July 2020 Weight Maintenance Check In


Ok, I think a lot of us have had some real challenges lately. Stress, sickness, losing loved ones, etc. Let’s face it a pandemic sucks big time.

I finally decided to start a thread this month because in 10 days I will have been a ketoian for 4 whole years and in maintenance for over 3 years. So this is my celebration :clinking_glasses:of those milestones. I could never have gotten here without the love and support of so many people in these forums. Thanks to all who have come, gone, returned, stayed the course, etc. I love you all. :heart::heart::heart:

Stay well and enjoy the little things we were in too big of a hurry to enjoy before all this started.

(Pete A) #2

CONGRATS on the milestone! 3 years for me September 1st…

I’m excited. :slight_smile:

(Central Florida Bob ) #3

Just a Hi. I still visit the forums but more like once or twice a week than once a day.

Since the first of the year, my emphasis has been on adding strength for daily life. I have been getting stronger, but all my life I’ve heard that if you try to gain muscle you’ll gain both fat and muscle at the same time and that sure seems to be true.

Since the first of 2020, I’ve gained 11 pounds. 7.8 lbs fat, 3.2 lbs lean tissue.

I should probably try to drop 10 pounds but I’m just not quite sure what to do. I think what weight lifters do at this point is try to lose fat and keep the muscle although I’m sure some of it must get lost, too. Competitive weightlifters also do some pretty unhealthy things before competitions, if I understand correctly. I’d rather not do that.


Glad to see you here, @CFLBob

The site has been up and down a lot since early Spring. Richard is working on getting new needed hardware now that he has completed his exams.

Many are reporting gaining during these crazy days. Sorry I have no words of wisdom on the gaining muscle issue. If you learn something please do share it with us.

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

That seems to be more or less working. I’m basically following Body By Science, or as best as I can with what I have. That’s lifting a heavy weight until failure, when you can’t do one more repetition. With nuances I won’t get into.

My thing about losing some weight now is that the extra 8 pounds of fat puts me in the 27-ish % body fat which seems a bit high, compared to the 24 ish % I was in November/December. I’m not quite sure how to do that, with some concerns that I adapt to fasting pretty quickly now.


So it was 4 years ago I started on Keto/LCHF WOE. I started with the Atkins meal plan and gradually learned more and more about why eating fats was good and eating large amounts of carbs was bad.My goal was to lose weight, I was tried of yoyoing up and down. I joined these forums the following January. I had gradually lost weight, felt better all around, physically and mentally. I had stalled for a couple of months, so got interested in trying out fasting. and then joined in the Zornfasts.

So that is my story in nut shell

What is your story? What brought you to this WOE, the forums, and fasting if you do that?


New thread for the new month.