Just joined the community due to knee issue

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Forgive my poor English. It’s not my native language.
I’m a 31 years old Korean male having knee issue.To say more specific, I have some cartilage damage in my right knee because of overuse I guess. I’m 164cm and 72kg so I’m overweight but the problem was I had to go up and down so many steep stairs everyday for a year, finally I couldn’t walk in Feb this year due to severe pain. It subsided after few weeks but it went worse again in May.
I’m tired of doctors and medicine. I don’t think they can cure me. So I’m going to try something different and I found Keto diet might help.
I’ve read so many articles saying that their knees got better after going on Keto. Whether is good or not for me, I think it worth trying because I’ve been on poor diet such as Mcdonals, Ramens, Pizzas.
I’m able to walk on a flat surface without pain, but stairs with pain.
I will try to update my changes here with details.
Thanks for reading.

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Wishing you good health and that your knee responds well to an anti-inflammatory diet.

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I’m sorry you are in pain. Best wishes on healing your knee and overall health. Your body will be thankful to be off the McDonalds, Ramens and Pizza.


Hi and welcome! Keto is anti inflammatory (especially if you stay away from seed oils) and the weight loss will help your knees as well.
Good luck to you! I would read a lot of posts on here and feel free to ask for guidance.

Your English is great :slight_smile:


HI GunHee!

Like you, I had severe knee pain issues prior to starting Keto. Being overweight was only part of the problem. Inflammatory foods ( like sugar) were the other part of the equation. By removing them, and eating clean, whole foods- primarily meats and eggs - I have no knee pain whatsoever. Within just a couple of weeks, the pain started to disappear. 3 months on, and I have no pain.

For me, this is an astounding result. I’ve had 5 knee operations since I was in high school. The last operation was to remove a chunk of torn medial meniscus in my left knee. There is less than half left. And still, being on my feel all day- either farming or working in retail, or working in my shop- the knees remain happy, with no pain.

I’d certainly encourage you to jump in, and stick with it. It is SO incredibly wonderful to walk around pain free- for the first time in YEARS! Best wishes!!!

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Welcome @GunHee_Lee.

Your written english is just fine and I wish you the best of luck in your search for pain relief. I’ve struggled with a bad back for many years and I always had some level of pain from mild to severe, every day. But eating LCHF has removed almost all inflammation
and greatly improved how I feel. Most days I even forget that my back is bad.

I think giving up rice will be the hardest part of this for you. Being half Korean myself, rice was a pretty regular part of my meals but I’ve only had it once in the past nine months. Now I don’t even miss it. I really enjoy my meals of mostly meat, fish, eggs and small amounts of vegetables.

I’m sure this way of eating will help improve the quality of life for you. If you eat plenty of leafy greens and meat, the magnesium and zinc in those foods are great for healthy bones and joints. Also be sure to get more salt in your diet because when we remove carbohydrates from our diet, we lose salt much faster than we are used to. If we don’t adjust, we may get what many call the keto flu.

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Let me ask you a question. Is Kimchi acceptable on a Ketogenic diet? I’ve always been wondering this. Since you are a half-Korean, I assume that you can give me an answer. Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your reply and support.
It has been a week since I am on a strict Keto diet. My weight barely changed but I am not in a hurry. One of the most suprising things I am having is that I don’t feel hungry. A hunger is gone completely while I am taking less than ever. Only a couple of months ago I used to eat big mac meals in addition to some pieces of mcnuggets and craved more. It’s unbelievable change. I ate 2 eggs and a bowl of veges for breakfast, one saury and a cheese and a small chunk of pork for dinner. I don’t eat lunch because I am also trying intermittent fasting. I knew that carbohydrate makes us hungry still it’s amazing to experience that fact in person.

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Kimchi is acceptable but some kimchi is higher in carbs that others. Kimchi made from radish is probably the lowest in carbs and kimchi made from cabbage is highest. But you are probably getting less than 1 gram of carbs per cup (128 grams). As long as you keep your carbs low (less than 20 grams per day is recommended), it won’t interfere with ketosis.

Kimchi is a fermented food and supposed to be good for your gut bacteria and some research says that it might help prevent some types of cancer and help with your immune system. Eating some fermented food is often recommended when you eat ketogenically.

Very good! That’s the first step to losing weight in a healthy way. Your hormones are starting act like they are supposed to and I bet within a few weeks, you should start noticing some fat loss. :slight_smile: