Keen to try my first fast after 4 weeks, too early?


(Jacqui) #1

I am very keen to try a fast of up to 72 hours. I will have been keto for 4 weeks this coming Tuesday, but Thursday afternoon would be the earliest I would start as I have two job interviews before then.

I think since around 3 weeks I have been feeling really good, after suffering with a lot of headaches before that (I found some sugar free electrolyte tablets which helped me balance my electrolytes, rather than mixing my own). I have been eating two meals a day for around a week (larger lunch, smaller dinner) and I love the reduced complexity. I’m hoping to go to OMAD to make it even simpler.

I have read a lot about fasting and am keen to try it. I have around 20-30kg (44-66lb) to lose, and have already lost over 5% of my starting body weight.

Is between 4 and 5 weeks in too early? Should I try a shorter fast first? Any other tips for a fasting newbie?

I’m currently thinking I will continue with my taking 2 electrolyte tablets per day along with plenty of water. Probably some extra salt and magnesium, as I usually do now also, and that will be all.

I’d also like to make it a monthly thing. I feel I need to be careful around my 2 and 4 year old though, as they are not keto (and beautifuly slim) so I don’t want their impressionable little minds getting any ideas about watching weight, etc. How we approach diet with kids can cause eating disorders.

Many thanks x

(Susan) #2

Personally speaking, I think that it is fine. Worse case scenario is if you really cannot handle it, you stop. It really is that simple, as it is a voluntary fast that you are doing for your own health.

I did 3- 24 hour ones, before I did my 2- 48 hour ones and I plan to do a 72 hour one very soon myself too; but I don’t see why you cannot at least try now for the 72.

You have read info on it and seem prepared, so I say, “Go for it” and I wish you the best =). Keep us posted --once you start you can post on the IF thread =).

I can relate to the child issue; as I have my 3 year old grand daughter with me all the time, (she lives here, with her mom too) and I just don’t tell her I am fasting when I am).

(Carl Keller) #3

As long as you listen to your body, I don’t think it’s too early to try a fast. The ability to fast is programmed into our DNA and it’s easier for some of us than it is others. Fortunately we have the luxury of being able to bail out at any time so if you begin to not feel well, I would recommend ending the fast.

Shoot for 24 hours and see how it goes. If you feel fine and your hunger isn’t through the roof, try to extend it.

(Jacqui) #4

Hi both,

Thank you very much for your replies. I think I will aim for the 72h but, as you say, listen to my body.

My Thursday interview has been moved to next week, so I can potentially go for a fast towards the end of this week and the weekend. If not then I will try it in the next 2 weeks whatever.

I’ll post of the IF thread then :slight_smile:

Many thanks!