Keto Cakes - Ringoes, NJ

(Raj Seth) #1

Maddalena’s Keto Cakes
I pass by this store weekly on my way to work. As of last few months, I saw they had a “Keto Cakes” sign out. I avoided it, figuring yet another vendor trying to exploit the latest “fad” to make sales. Stopped in last week, and discovered it is fantastic and legit. The owner went keto 8 months ago, and started experimenting with keto products. I have purchased several of their keto cheesecakes, and a keto quiche (yet to have it).

The owner experimented, with the benefit of a commercial baking kitchen and a staff, till he found a good product. He has actually sent out his cheesecakes to a lab for an assay to confirm his nutrition info. We had a nice chat, and I am now a regular customer.

It is in NJ on Route 31 just off Route 202. East Amwell / Ringoes NJ

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #2

If I ever wish to torture myself I will drive through New Jersey and reward myself with the cheesecake and we can go out for a cuppa. :wink:


I’ve driven past there as well but haven’t stopped in! I try to avoid the keto treats other than special occasion and I fear bringing home an entire cheesecake cause I won’t allow myself to let it go to waste! Regardless, it’s worth stopping in next time I’m in area


Chefs table restaurant in Clinton has a dedicated keto menu if in the area FYI

(Raj Seth) #6

They also have cheesecake in single serving containers!


Sold! Ironically my wife came home from Shoprite last night with a Maddalenas Keto Cheesecake she bought for me. I had a big slice of it to finish my meal and doing my first OMAD today.

(Raj Seth) #8

Great launch to your first 23 hour IF / OMAD :cake:

(Janelle) #9

That’s cool. We have a keto bakery here just outside of Atlanta. Unfortunately, it’s pretty expensive and I wasn’t super impressed with the piece of cheese cake or a chocolate PB thing my husband brought home.


The cheesecake is really good but they do use Erythitrol which makes my stomach create some noises but well worth it. A local restaurant that has Keto cheesecake uses stevia which was dynamite without the stomach noises! I sound like I have a cheesecake problem, it’s only on occassion haha!

(Diane) #11

Cheesecake freezes fabulously.