Keto Complaint Department

(Cynthia Anderson) #1135

Come to my house lol


I miss all the applause I used to hear when I would run down my stairs in the morning.

(Ashley Beane) #1137

:rofl: :rofl:

(Ellen) #1138

Am wearing the smallest clothes I own and they’re already getting looser, am going to have suck it up & go shopping.


Great to be able to shop for smaller clothes as opposed to having to shop for larger clothes!

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #1140

But it’s so embarrassing when everyone else is looking for the plus sizes—you stand out like a sore thumb, all by yourself in the smaller-size racks.

(Clint Phelps) #1141

I gave all of my 2x shirts to a coworker and ordered new shirts. I was afraid to order too small so I got XL and they are still way to big. I have to wait a year to order new shirts again.


All my belts are too long.

(Mary Jo Koplos) #1143

I was doing dishes today and my pants fell down. That wouldn’t have happened if I still had that 65 pounds on my body.

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #1144

Peeps need help with some advice … my wife says it’s weird/ironic to call me her ‘Sugar Daddy’ since being Keto. What to do? :blush: :smile: … and I calling her my little ‘fat bomb’ (with Tom Jones’s accent) in public garners some strange stares :rofl::joy::laughing:


Splenda Daddy?



I got bacon in between my teeth and it’s really hard to get out - even with floss.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #1147

This made me laugh. Nicknames are always fun stuff.

Since I have to make sure my husband takes walks after his meals, he is controlling his T2D with exercise and low carb eating, I call him my Puppy Hubby now instead of Sweet Stuff as before.

(Charlie Kathopoulis) #1148

‘… call him my Puppy Hubby

That’s gold :rofl::joy:

(Sophie) #1149

Personally, I’d tend more towards Bacon Bae. :heart_eyes:

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #1150

You guys are good! All I could come up with was “Ketone Daddy.” :bacon:

(Raj Seth) #1151

KetoMama has a ring to it though!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #1152

How about your Keto Kitty? And you her Low Carb Caballero?

(Raj Seth) #1153

KetoKitty mos def!!

(Claudia) #1154

How about “my spicy chicharrone” ? :rofl: