Keto challenge

(ash) #44

Let us know how that one goes, and I’ll be sure to update everyone on how my bacon week goes lol!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #45

Maybe we should flip after a week. I’m interested in trying a week of the bacon one.

(ash) #46

I could handle that! Might be interesting to see if I continue to lose after all this bacon!

(Tricia) #47

Yes, you can eat 2 meals a day. They have to be 1 meal plus 1/2 of another.

(ash) #48

Technically could do one lol, but that’s a lot to eat. I’m sure the whole eat til full also applies so each person will be different as how much they can eat.

(ash) #49

My official weigh in for tonight before my bacon challenge tomorrow is 221, so we will see if I have any deficit. Usually I’m 220-221 been fluctuating for a few weeks.

(Tricia) #50

You go girl!! :wink: Good Luck!! If you need support, or just some to vent to…message me!

(ash) #51

Thanks Tricia I appreciate it, I’ll have a weigh in tomorrow evening late, then I probably won’t have a weigh in until Monday night when I work, my scale at home isn’t accurate and tbh I like that so I’m not obsessed with it.

(ash) #52

Score! Bacon is 2 for $5 so scored each pound at $2.50 a piece

(ash) #53

FYI , from what I read 2lbs is men, and 1 to 1/2 pounds is for women. I’ll start with 1 1/2 and if I feel that is too much I’ll adjust. But just letting everyone know.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #54

Okay, started the challenge this morning. Starting weight 130 on the nose. I did a late breakfast so I’m going to do a large meal latter this evening. I’ll have to pick up a few things at the store, but I have everything I need for the first couple days at least.

(Tricia) #55

Good luck! :blush: If you need support or to vent…just message me! I told the same to @monsterjuice. I’m excited to see your results!

(ash) #56

Thanks, just ate my first pound of bacon, I’ll have another half tonight at work. I’ll be excited come Monday once I’ve been doing it a few days see if there’s any results!

(ash) #57

Sweet, good luck costcogirl, you got this!

(ash) #58

FYI @Anniegirl9 I’m still doing my zipfizz. I have to have one a day lol. Also doing black tea, water.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #59

Two peas in a pod. Except I do green tea.

(ash) #60

222.9 so almost 2 pounds from yesterday but 1 1/2 pounds are bacon lol and the other half is water! So we shall see from here to Monday if I go under 221.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #61

132.4, so fluctuation up. Not too concerned about it. According to FitBit, I’m 4 days away from my next period (FitBit tracks this now), so I may not show much loss during this challenge.


(ash) #62

Not too worried either! Gota eat so you will go up and down from weigh in. Wow I didn’t know they track that lol, can’t track mine as I’ve always been abnormal on times, never consistent. Bacons in the oven, had a late start today as we had a festival in my hometown with all the yummy fried foods :frowning: my cherished elephant ears and :hotdog:. Stayed strong. KCKO, also for me, bacon on!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #63

I’m beginning to think I have a touch of a stomach bug and it wasn’t my EF (and the way I broke it) that made me sick.
I’m nauseous again today.
The thought of eating anything is not appealing at all. This is at the most going to be a OMAD. Maybe even a full day fast.
Not exactly following the plan there, but I gotta listen to my body. And right now it’s saying “put anything in me at your own peril.”