Keto and Metamucil (psyllium) as a daily fiber supplement?

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Is this compatible with Keto diet and healthy?

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read up on the need (or lack of need) for fiber when you are not filling your body with indigestible stuff. Dr Paul Mason - 2Ketodudes podcast Oct 29, 2018 and again April 1, 2019.
The answers are not what you may expect

However, yes, psyllium husk is fine - try to get plain as opposed to Metamucil - which may have stuff added


Are you using psyllium as a solution to a specific problem, or just trying to get in the typical dietary recommendations for fiber? I use some psyllium husk as a thickener sometimes, like in taco meat to hold it together, with no ill effects.

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No issues. Basically for maintenance. Have had polyps in the past and told by doctor to eat plenty of fiber. Still trying to reassure myself this Keto is a healthy dietary change. Have lost over 17 lbs in 21 days. Appetite has vanished until late in the day of my (IF), then calorie consumption is usually between 600 - 800 daily as of late. Relatively sluggish for the most part (keto flu)? Feel best 11-14 hours into my 16 hour Intermittent Fast. Comments please.


We go back and forth about how much fiber is enough or if it’s even necessary. People on the zero carb end of the spectrum find benefits from eliminating plant fiber. Other people seem to do better when they eat fiberous vegetables. I think it depends a lot on what part of the planet your ancestors came from. For example, my family tree goes back to the British Isles on both sides. They didn’t have a climate that supported the same type of foods as people from more temperate or tropical climates. Lack of fiber doesn’t bother me at all as long as I’m properly hydrated.

You might want to browse this topic:

I also think proper stomach acid and bile concentration is essential to digestion when eating toward the carnivore side of diet.

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YouTube suggested this absolutely delightful presentation by Dr. Zoë Harcombe on fiber on a low-carb diet. TL:DR, on low-carb, you get ALL the fiber you need. Sounds crazy, right? Her presentation will answer your question, and relax your anxiety, and positively provoke you as well. Good stuff!


I take three psyllium husk capsules twice per day. It helps with my IBS-D.


Does the capsule form let it go further down the intestines than if you had it in powder form?

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I used to take Citrucel, but haven’t felt the need since going on keto.

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Way too low calorie consumption even for a young child. Eat more fats and protein or you will end up with a slowed down metabolic rate and progress on keto will halt. This is calorie restriction even if you’re not intending to do that. People are right about the fiber being unnecessary to supplement. Less crap in, less crap out. Keto food is more fully absorbed in the digestive track so less bowel movement and less bulk. Unless you’re constipated and have discomfort the extra fiber is unnecessary. That school of thinking is because people who eat a lot of carbs and processed foods, cheese and meat cheese need it. Meat, cheese and leafy greens don’t cause constipation issues without the carbage. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Funnily enough I just did a paper for my biochemistry class on the subject of fibre. The subject of the assignment was “Fibre is necessary to feed our microflora so they can make butyrate to feed our gut cells so we don’t get Colorectal cancer - so how can we engineer grains like Barleymax to produced a higher percentage of Resistant Starch”.

I was a little cheeky - I argued against genetic modification of Barley. See, resistant starch is made by modifying a percentage of the starch in a grain to be indigestible by humans. So necessarily if you are making 10% of the starch in Barley resistant to human digestion through genetic engineering - you are telling people they must eat 90% of the easily absorbed carbohydrate to get that benefit.

I argued the evident benefits of ketogenic diets outweighed the apparent benefits of fibre, so no need to go on a high carb plant based diet. But on a ketogenic diet we get plenty of fibre anyway even those who are carnivore if they eat a lot of skin and connective tissue. And besides do we even need butyrate if we are making betahydroxybutyrate.

Personally I’d rather if we are going to genetically engineer plants that we put effort into making productive cheaply harvested nuts like almonds produce fatty acid profiles more like macadamias. Or making more productive avocado, or olive trees. Or making algae you can grow in a vat that can make gluccomannen fibre.

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BTW: I blame @Donna and @LouiseReynolds for nagging me until I went back to school :smiling_imp:

And here is a presentation by Dr Paul Mason on the subject


Oh no, not barley. If I eat barley you won’t want to be in the same house with me even without extra resistant starch. I suspect it’s the gluten.