Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should - My LBD

(Sophie) #1

Back to sorting clothes for donation yesterday and came across my Little Black Dress…decided to see if I could get into it…and I could actually zip it up, by Myself even, a small victory!!! :clap: I bought it in 2000 and haven’t been able to wear it in over 8yrs. BUT, just because I could zip it doesn’t mean that I can wear it…Yet. I looked like a sausage squeezed into it’s casing, not pretty. :joy: Nonetheless, I have now moved it into my closet where it is hanging as inspiration, because I know the day I can wear it again (comfortably) is right down the road in my headlights! Yay!!! NSV, not really, but definitely some progress. KCKO my friends, it will happen for you too.


Great idea. I am dreadful about throwing clothes away but don’t usually hold on to things from when I was a teen - I am now 46! But I did keep my 501 jeans that I used to live in just because I was determined to get back into them one day. Of course that thought started when I first grew out of them in my early 20s but I am so stubborn I kept them. They now need a belt! It happens. I look forward to seeing you in that dress. xxx

(Brian) #3

Clothes are a great indicator of progress.

I have a leather vest that snaps in the front. I wear it most every weekend. For quite a long time, I couldn’t really snap the snaps closed without really sucking the gut in and then when I would relax, they’d all pop open. This weekend, I could snap the snaps and walk around normally without popping any of them open. I still had one pop open when I sat down.

An acquaintance in the RV park where I live also commented to me that he thinks I lost some weight. I guess it’s finally becoming noticeable! :smiley:

Good luck getting back into the LBD. When you do, and it fits like it should, I’m sure you’ll look stunning!

(bulkbiker) #4

I bought a pair of really expensive cycle trousers (Rapha) when I was on a diet kick in about 2008… they were on sale but never fitted and as I piled on the pounds they sat in the drawer.
Got them out a few weeks ago and bugger me they are now way too big… by about 3 inches…
I’m pretty sure I’m never going back to fit them…

(Liz ) #5

Right on! Some people say empty your closet of clothes that don’t fit because they are a bummer, bad for morale, and I did some of that, but I kept some too-small clothes from a few years ago and I’m glad I did because they are in regular rotation now that I’m 30 pounds down. But some clothes that now fit just aren’t flattering! I don’t know if they never were or if my shape has shifted, but into the donation pile they went. There was something delightful and also melancholy about having a choice to ditch clothes that fit but that didn’t suit me anymore.

(Sophie) #6

@MarkGossage You missed your window of opportunity on those britches! lol I’ve done that too! It’s pissin off.
@LizinLowell I know what you mean about letting go of old stuff and you’re right, it is delightful and melancholy. I just try to focus more on delightful and if the melancholy overwhelms me, I put it back in the drawer/closet/storage for another time.

(Liz ) #7

Yes, me too :slight_smile:


I have a lot of really old clothes that I either outgrew or never could wear. I always thought “someday,” and then when my daughter got old enough, I thought maybe she would like to wear some of my stuff.

But a few years ago, she tried on a bunch of it, and I was shocked to realize that almost all of my favorite old pieces are hopelessly outdated. I couldn’t see it when I looked at them in the closet because I pictured myself as I was 10 (20, 30) years ago. But seeing them on her, I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t even noticed that they were horribly out of fashion. I had a fancy evening dress I actually thought I’d wear someday. I bought it in the late 1980s.

(Mike Glasbrener) #9

I was skinny about 8 years ago… I still have the clothes. I’m about 20-30lbs away… Probably 3-4 months still… I’ve dropped 70lbs or so thus far. My abdomin seems to want to be the last fat to go though…


I seem to go back and forth with what I “fit” into and what I do not. Clearly a fast helps, but doesn’t seem to really count unless the loss in inches is lasting.
Thus far, I’m still wandering around some old clothes that would be - could be worn. I was really surprised by what I could wear, but now, after a full week of vacation…I’m thinking there’s going to be a slow down in this rediscovery phase!
All in all, I admit, this one ritual of trying on the old “some day” clothes and finding that day can be now or very soon, is tremendously exciting.
Then comes the sober, let’s “keep this real” factor, when I don’t want to be boomeranging ever again. I want these NSVs to be more concrete, lasting and not just one very well fasted afternoon that fades from memory.
To those who are enjoying this clothing “trip”, keep up the courage, relax… and I suppose just KCKO.

(Linda Culbreth) #11

It is embarrassing to keep yanking your pants up and wondering if your undies are going to hang instead of fall! My thrift box is beginning to overflow. I wear something or at least try it on - if it’s saggy-baggy, and dirty, I wash it and it does into the box. I think I will be in trouble come winter and a change of seasons.

(Sophie) #12

Wow! You sound like my doppleganger only add an extra 10lbs to lose because I’m a woman. :roll_eyes:

(Mike Glasbrener) #13

You’ll get there and look good in you LBD. I just want to be good at cycling again. Running… We’ll see if my knees will let me when I get to my balarinaweight.:innocent:

(Brian) #14

Linda, thanks for the chuckle! Losing one’s pants is bad enough. When the undies bail, too, it’s time to think about a new superband waistband!

Thankfully, us men types can have suspenders as a part of our daily wardrobe without drawing much attention. Haven’t had to buy smaller underwear yet but I suspect the day may come…

The fun of losing weight! :slight_smile:

My wife gets a kick out of me, getting ready for bed, not undoing anything, belt, snap, zipper, all intact, and just dropping the pants. Like I said, suspenders!.. at least for now.

(Doug) #15

:pensive: I haven’t gotten to the Little Black Dress stage yet.

(Brian) #16

Me neither, Doug. But there are some places, I just don’t wanna go…


Yep, yep, I have a few items like that. I CAN wear them, but there’s no way I’m going to (yet). I just moved a formerly sausage T-shirt into the wearable section of my closet. It took me a few extra weeks before I believed I could wear it. Some clothes look okay standing up, but once you sit down, instant sausage.

My fear of the sitting sausage causes me to always buy clothes a little (or maybe a lot) too big.

(Liz ) #18

LOL I’ve decided to OWN my sausage, gonna take up as much room as I need :smile:

(Doug) #19

:smile::sunglasses: Gotta go what we gotta do.


About 10 years ago I got to a similar weight and I had bought some nice clothes, thank goodness DH put them away when I outgrew them. Otherwise most days now I would have to stay inside naked. I have however, given away or donated or trashed the larger clothes I have “under grown”, I refuse to look like a child playing dressup in her mom’s clothes. Getting into those smaller clothes and getting rid of the larger stuff has been a great NSV for me this time around.

I have had to buy new shoes, I began stepping out of most pairs recently. And I have bought a belt because the small clothes from before, some of them are a tad small for wearing out without one as you noted pulling at pants or undies is not cool. Oh I have a complete drawer full of new underwear, bras and panties both.

Oh the cost of keto/LCHF: new clothes, undies and shoes, what is a gal to do??? :smiling_imp: