Just wanted to share a little NSV

(Jennifer M Palacios) #1

Another NSV…I have just dropped a pant size, put on a pair of my size 10’s this morning. I feel so good while on keto. My mood is better, sleep is better and I don’t have a 3 pm crash at work! :raised_hands:

Hi guys! Just wanted to share a little NSV, since I really had been at my wit’s end with seeing no progress on the scale. Last night, I put on a pair of my pajama shorts that really had been way too tight for me to be sleeping in. I would usually put them on and then end up changing into something more comfy in the middle of the night. I noticed they fit much better as soon as I put them on and I was able to sleep in them the whole night.

It’s such a small change but it has given me the motivation to keep doing what I’m doing. :raised_hands:

(Allie) #2

Congrats :grinning:


It should, but it’s not a small change at all! It’s the entire point! I’m very much for watching scale weight as it can alert you to trends in progress but it’s ultimately about changing our body’s into what we want. Physical changes out rank blind scale weight all day long!


(Jennifer M Palacios) #4

I usually obsess with the scale and get fairly upset with myself when it doesn’t move much. But all of you guys in this forum help to put everything into perspective.:+1:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

Congratulations! :+1:


Not all good results are viewed on the scales. Glad you are more comfortable now.

(Khalil Islam-Zwart) #7

Glad to read this. How have things been going lately?

(Robin) #8

That’s no small thing. I know that thing. My clothes often tell the story before the scales. Do yourself a favor and trust what your body is telling you and how you feel in your clothes. You’re doing it!

(Susan) #9

This is awesome, big congrats. It is certainly a NSV and I am pleased for you.

(Jennifer M Palacios) #10

I am doing pretty good. My weight on the scale still goes up a couple of pounds and then down a couple pounds. I haven’t lost any significant weight. But…I feel great so for that I am thankful. I think what has happened is that I haven’t been eating enough. So this morning, I am changing things up and actually having breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keeping my carbs at 20 or less, let’s see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

(UsedToBeT2D) #11

After 45 lbs down, starting as “obese”, now “overweight “ by 15 bs, my body has decided to slow the weight loss to a crawl. I have put the scale away, so as not to frustrate myself with ups and downs. My health improvement has been dramatic. Went from 44 inch pants to 36. I am maintaining and moving in the right direction.

(UsedToBeT2D) #12

Great. KCKO.

(Jennifer M Palacios) #13

Wow, 45 pounds! That is amazing!

Good job!!

(Robin) #14

I did that for a while too. Ate too little calories. Stalled weight-wise. Ate significantly more, keeping carbs in line and the scales did a happy dance. I charted for three months to stay on track. For the last month, I’m flying Solo, without instruments, and it’s easy. And still losing and feeling better. Thank goodness.

(Robin) #15

I’m a big fan of dumping the scales once you know you’ve got this. It takes away the head games that can mess with your motivation.

(Jennifer M Palacios) #16

I have been tracking everything I eat, making sure my carbs stay at 20 net grams or lower and it seems to be working. I was definitely eating too many of the sneaky carbs when I was tracking. This week I haven’t tracked my carbs just being mindful and I have gone up and down about 2 ounces. Either way, it is my lowest weight since the pandemic. I was weighing in at 170 and now this morning I weighed in at 164. I have also dropped a pant size from 12 to 10.

I hope to one day not feel obligated to step on that scale but for now, I just try to reason with myself if I don’t see any weight loss.