Just a Carnivore Questions

(Alec) #21

And yet my Dr was insistent that I needed to be on a statin, despite my score of 10. As you would expect I said that I “politely decline”. He sighed.

Looks like the Standards of Care don’t allow the standard narrative to be affected by something as inconvenient as facts.

(KM) #22

My husband takes several meds, including a statin. Our cost for the statin is $0.00. Yes, nothing, not even a dollar. Considering the general rape of the public (including us) over the cost of other medications, this fact alone has me thinking there’s something very strange going on behind the scenes.

(Drew) #23

Thank you Paul and Alecmcq

I was able to get off a couple, fixed a1c and graves disease but I didn’t want to take anymore meds if not needed or can fix it w/ diet.

I’ll look into more fatty meat, I stopped buying meat from stores and buying directly from farmer(s). Picked up 40lbs of ground beef and will get some more pork and steaks they have, thankfully this farmer and the market they visit is all year around including winter.

This will get me off carbs I was picking up from store meat, was buying from Costco but transiting away from store meats. My only carbs not meat related is milk (not store bought, cream top, and whole white milk) that is about 24g of carbs/day.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #24

Nope. The fact that you are eating in a way that minimises the arterial damage that statins do nothing to prevent is completely irrelevant.

We ought to have a whole different set of standards for people on keto or carnivore. So much that applies to carb burners doesn’t seem to apply to us.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #25

You might be able to request fattier ground meat from the farmer. The farm stand near me is very open to requests. You might have to wait until the next animal is slaughtered, but they will happily give you what you want. Your farmer might be equally accommodating, if you ask.

(Drew) #26

Weighted in today at 300lbs, I feel good though so not complaining.
I do know muscle weights more then fat, not all that concerned, will see where I am at in 6months

(Bob M) #27

I highly doubt there are carbs in store-bought meat. Meat from a farm should be better, though.

(Drew) #28

Some where, the bratwurst had 1 or 2 per and it was like a 12pk.
I think the bacon I was picking up did.

Sort of depends what they in the meat but not much.
Farm is definitely better tasting too!

(Drew) #29

I’m definitely getting some more steaks and sauages from my farmer to increase HDL and restricting my carbs to 1 cup of milk/day as well as making sure any meats I get from store have 0 carbs.
Love bratwurst but some have 1 or 2 carb per with their seasonings.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #30

And that’s why it’s also a good idea to keep track of the fit of our clothing. After my main fat loss, I noticed that, even while my weight was stable during that time, I lost a couple more inches from my waist.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #31

Of course, but I think Bob was thinking more about steak, I’m pretty sure, and so was I, lol! So yeah, do be careful about the sausages and the bacon. U.S. law allows manufacturers to define the serving size in such a way that they can claim there are zero g of sugar per serving, but the give-away is when you look in the ingredients and see such things as “cane juice,” dextrose, maltose, “agave nectar,” and the like.

(Drew) #32

Exactly, thats what i tend to find for ingredients that cause it to be a carb or two which sort of sucks. Good to have many farmers to get meat from now to avoid all that unnecessary ingredients now

(Geoffrey) #33

The statement that “muscle weighs more than fat” reminds me of a childhood joke.
What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks. :rofl:


I always need to keep myself from saying “1kg muscle actually weigh the same as 1kg fat” as I understand it’s about the volume or just repeating that old saying…