Keeping a Food Diary

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EDIT: Sorry, had the wrong numbers in for the peanuts, I have been eating a lot for sure and really don’t want to gain back more fat than muscle, but I did read that when you are gaining muscle, you naturally will gain some fat as well. I just don’t want too much. More “walking” is in my future and I’ve been using the excuse “it’s too cold out there” :rofl:

:rofl: This is why I “used” to suggest keeping a diary, but got away from it after a few weeks every time I tried it. I especially got serious about it when I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes and wanted to do Keto.

Well, I’d gained from 110 (which I got doing strict meals on Keto, started at 140 lbs) to 116, weighed in this a.m. I know some of it’s muscle from starting at the gym 8-9 months, can’t recall the exact month I started that now, but some of it has got to be some fat as well.

Although, I’m wearing the same size clothing and same basic measurements. Feel stronger, lifting heavier now etc. but after logging my typical foods for a day, I’m thinking, well, I’m thinking holy cow. Think I should drop the peanuts, LOL! I’m addicted to that dang snack but need feedback on what ya’ll think about my numbers??

I just think using a food-diary is smart but only feel logging is only necessary if I have changed my amounts of my healthy macros:


As I don’t know your needs, I can’t say much.
What is that weird goal row? I suppose the program has it and you ignore it as you should?

You have adorable little numbers but you are small and I have no idea how much food you need when gaining muscle. But you see what your body does and that should help you to figure out…
What’s the problem with peanuts? You may or may not eat a bit too little but too much? I wouldn’t think so.

Congrats to your muscle gain, my weights slowly gets bigger too now… It’s partially thanks to you as I looked more at my workouts, watched some videos and my exercises are probably better now. I am more determined as well.

(Joey) #3

Always great to have data in hand when considering adjustments of this sort.

As @Shinita says, it’s hard to offer advice without a bit more context about what you’re trying to do (presumably weigh less?) … you don’t have an issue with your size/clothing fit, muscle tone, etc., so keep up the great habits!

If you’re really intent on ferreting out excess carbs (or calories not being burned), then I’d suggest you scrutinize that mid-day snack … it’s where a significant portion of your carb consumption (and calories) are coming from.

Very little bang for the buck.

My guess is that snack is doing very little for your longer-term goals (still not clear what they “ought” to be) … but introducing a midday insulin spike that can’t be helpful regardless. Just a guess here :wink:

(Denise) #4

Thanks Shinita, I was just really shocked when I decided to fill out my diary page on the free site I use, and the numbers were pretty over the top. You’ll see the new pics I had to edit because somehow I got the wrong number for the peanut consumption.

I’m glad you found something I shared helpful and I do love all the videos I find as they encourage me to do better. Some of these cold days we’ve had, even snow here on the coast which I never saw in the 7 years I’ve been here, I don’t even go out of my apartment. I do get in 3 workouts a week, but I can do better throwing in some walking again.

(Chuck) #5

I have been using the Loseit app since July 2011 and have watched it mature into something I can still use for low carb even though the app developers still try to preach eat less move more high carb diets. I just set my own micronutrient goals even when I have to thumb my nose at my nose at the app for telling me that my goals are contrary to standards. I look back over the years of data that I have collected in the app and see how he patterns of how wrong the standard American diet really is.

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Wow, time is really flying, I just looked at when I joined the Gym and it will actually be a whole year in February. Maybe I can pay by the year since it’s cheaper and I feel I am sticking with it pretty good. I just know I won’t keep up if I try to do my stuff at home.

I really appreciate the weight-trainers here on the site since I’ve never felt I fit in with the BIG websites for body-building :wink: I think mainly because they are so huge, not the people, the site :sweat_smile: Well some are way beyond what I’ll ever accomplish :wink:

(Denise) #7

Not really Joey, on the “want to weigh less” in fact my main goal is to gain muscle, more mass because when I lost all the weight, I looked like a stick so shaping up, wearing skinny jeans w/o looking too skinny, lol, is my goal. Of course I never forget I need to keep the sugar/carbs down so I don’t end up in a diabetic coma :wink: Also strength, balance, all those things I am losing as I age. I know I mention this a lot but even I don’t remember half the time, that I am 70 now.

I’ll wean myself off the peanuts and just eat less until I am within reason. I think I need to eat more meat. All I have is 4 ounces sometimes a little more til full but not uncomfy, at dinner, and 2 ounces of sausage at breakfast. The weight gain has been over about 3 months I believe. Been at gym almost a year, and only started upping the weights, well, funny but that’s only been about 3 months as well.

I’ll figure it out, and as soon as I do, I’ll have to change something again, lol!!


Maybe this will help:

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Thank you for this Matt!