Keto comfort food for a stomach bug

(James van Kessel) #1

Hi folks, not sure if this is better here in food or health, but here goes.

I just got back from a great cruise with Carnival where I really found plenty of options for my keto WOE. I’ll post about that elsewhere.

This is about the little souvenir I brought home. A stomach bug. I won’t get graphic here but what I need is advice on good foods that help settle a stomach and solidify a “fluid situation” if you get my meaning.

In the pre keto world my go-to foods would be salty soda crackers like premium plus, plain white rice, and chicken noodle soup. Other than plain chicken broth for the rehydration (aka, salt and electrolytes) can anyone suggest other things I can gradually try to settle things in my GI tract?

I am asking personally right now but I suppose this will likely be needed by others one day too, so let 'er rip…


So sorry to hear! Here’s a Reddit link on stomach bug and Keto - be well:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #3

Not food, but you might try a probiotic. Might help build up good bacteria to fight the bad ones.


You may not like my answer…but, here it goes.

Fast. For a day or two. Clear your guts out of crap, give your body a chance to rebound.

Meanwhile, drink lots of fluids with electrolytes.

My $0.02

(David K) #5

We overcooked a batch of Fathead Pizza dough. They have made great crackers.