Just upload today’s lunch pic

(Dm1Ana) #1

I would like to see what people are eating. This is a 1lb chuck steak

(Robin) #2

Welcome, Anna… We lready have an wntire category for this… “What did you keto today”
Share there to get connected.

(Marianne) #3

Oh, that’s what I’m talking about!!!


Cute meal! Well there is the keto food thread and the carnivore monthly ones have pics too :slight_smile:

Nowadays this is the base of my food (just with more eggs) but I usually eat it for 2 meals (sometimes one but usually 2):

I had this in the last 4 days. About a pound of lean pork roast (raw weight), some eggs, little cheese, a sausage (today I had none just a little bacon)… Works well. I can’t afford fatty meat as a base as I won’t be disciplined, add this and that and ends up with too much fat. But I like this too.

(Dm1Ana) #5

Whats that on the right?


My sponge cake muffins! Almost 100% eggs as it has a pinch of salt for 6 eggs. I really like them and use them as bread. Sometimes as normal sponge cake but that’s not carnivore at that point unless I use mascarpone, IDK why and how that becomes a dessert unsweetened but it does.
I had 6 of them today, each has half an egg.


how do you make your sponge cake eggs?


how many meals do you eat?


My eggy sponge cakes are simple classic sponge cakes just without anything else. Whipped egg whites mixed with whipped egg yolks. Of course they can’t be as firm without all the powder I just leave out (I tried various things but they didn’t help enough to be worth the complication) but they are still lovely.

And if you asked me about the number of meals… I eat 1-5 meals a day, preferably 1 or maybe 2, 3 if I can’t eat enough for 2.
My food on my pic above is more than a typical TMAD meal but way too little for an OMAD one (I add a bunch of eggs, a little dairy and it’s okay then).

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That’s a really good idea. !!! Thanks.

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Ive been doing 2 meals a day. Last night I think I got anxious or something and had two eggs. And that did it