JUNE 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Doug) #21

Big sweater here too, and definitely - after fasting there’s a lot of water to be retained, even without carbs or salt, I think.


Hell, I might be one of the biggest sweaters out there, especially whilst working outside. Folks knew me as the guy with the sweat towel, before they even knew my name. (Since I always have a sweat towel with me, year around.) and I’ve done this for many, many years now. Was even worse when I was at my heaviest of 320 lbs. Didn’t slow me down, and still work the same, but it did cause even more sweating though. … I constantly wring out my towels during working out, with water just pouring out of them each and every time and it’s needed every few minutes or so, just to keep them somewhat absorbent. After a while it’s just like pushing liquid around. - My Wife or Son will also bring me out new towels after some time, so I can go through multiple towels in a relatively short period of time. And when I do come back in, It’s like I was just swimming, and I’m soaked through.


I think I had 23.5 hours after my first OMAD of the week?
But then came not OMAD days again… One day I had 5 meals if we count everything (possibly still IF, I often do that on many meal days)… Sigh.
But now I think I know how to do this :slight_smile: Yesterday was OMAD again (but with low protein, it’s fine once in a blue moon), today will be TMAD I am sure. Good enough for me. My hunger signs went on holiday but I still feel I get weak and lose my will to do anything… That’s my cue.

I drink a modest amount of water and I barely sweat under normal circumstances. Cycling for hours on the sun on a super hot day, that’s not normal but reading about you guys, it’s still not serious :slight_smile:
Maybe that’s why I never need to supplement sodium (as I don’t do long EF, even I would need some there I suppose) and I use little to begin with.
I am a very very thirsty type but it’s for exercise and the later part of the day and I usually drink little just very many times. 3 hour without water would be high level torture for me especially in the evening when I tend to drink the majority of my water intake except if I exercise quite much before.
The people who say one should drink before getting thirsty, never knew anyone like me. It’s not possible. Once I tested drinking 4l water ignoring the actual wishes of my body, I drank without an urge, I was super thirsty ALL DAY.

(Bob M) #24

That idea that you’re dehydrated before you’re thirsty came from studies run by…Gatorade and the like.

I’d assume there’s some type of genetics involved with sweating. And maybe training too. Listened to a podcast about the Hazda, and the Hazda didn’t take water with them on these long hunting trips. The people documenting this did, and still had to turn around and go back, one person got overheated.

It’s like anything else: take two similar people, make them exercise, one will sweat up a storm, one won’t. The same for carbs, too, I think. I’ve met plenty of people who seemingly have no issues with carbs.


For me personally, I can’t say what causes me to drink so much most days? I’ve always drank a lot as far back as I can remember. When I first came to this site just over 3 years ago, I had mentioned that I sometimes drink in excess of 2 gallons a day, or even more. … Which of course, doesn’t help keep the restroom breaks down either. - But when I’m out working in the heat, either doing the garden or cutting grass, etc. I can come in the house and drink a 1/2 gallon in the first 20-30 minutes while cooling down for a bit. But even when not working I sometimes feel like I can’t get enough to drink at times? Not sure why, and my Wife has mentioned this about herself at times as well? … She also occasionally makes a comment ‘jokingly’ about how much I do go, when I do go. :crazy_face:


Overheating, I have that all the time when moving. It’s summer and I realized it’s just too much for me to walk even in a shadowy forest… It’s 26-28 Celsius, probably with high humidity, it felt so… I keep walking but it’s not pleasant. I get overheated in winter in no time too so it’s hard for me now.
But it has little to do with my drinking and I still don’t sweat much. I thought of people being good hunters when needed even without tools due to being able to chase pray for long without being overheated or exhausted fatally unlike the pray… I wondered if I am way worse or just I am a modern hedonist on a little walk so I stop and cool down at the first sign of serious discomfort… Maybe I wouldn’t get overheated fatally, I just stop when the curve gets not so great for me…
My SO doesn’t sweat much either but he doesn’t get overheated and he rarely needs water (I drank all the time during the walk but a little at a time and I had almost no water in the previous 10-12 hours). And his hands are cold in winter in his thick gloves while I grab cold objects (snow, painted metal poles) to let my hands cool down a little… And it’s not like I wear winter coats or pullovers, a shirt and a jacket is plenty in some little frost.
There must be some correlation between these things but I don’t know how much…

