Just moved to the US - is this soda okay?

(Arie1985uk ) #1

I found this soda called “Waterloo - Sparkling Water” - it comes in several tastes, e.g. Lemon Lime, Strawberry etc.

Is it okay to consume it on keto? I used the website SureKeto and it seems to be fine.

Also as one who had LASIK 2+ years ago, fatty food was important to me, I thought by mistake another type of Soda is okay - called - Sparkling ICE - in flavors like Orange-Mango, Raspberry - but it has sucralose - and I felt really bad after drinking it - it made my eyes dry, I could feel it… even just 1 cup irritates the eyes.

Whoever says sucralose is okay - I disagree with him/her.

Anyway - for those unsweetened sodas, that are ok according to the sureketo website - are they okay to consume? I know mostly I consume water but soda like this from time to time - is it okay?

Thanks for your help


Does it say how many carbs on the label? I have had zero carb flavored sparkling water, but not this brand.

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Yes, 0 carbs, no sweetners although the ingredients say:

Purified Carbonated Waters and Natural Flavors.

I tried to look up online what natural flavors could mean, it’s not an artificial sweetener but they don’t really disclose what it is, could be an oil or something… SureKeto says it’s okay though in terms of ingredients.

(Ethan) #4

Waterloo is great. It’s just “naturally” flavored water. It has no sweeteners or carbs.

(Arie1985uk ) #5

Thanks, you don’t see any issue drinking it on a daily basis or so? (incl. health reasons, not only Keto-wise)

(KM) #6

“Natural flavor” can mean anything. If you’re really a purist you could just get plain seltzer and squeeze in a few drops of lemon, lime, acv or other fruit juice (I do mean drops, watch your carbs) that you know is authentic.

(Allie) #7

It’s very individual, many have no problems with it.


Use a ton of it everyday for years, zero issues. Nothing to agree/disagree with, it’s fact.

Understand that we’re all not you, and you’re not us. The majority has no issues with artificial sweeteners. Sparkling Ice also has Malic Acid in there which for many causes GI Issues and allergic type reactions in people, a histamine response is WAY more likely to dry your eyes out than Sucralose is.

(Rebecca ) #9

Yes, Waterloo is fine. We drink it in our household. Welcome to the US!

(Bacon enough and time) #10

Under U.S. law, it means that the flavours come from the actual source (lemon, peach, mango, etc.).

By contrast, “artificial flaovers” means synthesised chemicals, even if the synthesised chemicals are the same as those occurring in the natural plant.

(KM) #11

I think, if one is going to be ultra “clean”, the issue is that natural flavor is extracts, essences and oils taken from plants. It could be the processing method and not the flavoring source that’s questionable, as with corn v. corn oil. Personally I don’t think it would be a problem, but that’s me.

(Arie1985uk ) #12

Are you drinking Sparkling Ice for years, it doesn’t make you crave for more food or affect you in anyway somehow?

The website SureKeto categorizes this drink as “Dirty Keto”…

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I was referring to Sucralose use in high amounts, but actually, yes to the Sparkling Ice too. I used to work for a Beer Distributor and we had a couple non alcoholic drinks we were also the distributor for in our area, and Sparkling Ice was one of them! So since we paid $0.25 for one out of our vending machine, lets say I’ve put away a LOT of them! Never had a problem with them.

What’s “dirty keto” or not is incredibly subjective. Keto is as shattered into as many factions at this point as Paleo was as that ship was sinking.

(Joey) #15

@arie1985uk Great to have you here (on the forum and in “the states”). As @PaulL notes, natural flavors are not artificial… but also bear in mind that most things occurring naturally are inedible, if not toxic :wink:

Anyhow, as the world’s global capitol of screwed up dietary advice, you have a lot of choices here in the USA. One shopping tip: cruise perimeter walls of the supermarket and avoid the middle aisles as best you can. :vulcan_salute:


When I was a very newbie low-carber, I loved walking among carby things in the big supermarkets (as small ones don’t even have enough room for middle aisles)… So much food I don’t need :smiley: It felt freedom. (I didn’t have cravings as a newbie.)
My SO was worse, his work allowed him to go out at night to the very nearby big supermarket, he needed it in his 12 hour, not very active shifts too… Sometimes he bought nothing just looked at what he didn’t want anymore… He stayed a high-carber as that is the best for him, apparently but he quit overprocessed things and added sugar with me and gluten as well, at least for one year.

But of course, it’s a fine tip, buying simple, good, low-carb items :slight_smile: And if not looking at the wrong things helps, use it. I usually could persuade myself not to buy things looking at the ingredients list, that was powerful :smiley: Not infallible but close. Being health-conscious and stubborn helps a lot.

And about flavored drinks… I don’t seem to need them nowadays, it’s summer and I appreciate tap water very much now but I am with @kib1, adding some fruit juice sounds good, I typically use lemon and if not, whatever juicy canned fruit my SO ate :smiley: A little goes a long way for me. I couldn’t even eat up a whole lemon until it spoils, I freeze it.

I understand it’s more convenient to buy flavored things, I find it okay in this case, no sweeter and natural flavors? I don’t see a problem with it.

It’s amazing there are flavored waters without sweeteners. I didn’t know it was a thing somewhere!

(Bob) #17

Waterloo is okay, but I much prefer Bubly myself.

(Ethan) #18

I drink them