Karen Parrott


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Karen, talks about how keto and IF have helped her resolve her binge eating issues and obesity, and maintain a healthy weight for nearly 6 years.

Karen lives in Carlsbad California with her teenage daughter and two tortoiseshell cats. She is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and, when she’s not commuting and cooking her own food she likes to practice her photography and also enjoys coastal walking and beach combing.

She was obese or yo-yo dieting from the age of 6 to 46. In 2012 Karen combined an abstaining plan with a Paleo food template, progressing to low-carb and finally to Keto with time restricted eating. It was that combination where she was able to find a stable weight, normal blood glucose readings, and put binge eating into remission. She was also able to apply her DNA results to real life to take advantage of health insurance discounts and reducing joint pain. She has maintained a normal weight for almost 6 years.


Karen has a non-commercial blog, Twitter, IG, FB page, Google plus and Pinterest

The books Karen mentioned were…

  • Refuse to Regain Barbara Berkeley
  • The Paleo Solution Robb Wolf
  • The Whole 30 Melissa & Dallas Hartwig
  • Found my Fitness Rhonda Patrick
  • The Hunger Fix Pamela Peeke
  • Food Junkies Vera Tarman & Philip Werdell
  • The Circadian Code Dr Satchidananda Panda (pre-order)

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This week’s end quote was from Gretchen Rubin -

Never start a sentence with the words “No offence”.

(Karen Parrott) #2

@Daisy thanks so much for the great interview!!! It was fabulous.


Thank YOU. I really enjoyed talking to you.

(Erin Macfarland ) #4

FANTASTIC interview and so insightful. I had no idea about the FTO genes she mentions I am going to check my DNA results but I’m wondering where I find those specifically?

(Karen Parrott) #5

I used the Promethease program ($5) to get a nice HTML report. I also used the info from Pamala Peeke, MD-- The Hunger Fix, book. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I was listening to her speak on another podcast. (Tips of the Scale)

I was walking on the beach and I’ll always remember that. It’s nice to move on from knowing I did the best I could as a child.

(Erin Macfarland ) #6

I did use Promethease so I’ll look it up thank you!


Wonderful interview! Such a lovely, insightful expression of your journey, Karen. And great interviewing style, Daisy.

(Auden) #8

This is such a great episode and an awesome podcast! Thank you for sharing - I learned so much!


Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.