(Bob M) #27

I think weather and where you live plays a role, too. We went from Connecticut to Arizona one February. We get to Arizona, and it was around 60F (15-16C) in the morning. People in AZ are wearing coats and gloves (a lot of them, anyway). In the winter, we keep our house in CT around 65F during the day and cooler at night. We were out in shorts and normal shirts. 60F can be downright “hot” when you’ve been near or below freezing for a long time.


Thinking of possibly doing some Fasting again this week. Skipped last week, putting in either OMAD or TMAD’s just to change things up. But if I do, I will probably start after tonights Dinner. I just like starting after Sunday dinner, since I would rather Fast during the work week, and it also sets up possible longer Fast before we get back into the next weekend where Feasting can take place.


I had a hungry weekend,… But it’s easier fasting coming Monday especially that my SO won’t come home until 6:30pm so I plan to fast until then. It should be easy but we will see. That should mean OMAD.

I never can afford feasts (that’s another matter if I do them occasionally, I shouldn’t). They mean a lot of eating to me, the word just have that feeling. Not a smallish meal below my daily energy need…
Being able to do EF would help me out here and there… But for now, multiple OMAD days a week is my goal.


Just about 18 hrs. in presently. Went out to do some walking, but got a call from a colleague as soon as I got out there, that had me back up in the office minutes later to provide some assistance to them.

Just as well I guess, I actually woke up this morning around 4am with some pain on the inner side of my left knee. (Must have been laying on it wrong, or something?) I’ve had some inner meniscus issues on both knees after injury the one on my right a few years ago. So maybe it’s better I don’t over-do it.


OMAD day today :slight_smile: I broke my fast at 6:30pm or later. Except very little cream in my coffee… But I don’t drink coffee until noon now, it’s something.

It was interesting, I had some kind of hunger at lunchtime (between 2 and 3:30pm) but it went away and only some little off feeling remained… If I had to be all focused and sharp minded, I would have eaten. Lawmowing and workouts (for the smaller muscles around that time) have lower requirements :wink:
Hunger feelings in my belly and appetite never returned but my body welcomed the fuel when it got some. And I had a full workout today…


Broke at 48 hrs. No issues as usual, but just decided to eat something. Maybe do another small before the weekend? Was a long day full of way too long meetings, and just wanted to chill with a nice dinner.

(Butter Withaspoon) #33

Have felt that I’ve been over feeding a bit lately, maybe it’s the cold weather inspiring me to get more insulation :wink: The pattern got turned around by a huge exercise sunday. I did a long hard hike for 6 and a half hours in cold temperatures with big hills and scrub. Although I ate well when I got home that night, the next day I had a definite drop in appetite, as if my body recognised that we are now in journey mode, not hibernation mode. Fat must be dropped to lighten the weight to travel to better hunting. The body is so fascinating!

This led to last night’s beginning of a short fast. I was pleased to have an early dinner, after a surprisingly light eating day, then no late supper or second dinner or snacks when I got home Yay! I have been telling myself off for late night eating and getting up late the next day. I hope this will hit a reset button nicely. I’m enjoying that lovely profound emptiness of the gut feeling… I’ll be eating today sometime, less than 24 hours has profound effects for me.

I will drink my tea with milk during today, but that works for me during fasting. Keep Calm and Fast On friends!

(Bob M) #34

I might have to try the OMAD thing. I tried to fast >24 hours yesterday, but couldn’t do it. It’s much easier when I can go pick up my daughter at 8:15pm from dance – I just work until near then, then leave work. Easy to complete the >24 hours when you get home at 8:30pm and go to bed at 9pm.

She’s out of dance for the summer, though. It’s hard to go home earlier and not eat with the family at dinner.

