Keto diet plan I made for next one month - is it too aggressive?


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Hello Folks! I am relatively new to Keto and this is my first post in this forum. I am a 29 years old male with height 5’10. I started keto diet exactly 1 month back. In this 1 month I have lost around 11 lbs. This is my before and after stats:​

Before 1 month : Weight 168 lbs, BF 22%
Current : Weight 157 lbs, BF 20%​

I lost all of my weight in the first 2 weeks when I was eating around 1400kcal/day with protein and fat and zero carb.

After that I stalled for 1 week, so I tried intermittent fasting few days where I was eating only dinner of around 1200 kcal. But no luck, whatever weight I lost during the fasting I seem to gain it back the next morning. I have also tried 24+ hrs complete fasting but same thing. I measure my macros strictly and take electrolytes and suggested in the FAQ.

I know that my weight is normal compared to my height, but I have an endomorph body type so my body stores more fat than muscle and I have high visceral fat. My plan is to get < 15% BF and then start bulking.

Now, I have faith in keto diet and know that it has very strong scientific backing. There must be something I am doing wrong which is stalling my progress. That’s why I made a new plan today and want it to get reviewed by the good folks of this community before I follow it for the next 1 month.​

Here it goes:
Total calories : 1300 kcal
Total Fat : 82 gm (Butter, MCT, Cream)
Total Protein : 128 gm (Chicken breast, Egg)
Carb : whatever I get from the above foods
Exercise : Moderate weight training in the morning 3 days a week in fasted state

Since I’m not eating any greens, I supplement with fiber, multivitamins, potassium, sodium,magnesium,vit-c and D3. I’m not sure yet if I’ll take all of the macro in one meal or throughout the day, I’ll probably have a fat reach coffee after work-out and the restof the macros in dinner.

Can you please review my above plan and let me know your thoughts? The goal is to get to 15% BF in 5 weeks.

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The goal really oughtn’t work that way. Set a goal, but don’t worry about time. You’re looking at reducing your body fat by 25% in five weeks, from a fairly moderate start point is not realistic.

Your faith in keto is good. Are you currently fat adapted?

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Just curious
How did you measure BF
Was this from a DEXA Scan?

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Why such low calories? You know your body needs fuel to work the way you want it to. Keto is not a calorie restriction diet.


Seems pretty low calorie and low fat, You say you want to get to <15% and THEN start bulking, I’ll hit that on two fronts. “Bulking” however you want to use it means (traditionally) means getting fat while building muscle, then spending tons of time pulling the fat back off that you didn’t need to put on in the first place. Doesn’t make sense in the sugar burning world, doesn’t make sense for us. Or at best means putting on a lot of muscle at a pretty descent speed/surplus. There is no point to spend time getting rid of 5% BF just to turn around and put it back on. Even Keto’rs that lift put on some bodyfat in the process. Do you know how many calories / fat you burn during the damage/repair process of creating muscle? A LOT! Keep your diet in check and eating keto will take care if your visceral fat either way.


Not an expert here, but one of the first things I noticed is that your protein intake is higher than your fat intake. You’ll need to reverse that.
Instead of chicken breast, get a ribeye with a side of melted butter for dipping. Seriously. You have to train your body to utilize the body fat it already has. So, it needs to be fed more fat (not lean protein), in order to transition into fat adaptation mode. At least, that is my understanding- and from I’ve practiced, it works darn well.
The other thing is, you’ll see yourself experiencing lots of Non-Scale Victories (NSV’s). I didn’t lose weight for several weeks, even though my eating was spot on. I did, however, lose 7 inches on my hips during that time period. So, make sure you’re taking measurements. This was a huge encouragement to me. (Since then, I’ve lost 26 pounds (total), 4" inches on my waist, and 8" on my hips.)

Be patient with yourself. Your body has to adapt, and when we try to put it on a stopwatch - it can be a little disappointing.

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