June 2023 Maintenance Check In


Another month, another thread. Hope everyone is doing well. I am doing good right now. Loving the warmer weather.

May 2023 Maintenance Check In

Eating wise, it’s fine.

But badgers ate our first, big wave of strawberries :sob: Diease ate our sour cherries and almost all cherries, only a little taste is left from the latter… So… I stick to my carnivore-ish ways. Not like I would be far otherwise, our fruits are mostly for my SO’s stomach and my eyes. I do taste them a bit :wink:

I was 75kg this morning (in clothes but between the warmth and the stubbornness of my old mechanical scale, it matters little), obviously as I am always 75kg since years, I may eat a ton of food and lots of sugar, it’s still 75 the next morning :smiley: Maybe 76 isn’t impossible in extreme cases but that’s still no fat or much water, I would think, just more stuff in my guts. My body seem to have very strict policies regarding water retention (and I don’t do extreme things with my tiny glycogen reserves I suppose. but I don’t know much about those happenings. just that I lost my water weight changes when going on and off keto).
As much as I love I can’t gain or have big changes masking my (non-existent) fat-loss, I really wish to go lower already. Maybe it will happen, I seem to do it right now.

I hope my workouts will go better too, it’s not so bad but I still don’t do my 2 full body workouts per week every time, now I had too bad back pain, I can handle it with the proper exercises so I have very little pain but it still comes into the way of my workouts sometimes. I need a stronger core I am aware. It’s super weak. The core exercises for weak beginners are barely possible for me, some exercises simple aren’t unless I choose the extra easy version. I try to do those easy ones more often.


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