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Any chance “we” ( I love being able to say “we” and feel so honored to become part of a community. Thank you.) can form a section for the keto friendly doctors we recommend? My doctor just told me in September that I will be on insulin one day (my A1c was 6.7, down from 7.2), so needless to say I am looking for a more positive minded physician !

Keto-friendly doctors
(Retta Stephenson) #2

Wow. I take it that doctor has never heard of the nocebo effect! I’m glad to read you aren’t buying into the doom and gloom. I like your suggestion for keto friendly doctor list here.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #3

I think that’s an awesome idea, I’m on the Quest for a physician who would be supportive of this lifestyle. I live in Denver Colorado.

(Tom Seest) #4

Here you are: for the Denver Metro Area

Dr. Jeffrey Gerber

(thefeatherdustersllc) #5

Wow, thanks!! I will give him a call, how exciting!! :gift:

(Tom Seest) #6

One oft the best in the industry…

(thefeatherdustersllc) #7

You have no idea how much I like the sound of that. I should get a gold star for firing doctors. LOL! The lack of critical thinking and being receptive to new information in the mainstream medical community stuns me.

(Tom Seest) #8

He’s a speaker at conferences, and will be at 2017 Low Carb Breckenridge I believe. If you Google his name with Keto, you’ll see he is widely read and listened too.


I’m in Hatfield Mass. it’s slim pickings for functional/naturopathic docs around here.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #10

Awesome! I will, thank you so much!

(glen babicci) #11

Any docs in sydney nsw? I know of a practice in Newtown ,but I am over an hour from there

(Danielle) #12

This is a good place for the Aussies

Has a list of GP’s that are Low carb

(Danielle) #13

This is Jimmy Moore’s list that should help for the people in North America

(rawethe) #14

@tdseest Do you know of any lists for St. Louis? Being in the area and all. I would really like to consult with someone about my blood work, but it’s about the “rare” increasing ldl-p issue that some of the other books I am reading talk about. I seem to be one of those rare people. But I just want to be supervised a bit by someone who really knows keto, not put on meds. So I feel like a chiropractor (the one medical person I know who knows keto) isn’t appropriate. :confused:

(Jeff) #15

Living in Seattle, I’ve had a phyrical with Dr Ted Naiman, who is as excellent in person as he is in videos and podcasts. Hes’ the first doc that has ever discussed diet and exercise in depth, plus keen interest in blood panel results and other tests. Highly recommended.

(Tom Seest) #16

@rawethe I have no recommendations, as I don’t really go to doctors.

You might want to reach out to some of the local people in the Meat Up group. But, I really just have no idea.

I could Google and I might be able to find someone.

(Jake P) #17

I work in healthcare, I have regular interaction with many doctors and they are not created equal. What do you call a doctor that graduated last in his class? Doctor.

I’m lucky my PCP is a close friend of the family and he pretty much lets me do what I want, he knows how much effort and research I put into things. I mostly keep him up to date with my efforts because I only have one kidney and we want to make sure no problems arise from that. So far my kidney functions are fine.

(momzbusy2012) #18

Olympia, WA/South Seattle

Paleo/Keto Functional Medicine Physician

Patricia Sylwester, MD

(rawethe) #19

Yeah, I’ve googled. A lot. Very little coming up. Even in the Jimmy Moore list. No worries, just figured I’d ask! :slight_smile:

(Tom Seest) #20

@rawethe: Have you checked out Emily Hecker, or are you looking for someone that isn’t a Functional doctor?