Keto coffee(smoothie)

(Tron Robloxian) #1

You take 1 cup of almond milk, take 2 TSP of coffee powder, you take 1 TSP whey Protein Powder, then to top it off 5 TSP of stevia powder and blend it up, for 1 min, then pour it into a glass and that’s it.

(Allie) #2

But where’s the fat?

Cold coffee is gross to me :joy:


You can take 1 cup warm almond milk, there is nothing against it in the recipe :smiley:

I agree, actually though I never would put pure fat into my coffee :slight_smile:
I use cream and egg yolk (or simply a whole egg) :slight_smile: They are tasty.
But years ago I put only coconut milk (sometimes it had almonds too) into my coffee. I ate way, way too much fat without my coffee, the role was making my coffee drinkable. And coconut milk is quite fatty, at least mine. I don’t like it anymore but it was nice back then. Almond milk is nicer I guess. No idea about whey protein, I never had that.

But to me, the odd thing is the stevia powder (and especially its amount)… Isn’t that super extremely much? Even though I don’t know how strong that is… It must contain mostly not stevia as stevia itself is hundreds times more sweet than sugar (allegedly, our tastebuds may work differently).
I saw anime and other things with people who loved their coffee super sweet but wasn’t sure that it’s just some fun element or it really exists. Well I ate sugar cube soaked in coffee as a kid so I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. I forgot about that, it was decades ago and I came a long way…

(Laurie) #4

Sounds like a really lovely treat!

(Allie) #5

Now you mention it yes. I didn’t even look at that part as sweetened coffee is vile to me so never factor them in to anything.

(Tron Robloxian) #6

From the almond milk man

(Allie) #7

Nope, barely any fat in almond milk. Less fat than carbs.

(Laurie) #8

Almond milk has very few almonds, and is largely water and fillers. Some use calcium as filler; others use oil. So it depends on the brand.


I love coffee smoothies as well especially in the summer. I make coffee icecubes just for this. I like adding a bit of cream and some cocoa as well. Loved the suggestion of the coffee powder … just had not occurred to me. DUH

(Ketopia Court Jester) #10

By “coffee powder” do you mean instant coffee or literally beans ground into flour? Inquiring minds want to know.