Keto and Pregnancy: please SHOW ME THE SCIENCE!

(Kari Eagle) #1

I have used the search function, but hadn’t found anything completely related to this topic (sorry if I missed it in my newbie-ness to the forum platform). I am currently 40, with a toddler who will be 2 in October. My husband and I are recently back on the Keto bandwagon (and will stay here for good this time!) and have decided to try for a 2nd child. I am curious to know what kind of information might be out there in the science/medical world that would keep me on track should I become pregnant. All I have been able to find thus far is largely anecdotal. Does anyone have any links to actual studies done about the effects of keto during pregancy? I know that at the heart of the matter, a well-formulated keto diet shouldn’t be harmful to either mother or fetus. However, I am wondering what kind of tweaks and changes might be necessary to support healthy fetal development? Are there changes to supplements that might need to take place? Any help of this subject would be fantastic (even anecdotal help :wink: )

(Kari Eagle) #2

Caveat: I have since found a pregancy thread on the forums LOL. Apparently when I made the original post I was too new to see the “Health” topic category. I will keep this here though in hopes of some more information :blush:

(Kate) #3

Not sure if this would help but the bottom of this article has effects of different substrates during pregnancy.

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and apart from having a few more carbs in the first few weeks due to low blood sugars (because my insulin is higher again and I am type 2 diabetic) I have been Keto the whole time. So far have been told it is is a healthy pregnancy. I am finding in my 2nd trimester that I am having to staying strict at 20g otherwise my blood sugars go higher than my Endo and Drs want (mind you they are relatively low compared to normal).

Good luck.

(Kari Eagle) #4

Thank you for this resource! This is something I can take to my provider to help alleviate any fears. It is especially helpful as it cites many of Lily’s study/research sources (which I am sure is helpful to a medical professional too!)

(Cassandra Marshall) #5

thank you for this link. I love that it sites real medical information.