Keto diet and menstrual cycle


(Amy) #41

After I reached goal weight. Although I unexpectedly continued to lose after making the changes.

Yes, after ovulation.

(Mini Pr) #42

Hi. I have similar issues. I was on strict keto for 6 weeks and then slowly switched to my regular diet. A week after getting off I started spotting even though my cycle had ended 15 days back. Its been 3 weeks and I am still spotting. I got some tests done on my docs advice but all came out fine. Also, now my regular cycle is already delayed by a fww days…anyone faced similar issue?

(TeiShino) #43

Exactly the same thing happened to me. It became very heavy this time and all the headache and back pain…I started keto for the first time since November so it’s about three months now. Worst thing is I’m no longer losing weight but gaining. I’m not sure if it’s time to stop doing keto…

(Edith) #44

I’m not quite sure I understand your post. You stopped keto and your period got worse?

If not, you gained weight when you got your period? Unfortunately, in my experience keto has not stopped the fluctuations of weight due to changing hormone levels.

Also, if you are burning your own fat stores, that can cause an increase in estrogen. Estrogen is stored in fat and gets released as we burn it. It takes time for our cycle to normalized on keto, six months maybe longer?

Many women find over time their symptoms of cramping, etc improve .

If you search under “shark week” you will find a lot of discussions on menstruation. That term was used several years ago. :sweat_smile:

(TeiShino) #45

Sorry for the confusion. I haven’t stopped keto yet but I’m thinking because of the severe cramp and headache I am experiencing these two days.

I understand that more estrogen was released during ketosis and it will affect my period.
I am not losing much weight like other women so I thought maybe I am not in ketosis. I’m kind of confused too so I’m not sure if I should continue with my keto journey. I really want to hear what other women say especially those who had endometriosis before.

Thanks for letting me know about the term Shark Week!

(Tracy) #46

I’m 43, no BC, but had tubes tied. My entire life my period was unpredictable so I can’t tell you what it was doing when I started Keto in 2019. After 6 months I noticed it was coming regularly, every 28 days. I also noticed exactly, almost to the hour, 14 days after my cycle I would spot. My doc said I was ovulating. In my 40’s I had never known regular ovulation or menstral cycles until Keto regulated them. Stick with it and watch everything fall into place.

(TeiShino) #47

Your case sounds encouraging, thanks :slight_smile:
I am trying my best and experimenting what to take in order to ease my symptoms esp my severe headache. Some said more magnesium and some said electrolytes. I tried both and it did help for like 30-60mins😅

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #48

One possible cause of headaches is insufficient sodium. Government recommendations for sodium intake have been shown to be unhealthily low. I find that as long as I am getting enough salt, I am not troubled by migraines. If I forget and start to get an aura, a pinch or two of salt is generally enough to head it off within minutes.