Keto ended years of binging and cravings - but it took time!

(Sue ) #1

I just wanted to write this for any newbies coming on board. I know when I started the keto/low carb WOE, I was impatient and frustrated because I thought it was going to be a magic weight loss fix. All I had heard about keto to that point was that it was helping people shed crazy amounts of weight.

But, I didn’t lose much weight…just a pound here and there. Sometimes I gained! At a few points I was like, why am I doing this? Not much is happening. I felt like friends and family were asking themselves the same thing but didn’t voice that to me. There I was cutting out foods I had eaten my entire life, and I still looked pretty much the same weeks into it. Meanwhile my friends were dropping 2 lbs a week on WW and other popular diets.

But I continued to KCKO because a) I don’t have a ton to lose anyway (maybe 20 lbs.) and this just feels to me like the right way to eat. I enjoy the food. I would partake in the carbs occasionally, at a special event or occasion, and at first those rogue eating experiences felt really good and exciting. I’d take a bite of something carby, like bread, and feel that familiar rush of “yum!” and I couldn’t stop. I’d eat too much and feel so sick afterwards.

But after awhile those same foods I used to crave didn’t bring me the same level of satisfaction.

Now I’ve been eating this way for 3 to 4 months and I realized that my entire relationship with food has changed. I have no more cravings for snacks or sweets (even keto sweets for the most part, which I used to crave a lot at the outset). I can go all day without eating and feel fine - I feel great, actually. When I am sad or happy, I don’t immediately think of turning to food to self-medicate.

This is after decades of emotional eating, binge-eating, and boredom eating. Up until a few months ago, I would graze all day, just mindlessly stuffing crackers or chips into my mouth. I was always hungry. And I’d eat even when I wasn’t hungry. My next meal was always on my mind!

Not only have my cravings ceased, but real food tastes so much better to me. I made a cucumber salad the other night with a few grape tomatoes and oh my, it tasted like heaven! And after years of overeating at every meal, I have this ability now to eat to satiety instead of eating as much as I can until my stomach is overly full and uncomfortable. I eat and just somehow know when to stop.

Not to mention I am never bloated anymore, my skin is clear and glowing, and although I am not dropping a lot of pounds on the scale, my body seems to be sorting itself out - slimmer waist, flatter tummy and less flab. And of course more energy.

Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to throw all of this out there for those of you who may be at the start or a few weeks into it and feeling frustrated. I want to underscore, like many on here have explained, that these changes TAKE TIME. The kinds of changes I described above - those are the magic of keto. It’s not fast and furious weight loss (if that happens for you, it’s just a bonus). I believe this WOE has the capability to repair years of damage from the SAD and reprogram your brain and body to eat in a way that supports optimal health.

So newbies, KCKO - you’ll be so glad you stuck to it!

(hottie turned hag) #2

Nice one. Thanks for posting :purple_heart:

(Jane Srygley) #3

Thanks so much for this post! I am about a month and a half in, still trying to find my way and not seeing much on the scale. I decided to do this for my health, so I’m glad to hear that you are doing so well after being at it about twice as long :sparkling_heart:

(Annette ) #4

Thank you. I needed this today.

(Jane) #5

Excellent post!

I’ve seen a lot of benefits from this WOE besides weight loss but if I was to pick my #1 all favorite bennie it would be to HAVE MY HUNGER UNDER CONTROL! I am not a slave to my hunger, don’t panic if food isn’t readily available, don’t spend all my time thinking of what I want to eat… FREEDOM.

(Jane) #6

I just want to add that according to my BMI I am still “overweight”. I would need to lose another 11 pounds to be in the normal range but I don’t care. I love the way I look and feel and a little more padding fills out the wrinkles on my 60-yo face :laughing:

I lost nearly 40 lbs on keto and have kept it off for a year. For years I could always lose weight but never kept it off… and the last few years I had become insulin resistant and couldn’t even lose it anymore.


All of this is the same for me!!!

This was a great post, thanks for the encouragement :purple_heart::100:. I trust the process, but I still need to be reminded that it’s sllloooooowwwww going.

(Will knit for bacon. ) #8

I’m a little over three months in and I can’t agree with OP enough. I have lost weight, enough for people to comment on it, but I always want to grab them by the lapels and screech, “Yeah, but do you want to hear how AMAZING I feel??”

It was pouring down rain when I got to work the other day, so I sprinted from my car to the building. It wasn’t until I was inside mopping water out of my hair that I realized I wasn’t even a little bit out of breath. This was huge for me.

I started keto to avoid the diabetes that my mother and grandmother deal/dealt with. The weight loss is nice but it’s just gravy on top.

(Sue ) #9

Janie, exactly!! It’s a sense of freedom and calm surrounding food. I’ve never felt that before - I have always been a slave to my hunger and cravings like you (great way to put it). It’s amazing to be able to sit there and watch my husband or someone else scarf down bread and cake and not feel like I’m going to lose control.

(Jane) #10

I live in a rural area but my neighbors are all friends. We get together about once a month (8-10 of us total) for dinner and playing cards afterwards.

They ALWAYS serve full sugar desserts. And half are diabetic and one on insulin :woman_facepalming:

I always decline dessert and make myself busy putting up the leftovers into the fridge, stacking dishes, etc. Not for me… it doesn’t bother me to sit and watch them eat dessert. For THEM because they feel bad and think I am “suffering” because they would be. They can not comprehend really not wanting it.

(Susan) #11

Excellent post, Susie, and very true. It is amazing the freedom from food that Keto gives us. I totally agree with you. Thanks for your post, it will be great for new forum members that are new to Keto to see, and it encourages the rest of us! Best of luck in all your Keto goals =).

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #12

:metal: That’s my biggest problem in all of life-; binges. I want this to stop. Was doing well o Keto, then messed myself up again. Getting back on the wagon.

Thanks for sharing.

(Jane) #13

I wish you the best this time around. You got this.

(Carl Keller) #14

Well said Sue! So much of what you’ve written rings true with me. It was about 3-4 months in when I realized how irrational I used to eat. I still see it in my family and friends and I so want to tell them they don’t have to live like this, but I know they will think I am crazy. :smiley:

(I'm that bad type, make your mama sad type) #15

Carl, you ARE crazy. :grin:

(Sue ) #16

Carl, yep I see it clearly in my family and friends too, but I don’t say anything unless asked. I am “quietly keto!” If anyone gives me a hard time about what I am or am not eating I just say I am watching carbs.

The other day my MIL said “I hope you’re not doing keto, staying in ketosis too long damages your kidneys!” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

(Marianne) #17

Isn’t that so awesome!!!

Great post. Keto is such a gift; I wish everyone knew about it.

(Kim Edwards) #18

the " they feel bad and think I am “suffering” because they would be" part makes me laugh…to not “have” to have a piece of cake or bite of bread does the opposite doesn’t it…you hit the nail on the head…freedom from food!!
Thanks for the post as I am that way too. Lost some inches, gained in health and vitality, no cravings and no longer freak out about having food on hand when out and about.


Thanks so much for sharing this, Susie74! I am also about 20 lbs from my goal, and this describes my experience to a tee. I appreciate the inspiration to KCKO (although, truth be told, I am now mixing in a bit of Atkins 40 into my plan, as well).

With regard to hunger issues, I wanted to say that for me, constant hunger seemed to ease somewhat on this WOE – but never went away. I finally made an appointment with a GI doctor and got on some meds (not PPIs) which seem to be helping.

(Marie Drake) #20

This is great. It’s happening to me too, albeit slowly.