big breakfasts, filling pockets with bananas and energy bars to make it until a huge lunch and repeat.

These people were literally not able to function more than 30 minutes without another hit of carbs.

I dont see keto dietary limitations as restrictions -they are really quite liberating! :sunglasses:

Note: my longest ride this year before this weekends activity was 40km. Most of my rides are 16-20km

Also worth noting is how well i have recovered from my dog attack while riding back in June (collapsed lung and 8-9 ribs broken in 15 places). I was riding to work within 4 weeks after that.

I think keto helped there too.

(Susan) #2

Wow, that is really awesome. Well done, Congrats =)).

(Central Florida Bob ) #3

Dang! That’s awful, but an amazingly fast recovery.

Great news to hear on the rides, though. It’s as flat as a pool table here, so no climbing, but my regular ride is 13 miles (21km) fasted, every other day. Hurricane Dorian and a flurry of doctor’s appointments knocked me off schedule for about a week, but back to it later or tomorrow.