Keto educated physicians list

(rawethe) #21

I actually just started following her not long ago. I considered. But I see that she does the Shape Reclaimed program, which my bezt friend does, that is pretty much low carb, low fat. So I’m not too convinced she fully accepts traditional Keto. She might. I just haven’t dug deeper.

(Tom Seest) #22

I’m probably going to try to make it to her open house just to see what she is all about.

I’m wanting too know options. She might also know some other doctors in the area.

(Lisa) #23

Any recommendations in Los Angeles? Preferably in the Torrance area.

(Kathy L) #24

So - any near Madison, WI? I did find a natropath who is “LC friendly” but knows nothing about Keto. I did leave her some reading material. But I’m thinking of buying the Cholesterol Clarity book for my husband’s doc.

(Christopher Avery) #25

Hi, I’m pleased to find this thread. I’m looking for a keto friendly physician in Austin, TX. Unfortunately, Jimmy Moore’s site only has a few dozen entries. I found a paleo site that is more extensive.

Hmmm, maybe there is an emerging opportunity here for an app.

If you know of a keto friendly physician in Austin, TX, let me know.

Thank you.

(Michelle C.) #26

I see Aline Zeringue (an Advanced Practice Nurse) in Austin. My husband and I have been keto for a few months now and she’s quite supportive. She’s well versed on the research and great with trending to see how things head. We’ve just started quarterly bloodwork to trend. She did worry about my husbands lipoprofile, but again - didn’t want to do anything - just see how things go. I’m also and Advanced Practice Nurse but don’t see patients in a clinic (though my own keto journey and success tempts me to open a keto practice in Austin.)

(betsy.rome) #27

I’d like to find a keto doctor in central/western CT / Westchester NY region.

(Christopher Avery) #28

Thank you @utshell. That’s good to know.


Did you ever make it to her open house? I’ll need a doc in St. Louis.

(Davi) #30

One of the admins/moderators can create a wiki post.
They are editable by most users and would provide revision history that would allow some checks/balances.

(Tom Seest) #31

No. I did not.

(Kate) #32

Sometimes proving your Dr wrong is satisfying as well though. My Dr and Endo are always suprised with my blood work and results. I think they keep thinking it is a miracle. Nope just Keto. Well maybe Keto is the miracle.

It would be nice to have a Dr though that you could say is this normal (for Keto)?


I am an MD physician in NYC. Please send me a private message (if this can be done here) and let me see if I can help you.

(melinda) #34

Huntington, WV Pediatrician Dr. James R. Bailes


Also, I’ll be at Ketofest this weekend, thanks to the 2 Ketodudes:blush:

(Erin) #36

I am an MD who is practicing and promoting nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting. I’ll be moving to BC Canada next month - not sure how many Canadians are on this forum. I can also be found on instagram at ketophysician, website coming soon.

(Kathy L) #37

Please move here!!


While I have no personal experience and do not know if he is still accepting patients but there is always Dr. Bernstein in Marmaronek

(Becky Bataller Naughton) #39

I am a family nurse practitioner from southern NH and am a strong keto-advocate for my patients. I have been keto myself for about 1.5 years and have seen the benefits of this lifestyle firsthand. I have found that much of my knowledge is self-taught as with my conventional training, nutrition was really an afterthought and what was taught was the standard low-fat dogma. I have attended several conferences (including KetoCon last week) and have read countless books and articles about this. I know that keto can make a HUGE difference in many people’s lives and it really saddens me how my colleagues quickly dismiss it out of fear for saturated fat and possible increase in total cholesterol and LDL (without actually running NMRs or other more specialized tests). With that said, I would be happy to see anyone in the southern NH area (I work in a conventional medical practice in part of a large organization) but I am also launching an independent practice, where I can see people virtually to help them with the diet, follow up with labs and wean people off medications if appropriate. My website is
If you want any more info on this, just let me know!

(Sara Taheri) #40

@Rookie did you find a good supporting doctor in the western MA area ??? If so I’m looking for one and would love to hear your recommendation ! Thanks