Just Started Keto, Tips?


I decided to start the Keto “diet” today, so for breakfast I had 3 eggs (sunny side up) with 2 tsp. of butter. I’ve been drinking a lot of water but won’t be able to eat until around 4. Do you guys have any tips for beginners? I’ve done research of course, and looked up a ton of meal plans so I think I have a pretty good idea on what I’m doing. I don’t know if it matters, but I run long distance (slow pace), and try to do resistance training a few times a week along with running. Advice/tips?

(Khara) #2

Sounds like you’re starting off well. Diet in quotes is fitting. You’ll soon think of this as a lifestyle. I’d suggest keeping things pretty simple to start. Find a few meals which are easy for you and can become staples so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to make new recipes every day. Play with new recipes when you have the time and can enjoy doing so. You’ve done a lot of research so I imagine you’ve read to keep to 20g of net carbs or less, get adequate protein for your body size, and eat fat to satiety. There is a newbie area on here which goes into greater detail and answers common questions. Until you’re fat adapted it may be difficult to go long periods between meals like today when you can’t eat again until 4pm. Increasing salt intake really helps keep headaches at bay and curbs hunger pangs as well. I put some sea salt on my tongue periodically through the day. I’m not currently running or weight training but others on here will chime in on that I’m sure. My other advice would be to just read this forum regularly. You will pick up great tid-bits of helpful information as you go along. Good luck!


Thank you for the advice! I’m actually pretty used to not eating throughout the (school) day until around 4, I usually don’t have time to pack a lunch so my mind is pretty used to the hunger pains. Definitely working on improving it though!

I’m using an app called Stupid Simple Keto which is like MyFitnessPal but it targeted toward Keto and counts Macros. So far (it’s currently almost 5 where I live), I’ve had 534 calories, 17g Carbs, 28g Fat, and 55g Protein. It’s my first day so it’s not as good as I wanted it to be, but despite the calorie count I’m actually not hungry at all! Although that’s most likely because of the protein right?

(Khara) #4

I’ve heard good things about Stupid Simple Keto. I’ve found it really helps me to track as I’m getting used to a change. Then once I’ve got it down I can just live and not track for a while. Being your first day it’s normal for your macros to be a little off. You’ll get it as the days come. Try and get that fat up (and the protein a little bit more as well) and the calories will come up. There is a link to a macro calculator in the FAQ area I linked to above. Even though we don’t count calories, you really don’t want them to be too low. Your body will respond by lowering your metabolic rate. Not being hungry could be from the protein if it is higher than you’re used to eating.

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Fat is very satisfying, which is why we tell people to eat fat to satiety and ignore calories. If you are hungry soon after eating, it means you need more fat. To guarantee getting into ketosis, try keeping your carbohydrate intake under 20 grams a day. The fat you eat won’t stimulate the production of insulin the way carbohydrate will, so your body will be free to metabolize the fat you eat and the fat stored in your fat cells into energy for your brain and other organs.


find the foods you enjoy and make sure you have a variety so you don’t get bored. Also don’t be discouraged by the keto flu. It does pass. I had the Keto derps (forgot a lot!) for about a week but it does pass and then you feel amazing!!

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Tip…Take pics they can be really helpful to see where you started and give great confidence when you need it. Also take measurements with a tape measure it tells the truth…unlike the scale! Someone here mentioned measuring your neck and stomach! :+1: Hope this helps , you can it!:blush: