Keto diet and menstrual cycle



Hi All,

I’m a 26 female. I just started keto diet two weeks ago when my period was about to come. I’ve read some females have heavier period on keto diet, but my problem is I’ve been spotting for several days after my period. (I’m also on birth control pill.) Just curious if anyone shares the same experience? Will it be gone once I’m keto adapted?


(Fasting Educator) #2

Hi @jinxxx

I do think you may be experiencing altered menstruation due to the hormonal influence the ketogenic diet has. Many women do. It usually takes a few cycles to normalize.

(Mary Ann) #3

This is happening to me too. I’m 41 yrs and on the pill. For the past month I’ve been spotting. This is new since keto diet. I’m hoping it evens out like others have suggested.


Hi @Brenda, thank you for your kind reply! Hopefully this will be gone soon.


Yeah, I think it’s caused by keto diet. Will see how it goes when next cycle comes. Hope everything goes back to normal soon! So far I’ve been enjoying being on keto diet, except the spotting part!


Hi @MaryAnn,

Just wondering if everything is going back to normal with you?
I’ve noticed that my spotting is actually going heavier, more like a normal period now! But my next period is supposed to come in about 10 days. At the same time I am still taking birth control pills.
Did you try to stop taking birth control pills when you had that problem? I just don’t like spotting :pensive:

(Mary Ann) #7

Hello there,
I had spotting a few days the last 2 months. It stopped. I don’t know if it will happen again next month. I have not gone off BC. BTW, I use nuvaring vice pills but the concept is the same.

I think if it’s supposed to come soon then the spotting may be preempting it. I know what you mean about spotting-- so unpredictable! Maybe once your period comes in full swing then the hormones may start to regulate next month (?). I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

(jilliangordona) #8

I have a Mirena, and after the initial spotting from the the insertion, I didn’t have a period for almost a year, but did I get symptoms of PMDD once per month around when my period would normally come.

Once I started keto, about two months in, I started spotting during my periods, nothing heavy. Then about two months later my PMDD symptoms were gone.

I’ve never had a real period since getting my IUD (which I am not mad about) but keto has normalized my other symptoms.


Hey @MaryAnn,

Thank you for praying for me!

I’ve been concerned about if I should keep taking BC pills. The spotting has become much more severe, so I believed my actual period had come, it’s not like spotting anymore, I have to use super sized tampon during night. Based on my previous experience, the BC pills are gonna make my period come in about a week or so. I am just so worried about my period will last for about a month if I keep taking BC pills.

Yeah, I guess all I can do is to chill and see what happens next. Really hope the hormones will regulate themselves soon.

Again, thanks for your kind reply! Really appreciated it!


Hi @jilliangordona,

Sounds Keto diet is doing something really good to you.

I started to take BC pills a year ago to alleviate PMS, I have been very satisfied since then, my period has become very predictable, no cramp, no pain anymore. I had no idea that the keto diet would mess up my period especially I’ve been taking BC pills. It’s really annoying. Hope everything will go well soon.

(Zakayla) #11

JHigh five :wave: to IUDS. I have had IUDs since 2001 but plan on removing my current one and not replacing it. It’s time in my journey to naturally rebalance my body without the influence of birth control. My partner is fixed so I am not concerned about an unplanned pregnancy. I’m 38 and looking ahead into my health of menopause (yes I know years away but better to plan and balance my body’s hormones especially when I deal adrenal issues).

My experience with Mirena IUDs.
No complications. No periods after insertion. Honestly it has been very nice not having to purchase feminine product since 2001! Rarely spotting occurred. Once in a blue moon experienced lower back pain and mild cramps.

Not so bueno aspect of IUDs for me…
Low libido to no libido (like sometimes weeks go by and I ask what’s sex?).

Correct me if I am wrong, but a woman’s body doesn’t naturally produce the hormones since a device provides a synthetic hormone. Not sure what the long term affects. Not sure how long it takes the body to produce them naturally. KETO will help!

I am happy I had 20 years of birth control but if I had to start all over again at age 18 I would go ‘el natural’

(jilliangordona) #12

I have the same issue with libido. I also never had PMDD before insertion… but I’ve been on birth control for years.

Once we partner and I have children, he is going to also take care of business and I will go BC free.


I have been keto since January and started spotting about 3 weeks into the diet. I spot on and off throughout the month, with a day or two like a light period. I have taken birth control continuously (for 10 years) and only used to (pre-keto) have periods when I give them to myself. None of my doctors were concerned about the spotting and my pap came back normal. Personally, it bothers me because I know something is out of balance. I have scoured the internet and found very little info, but there is a common theme between birth control, keto, and spotting.

Here are links to a few podcasts that I found somewhat helpful to help me understand female hormones better:
The Keto Diet Podcast Episodes 29 & 39

Keto for Women

I really wish I knew what is not in balance and causing this spotting so I could work to get my hormones back to normal. I have been contemplating other contraception methods and I think I am going to try the lowest hormone IUD, Skyla. I would love to go off the hormones all together, but I don’t think any of those options will work for me. If anyone has knows where to get more info on this topic please share!

(Kevelyn Davis) #14

Omg im having the same issue…on BC and cycle started 1 week early and its heavy. I have no idea when it’s going to stop now because the BC seems to not be doing its job anymore…


After spotting, having light period continuously for a month, I decided to stop taking BC and about 4 days later, my period stopped completely. Not sure what next cycle is gonna look like. Hope everything goes back to normal.
All I can say is that it takes time. Have my finger crossed for you!


Hi @spearson, thank you so much for sharing the podcasts!

(Bynabi Hong) #17

I started keto diet on 21/6 rite after my menstrual cycle, since then my period is gone!!! I’m not overweight, just wanne shed couple pounds…I have been keeping my net carb intake within 30g, I’m in ketosis but not really losing weight at the moment.

I lost 3lbs in the first 3 weeks of keto diet but those lbs come back since early August…
And it has been 2 weeks I’m having horrible sleep…feel like im having water retention…just feel rough anyway…have read article saying increase carb intake may help sleeping condition, but I’m not evening losing weight from having ketosis.

(Rachel) #18

Whenever I really restrict carb intake (Fat fasting), I stop having my period. When I increase my carbs I can count on starting my period within 2 days.

(Lisandra Mathews) #19

I’m having the same issue with spotting since I’ve gone full keto two cycles ago after being low carb for 1 1/2 years ago. How have you fared since ceasing your birth control? Did the spotting permanently go away?


My second cycle on keto came as expected, no cramps, no pains, no spotting after. During my second cycle (yes, after my period came not before), I completely broke my diet for a week because I was out of town. I went back on track after I was back home, and currently I’m not restricting my carb as low as 20g, I don’t limit leafy greens, it just makes me feel better. Looking forward to seeing what happens next cycle.