Keto results


I used this recipe for the donuts and melted 3/4 c dark Lily’s cc + 1 T avocado oil to dip them in. Nope, they weren’t as good as “real” donuts but adequate!


Look insanely good to me!

(Bob M) #3

They do look good, though I never ate donuts when I was getting fat. Anytime, really.


I am glad you didn’t put sprinkles on it… People are weird to do that…

They look too much like donuts, I hate donuts with a passion, they don’t look edible to me ever :slight_smile: But yours are probably actually are. It’s just the shape.
But without the stupid sprinkles and because I had a long nice relationship with chocolate, they don’t actually look bad at all. They just remind me of those horrible supermarket things I am not even sure I ever ate… Though it must have happened once or twice…?
We have very traditional homemade doughnuts here, fried in deep oil (I don’t do such things, very inconvenient)…

I made many things that may be considered “substitutes” and they never were as they are too different but they were nice food items on their own right! :slight_smile: I consider them success.


the “bottom side” of these look perfectly like little inner tubes. it is the silpat donut baking forms.


this is me. a donut in life did I rarely eat but I know when I tried Lily’s as something in my LC days it gave me the bathroom trots to the utlimate…lol

I see the word Lily’s and I ran fast real quick.

so to @Fracmeister I wanna see way more of the BBQ and meat pics vs. this stuff cause I am so bias against a donut :100::joy::joy: that you know, I ain’t ever going there but your meat threads are so :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: