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I had two tiny German rum balls (which comprised a half serving as per the package) the other night as a pre-holiday treat AFTER dinner - the dessert totalled a crazy 11g carbs of industrial white sugar which isn’t much on one hand, but on the other hand, boy did it make me feel weird.

Somehow despite the previous protein, that l’il bit of sugar once it got into the blood created a huge insulin spike I’m sure, I felt a bit hijacked (as even the red wine I drink is around 4g per glass - so it was like 3 glasses of wine without all the other constituents of the wine!). So, RIP rum balls until I figure out a keto recipe for them.

The keto brownie mix I make (Good Dees brand) has erythritol and does not make me feel weird at all, I feel wonderful when I eat those brownies occasionally. :joy: Probably because, like that article explains, the sugar alcohols are getting fermented by the bacteria in the colon rather than invading the bloodstream! :thinking:

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