I did eat OMAD yesterday, and it wasn’t that bad. My issue with OMAD is that I can’t eat a huge meal at 7:30pm and go to bed about 9pm. But yesterday, I got home earlier and ate earlier. Will try again Friday.


I get it. I now often just sit with my family and just drink something and chat without eating. I try to tell my wife to forget about making me something keto and just worry about feeding the kids. Fitting their meals into my weird schedule/WOE doesn’t necessarily work. Today they ate early. I didn’t because I’m trying to stretch out my fast from overnight. I haven’t had any HWC or anything yet today and I’m curious to see what happens to my ketones. 0.3 at 11AM and 0.5 at 3PM. More depressingly BG was 120 at 11AM and 103 at 3PM


Just checked again. Ketones up to 0.6 but blood glucose stubborn at 107 at 5:45PM after fasting all day.

I don’t know what to think about the blood sugar. Based on experience if I ate some protein right now and check in 30-60 minutes it would probably drop well below 100. I guess eating triggers enough insulin to finally push glucose into the cells, otherwise my muscles seem to run on fatty acids and resist taking up the glucose - adaptive glucose sparing they call it. I even went for a 30 minute bike ride around 10AM.


My eating window got bigger again but today my lunch was so very effective that it’s 9pm and I am still very satiated (but it may be masked a tiny bit by the lots of water I drink, it’s super hot and I did garden work. water does absolutely nothing to hunger but maybe helps with not getting hungry without a good reason :D).
So unless I mess it up later, it’s an OMAD day again, yay! I go for more OMAD days. The timing is easy: when I don’t want to wait anymore, it’s not like I have much control, I get appetite or hunger and must eat… Now I can do lunch OMAD, it seems and it helps a lot as I don’t always last until dinnertime. Mostly because I want a family lunch after cooking, lack of serious hunger be damned… Though I still think my natural OMAD time is around 4-6pm… That seems the perfect time as long as my body cooperates but it often does. I eat earlier and there are more than 12 hours between meal and bedtime and that’s too much for me, below 8 is safe (with the proper OMAD meal, of course), 8-12 is uncertain. I am very sure 2 meals are too many for me now, I can’t do small meals lately.

(Jane) #38

I hear ya. I miss being able to fast for 3 days when I am traveling, not with colleagues and can fast to my hearts content.

I cannot do that now that I am working from home. My husband cannot go more than 36 hrs and he gets upset if I am not eating with him. Thankfully I have the 36-hr fasts occasionally.

(Bob M) #39

It might be more complex than that. For me, exercise causes my blood sugar to go up. Yes, up. I think this is because I’ve been low carb for so long that my body “knows” it has to get glucose from somewhere.

If you eat protein, your blood sugar should not change. I’ve eaten 160+ grams of protein in single meals, and never got any blood sugar change – ever.

You’re thinking that protein = higher insulin = lower blood sugar. That makes sense. But, you forgot about glucagon. Glucagon is the “mirror image” to insulin. As your blood sugar starts going down due to insulin, glucagon should come up to raise it. Ben Bikman has a good YouTube video on this. I think this is it:

Bikman’s glucagon talk

If, though, you find your glucose going down if you eat protein, this means your glucagon response is not as good as it should be. Some people (notably Jimmy Moore) have this, but I’ve not seen a “cure” for it.

The other option could be that you’ve provided your body with food, and that alone causes blood sugar to come down. For instance, I’m convinced if I ate breakfast, I’d have lower blood sugar earlier. Currently, my blood sugar goes up from sometime around midnight until close to 11 am or do, then goes down all day until around midnight. I don’t eat breakfast and often don’t eat until 10am-11am (or a few days a week until dinner).

I don’t think this is insulin, though. To check, you could eat a high fat, lower protein meal. Does your blood sugar go down?


Lunch and only a tiny snack at dinnertime today. It was a good day! I was not satiated some hours before lunch but not hungry just not the usual perfect satiation I am used to. Probably due to the very low-cal previous day.
I even cycled and weightlifted but my body isn’t particularly greedy now, it seems. Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as easy and good. At least the weekdays…