Keto Didn't Work for Me - (Semi) Carnivore Does!


First of all, I didn’t actually ask for advice. I said I’d love to hear updates from people following the thread.

Second, the main guidance I’ve heard is eat carnivore foods to satiety. That is what I am doing. I never count or even think about calories, but after your post I did some quick calculations. I think your calculation of 800 calories is off as it doesn’t take into account the heavy cream, probably about 300 calories, or the copious amounts of bacon grease the bacon and eggs are fried in.

But more importantly, I am eating to satiety, and have been for the 5 months I have been following this WOE (or some variation on it). I have typically eaten two meals a day during this time - the first bacon and eggs, as described, and the second beef of some kind. On many days the second meal is a 10 oz steak. There have been periods when I was hungrier and found the 10 ounce steak was not enough, so I ate more. Lately I have been feeling less hungry and found myself unable to finish the steak. So for the past few days I didn’t bother to cook the steak and just ate some already cooked roast beef. I didn’t bother to weigh it because that doesn’t matter to me. I eat to satiety.

I don’t think you are getting the point that I am not reducing my food intake to lose weight. I am eating as much as my body wants. I have no doubt that what it wants will shift, and if I get hungrier I will eat more. Without carb cravings getting in the way, I trust my body’s signals.

I am not going to force myself to eat a certain number of pounds that are prescribed on an Internet forum if that is not the amount of food I need. And, anyway, I have no need to ask anyone how much to eat. My body tells me that.

Just want to say in general that I find your tone to be inappropriate and really don’t know what is going on with that. I scrolled up to one of your posts above, in which you said “If anyone says you are doing it wrong, them to shut up.” It was hard to believe I was hearing from the same person. If you had a concern that I was not eating enough, you could have inquired more about that, rather than assuming I was attempting to starve myself to lose weight.


@HappilyRVafter That’s for your understanding reply. It’s true that we are all different, and I’m probably at the “needs less food” end of the spectrum, as I am a small-boned 5’4" woman, and also pretty sedentary due to a medical condition…

That being said, as I mentioned in a separate post, since I have started this WOE I have noticed my appetite seems to fluctuate a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it increased again and I started eating more.

As for you - feeling good about where you are is a great reason to not be terribly motivated to change! Glad things are working for you!


I see the difference in that Elizedge read what you were eating and I gotta say that is ‘small for zc’ as most of us go in big and eat steaks galore fried with some butter or fat etc. added.

From the post 3 eggs, 3 bacon and a bit of beef sounds very low…I get that :slight_smile:

I know E as a very good zc person with long term info under her belt thru experience and time on this plan learning from others, truly this is not meant as a gang up and nail ya post ever :sunny:

seeing that 10 oz steak as your second meal of the day means way more than ‘a bit of beef’ in the other post LOL

that was a misunderstanding of food intake for sure all around

and Sophie you are doing wonderful. You found that some veg etc. are nailing ya bad, you find you are walking toward a more natural way into zc cause physically it is bringing you to this plan and you are making it work for you.

I got the carby family, and it screwed me up for a bit but one day I said, you eat you and I will eat carnivore and it just goes down like that now LOL

Do you and what works at all times and you got this whole health and vitality to lifestyle we choose to live set in stone.

(Scott) #45

Keto was okay and I lost some weight but was in a prolonged stall I felt like trying carnivore but couldn’t seem to take the plunge. One day about four months ago I did. I lost a bit more (10 pounds of vacation and weddings). I am now dialed in to where I seem to lose about a pound a month and only want to lose about four more pounds. I eat three meals a day with little to no snacking. I still drink alcohol daily and make no attempt to restrict or limit calories. I really like this way of eating and after a good NMR lipid test & CAC score have no intention of stopping.


that is me on zero carb. I am losing my last lbs at about 1 to 2 lbs per month and boy do I eat. I eat a ton LOL I eat all I want, when I want and there are days I eat very little cause I just don’t want it. I truly go by hunger and what the body asks.

Loving you got great tests back Scott!! Sounds like you truly did dial into what works best for you…great post!

(Edith) #47

I have to admit, I would have expressed concern over the amount of food you initially described here. Your next post giving more details sounded better.

I’ve been more of a ketovore for about a year. I do eat a serving of berries each day and I use seasoning, so I’m not completely carnivore. I’m 5’3” and weight about 120 pounds. I eat about 1.5 - 2 pounds of meat a day. Sometimes I have two meals and sometimes I have three. Some days I have my “bottomless pit days” where I just can’t stop eating. You may find that over time you have days where you need to eat more. Like you mentioned, just listen to your body.

I’m glad you’re having success. I struggle to maintain my weight. Ketovore makes it easy.