Just got Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot


Went back on ketogenic diet and doing well with that (weight loss, blood pressure improvement, great blood sugar control etc.).

I started walking about 11k steps per day on average and I currently weigh 368 lbs. It’s been 12 days and starting a couple days ago my right foot started to hurt. Yesterday morning I woke with plantar fasciitis in my arch of my right foot along with 2 or 3 adjacent tendons to the right of that. I read these are micro tears.

Any suggestions on what I should do? Do I have to not exercise at all and let it heal and scar, then do physical therapy (rolling golf ball under it on floor, picking up pen with toes etc)? I’ve had it before for many months (this was a few years back) and the golf ball and pen fixed it.

Perhaps I overdid it with my walking that many steps being this heavy and having had type 2 diabetes for a while. I am guessing those tendons are glycated and a bit brittle from the glucose in my blood sugar over the years.

(Full Metal KETO) #2

Ouch! That is a ton of walking. I would take time off from the walking and do what you did before. Good news is it may repair faster in ketosis than it did for you previously. One of the NSV benefits of KETO.

I hope you’re back walking again soon but take it a little easier on yourself and walk less distance and take some days of regular life activity walking too. It will give your body a chance to heal those little injuries before your foot gets where it is now. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Karen) #3

It’s the worst and takes so long to heal.


I don’t know where you are Jennifer72 but if you are Australian search ABC public broadcaster web site for plantar facsciitis treatment. Some Australian phsyiotherapists developed this cure.
Basically , if you stretch your foot before putting any weight on it first thing particularly but all day, anytime you are about to stand on it, it will stop the micro tearing and allow it to heal.
I had it and the doctor wanted to give me cortisone shots into the sole of my foot but I tried this first and didn’t need the shot.
The stretching is done holding the arch of the opposite foot in one hand, from the inside, with the fingers under the foot (to support the arch firmly) whilst slowly and gently firmly pulling all 5 toes back with the other hand, holding for about 30 seconds. Do it every time before you stand up and it goes away quickly. I wouldn’t be walking til it settles but if you stretch this way everytime before walking once you have cleared it up, you will be fine, I hope. Mine hasn’t come back.
My description makes it sound a lot more difficult than it is. Very fast and easy. Not sure if overseas can access our public broadcaster’s web site…hence this long drawn out description.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll try what you suggest. Maybe I can find a YouTube video of it perhaps. I’ve been stretching the arch tendon many times throughout day by just contracting the muscle to pull back top tendons.