Keto Complaint Department


Yes, I have a roll of fat at the lower part of my abdomen. My mid- and upper abdomen are flattening.

(Sophie) #1093

I’ve heard it referred to as an “Apron”. Not, the kind that I particularly like! :roll_eyes:

(karen) #1094

I’ve discovered the discomfort of sag generally. I don’t like the feel of my thighs drooping onto my chair, my butt drooping onto my thighs, my upper arms drooping on the arms of my chair, my breasts drooping onto my ribcage and my belly drooping onto my bed when I lie on my side. I feel like I’m melting! Hoping another 5 pounds or so fixes this rather than making it worse.


No! Maybe Coolsculpting it would help! :smiley:

(Jamie Marie ) #1096

If you have Amazon Prime their new featured called Prime Wardrobe is pretty great. You can order a bunch of stuff, have it shipped to your house, and take a week to try things on and decide what you want. You tell them what you’re keeping, send the rest back, and they only charge you for what you keep. I love it for shoe shopping.

(Liz ) #1097


("Low-carb Avenger") #1098

I can’t tell fat jokes anymore.

I used to be funny, now I’m just insensitive. :frowning_face:

(TJ Borden) #1099


(Ellen) #1100

Dagnamit keto, am off work until Monday and all I wanted to do was stay in bed & read, but no, instead you made me spring clean, binning & shredding stuff, taking 2 boxes + 3 bags to charity shop, file all my paperwork, chase up PPI reclaim, do 2 lots of laundry AND frickin dust & hoover. WTAF? Tomorrow I want to read.

(Ashley Beane) #1101

Went to Six Flags and could fit into ALL the roller coaster seats. HOW WILL I DECIDE WHICH ONES TO RIDE?!
And to make matters worse, I wasn’t even hungry enough to spend thirteen dollars on a hot dog. Oh, Hell!

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon) #1102

@Elle79 @KetoBeane Oh, ladies, I feel your pain! I’m so sorry you are suffering like this. :grin:

(Ellen) #1103

The struggle is real @PaulL, support is needed :wink:

(Ellen) #1104

It sucks not being hungry doesn’t it :wink:

(Ashley Beane) #1106

I’m not sure how I’ll muddle through with all this extra money! :rofl:

(TJ Borden) #1107

Put it into the bacon fund

("Low-carb Avenger") #1108

Unfortunately, any “extra” money we have has to go toward new clothes, that fit.

Thanks keto. :anger:


Oy, none of my current work clothes fit as they are too baggy! And I had bought some new pants for work and they are falling off me!!! :scream:

(Ashley Beane) #1110

You’re a wise man.

(Ashley Beane) #1111

yes this consistent ability to stay in fashion with new clothes is such a drag! :rofl:


I did my weekly measure today and I couldn’t find the spider vein I use to make sure I measure the same place each time. I’m going to have to get one tattooed back on.