Yes S you hit the nail on the head. Our zc people chill threads are just for that…good times and all things great about how we are doing. All of us need each other :slight_smile:

and you stop that :wink: you write all ya want!! Chatting things out as we just relax thru our days and then bango…what one of us says hits home with another and we learn from each other. All these monthly challenges are a great thing for each of us!!

(Amy the Bunyip vadáz 🤺 🦄) #152

3 grams of carbs today but that was from eggs so does that even count?? Probably not and 3 grams is crap all anyway. I try my best to eat properly now. After that carb poisoning damn pizza!!! :scream:. I have a long way to go health wise. Gotta heal my gut. But it will heal. But yup back to Carni. And of course I slip up at times. LOL. Oh well. I am brain dead right now and lost for words…Me?? God i could out talk a fish under water usually. (Missing… Amy’s brain…Reward…well we will see). I’m sure the damn things somewhere…:thinking:. Maybe under my bed, along with a million other things that shouldn’t be there.:scream:. Maybe it’s playing with the dust bunnies and now I seriously need to shut up as I’m rambling about nothing. Sorry.:heart:

(Amy the Bunyip vadáz 🤺 🦄) #153

@Fangs Your every month Carni names…You make me laugh. Well I massively stuffed up July. So bring on August…Wait It’s August now. Holy crap on a stick. The year is flying!!! :scream:


no carbs from any protein source from animal kingdom count so never give it a thought :slight_smile: You rock on B and join up in the August thread and zc on!!

(Amy the Bunyip vadáz 🤺 🦄) #155

@Fangs yeah I went shopping today and just bought Carni stuff. No plant stuff at all. :grinning:. Finally.