Karim's muscle gain carnivore adventure

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@Karim_Wassef Ever try turning your data through a data mining algorithm? I wonder if machine learning could spot some non-obvious cause & effect relationships, suggest hypotheses and little experiments.

We are so multivariate…
inputs: food/supplements (cronometer), exercise, sleep (oura), sun exposure, stress/meditation
outputs: HRV (EliteHRV), sleep data, weight (withings)

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AI could help. The problem is that I don’t capture enough input data. Exercise details, sleep, stress, sauna, sun… all just as relevant as diet macros. Also not enough output variables - daily RMR, muscle diameter, etc…

It’s frankly too much tracking just macros!

I’ll think on it more :thinking:

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Yeah, agreed. I don’t either. I’m currently tracking food in Crono to try and gauge micro’s and get to 30% PRO.
Just thought of another input: meal timing (with downstream glucose/autophagy implications). CGM->Sleep would be fascinating. NBT/Chris Kelly have talked about their algorithms.
IMO, any data gathering has to have a payoff/ROI. I’m hoping that sleep, fasting, HRV are big enough levers to focus on.

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That’s a nice combo of proteins!

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What’s the difference between brewer’s yeast and nutritional yeast? I use the nutritional yeast.

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I didn’t know and assumed they’re the same.

Apparently brewers is alive and nutritional is dead.

I think they mostly die in the gut anyway… but I’m taking nutritional yeast actually.

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Oh nice. Now we know! Yeah I use Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast. I started taking it for the B vitamins and aminos. Kind of tastes like cheesy feet. Mostly, I throw it into salad.

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Cheesy… feet…

I like the taste and it is most likely NOT that… also - how do you know what cheesy feet taste like?

Hey - took your advice and started a new thread. Go over and say hi there and criticize my 8 cans of tuna a day diet


Cheesy feet…


Hey Karim, thank you for recording and sharing all your data. What sw/app are you using to input everything?

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I use iphone’s health app to track, then I export to my laptop and use excel for analytics


I do 10 seconds cardio every minute for just ten minutes 2x week and push it to the max. I thought that was the way to go for most gain with least pain? I am remarkably lazy I do admit.

I have a few exercise physiologists tracking me and telling me what to do in a hospital gym. Also have a record of volunteering for research with some phenomenally good researchers and am doing what is suggested (by them) for my benefit.

I am into minimum effort and minimum eating for most health benefit.

@Karim_Wassef I don’t understand your experiment. Is it self directed or supervised? I hope this isn’t a rude question, not intended to be. Trying to understand.

If unsupervised then re: the protein…is there a reason for it to be kept at OMD? Why not eat several times a day and less?

If your goal is weight loss (is your goal weight loss?) and you clearly are not short of a quid based on the ammount of protein you eat… why not get supervision from Jason Fung?

I think I may have missed an important piece of information somewhere.

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It’s supervised by me. I’ve lost my faith is most doctors and I don’t think eating requires supervision :smile:

My goal is to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously. We’ll call it the bodybuilding alchemists’ dream of turning lead into gold :joy:

My theory is that biological systems work on cycles. It’s why I fast OMAD to trigger fat loss and prep hormonally for muscle gains. I temporarily trigger AMPK that signals to the body that there’s a caloric deficit. I weightlifting during this time to cause damage to the muscle and raise my metabolic rate while catabolic.

Then I eat a lot of protein and take Leucine to trigger muscle gain and recovery. That triggers mToR that shifts the body into anabolic mode. The intent is to take my body through both cycles every day.

The results were actually very good. Compared to other experiments, this has actually yielded the best results thus far.

I think my meal, supplements and exercise timings need to be adjusted though.

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Here’s a nice summary too


Thanks Karim. I’ve lost faith in most doctors too and got myself a keto diteician who is tweaking my carnivore diet currently. But I am way older and tireder than you and not able to put it all together for myself.

I will be very interested to see what you come up with. :grinning:

I thought it was already determined that OMD isn’t optimum for fat loss/muscle gain but am looking forward to your results to see if you can disprove this.

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why do you say that? I have seen no evidence that OMAD isn’t optimum for fat loss.

In fact, it’s not even a variable in my experiment. I always eat OMAD and have for over a year now.

The majority of the evidence is that intermittent fasting or limited time eating are more impactful that keto even.

My extended fast had great results. I fasted for 19 continuous days.
This carnivore experiment is actually finished and it had the best results so far, but much slower than the fasting.

This link shows the results:


I took as a given from IDM blogs, 2 meals a day between fasting.

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It may depend on the population and special conditions.

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I think they are so difficult, probably because I don’t have any of those muscles and they seem to strain my knees. (been a slug for a long time). I’m thinking maybe I should build my stomach and thigh muscles up before trying them (?).

Wow; that would be great! Do they get rid of saddlebags?

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No, only fat loss will do that. They add muscle making the shape more round and high and pert. Before it was flat and blah.

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I started my building up cycle a few weeks ago (April 19th after a week of fasting) and I think I’m making progress…

I’m going with a highly anabolic high protein carnivore stage.

12 raw eggs a day
350g steak or other red meat daily

My primary macro targeting is 147g fat, 164g protein, 20g of carb (or less) which is around 2060 calories. I’m following Luis Villasenor’s calcs from ketogains.com


I started about 170lbs and 20% bf.
I’d consider it a success if I was able to increase to 180lbs and remain at 20% bf (or less).

Data incoming :smiley: