Keto diet and mental health

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Probably interesting:

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He was also interviewed here. It was fascinating listening to him talk. Thanks for the link to the Diet Doctor interview.


The original Carrie Brown interview by the 2Ketodudes is a good listen on this topic too.

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I will add Dr. Georgia Ede’s website which is a great resource for mental health and diet information.

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I listened today, a very interesting interview and some angles that were new to me.

Coincidentally I’ve just heard that a friend’s daughter has become a new person since quitting the junk food and going low carb. Apparently it’s a complete transformation. And since I was the one who suggested low carb/no processed food, I’m pretty happy about the outcome. It’s a powerful brain changer.


Nothing like feeling it in your own brain!
Mental clarity when it hits is something you truly can not explain to another person cause they don’t ‘feel it’ like us. It is one of the best benefits of changing our menus for sure and when ya get it, ya don’t wanna lose it either :slight_smile: It was a WOW moment for me truly. You become a whole new you and it is fab!

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The film, The Magic Bullet, profiles two autistic kids whose condition is greatly improved by being put on a ketogenic diet.

I am coming more and more to suspect that a lot of the craziness of modern times is the result of the dietary guidelines.


Love her work.

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I think it’s The Magic Pill.

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Exactly what I was thinking! :joy:

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You’re probably right. I was too lazy to verify the title.

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Well, there is a magic bullet. It’s just a blender instead of a documentary. :rofl:

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Ketosis has an anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) effect, which makes it ideal for treating anorexia nervosa