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Been making juice using 100% pure organic no sugar added cranberry and pomegranate juices., sweetened with no carb no sugar monkfruit… since its 100% pure juice is extremely tart and have used many times in the past, but did not check the label, and when I did it stated Sugars 39g, 25g and carbs 41g, 36g respectively…again no sugar added, and dilute it many times more than the average serving recommendation, I know these are natural sugars but are they affecting my keto, and does anyone know of any 100% pure no sugar no carb or very low carb pure juices?


Juice is basically the fruit or vegetable with the fiber removed and all the carbs and sugar left. I don’t think you will come across anything that is low carb – maybe something made from a vegetable but I suspect it won’t taste like what you’re after and still not be low enough in carbs to stay in ketosis.


Why do you want juice in your life? Let’s start there. Maybe we can help you get the same benefits without all of that sugar.

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That is way too much sugar and will affect your keto.

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Like I said no added sugar not a hint of sweetness, just pure juice, no concentrate so these sugars are coming from natural sugars…just surprised, tastes as Im eating a raw cranberry which is nearly unpalatable to me, Ill have to do more calculating in terms of my dilution, label says 4 servings per 32 0z bottle so 4 cups, probably pouring 1.5 cups juice and dilluting with 4.5 H2O…as for why do I want juice? for the tartness. vitamin c. citric acid. and this is my sweets, do not desire chocolate or making keto desserts…


The no added sugars really doesn’t matter when it’s basically carbs/sugar in the first place without any fiber. The question could be, “How much chocolate cake can I eat every day without being knocked out of keto? What if I cut it with some coconut flour?”

Juice and keto aren’t compatible. Maybe someone else will chime in with a path forward but I don’t think you’ll find a way to drink a satisfactory amount of juice on a regular basis and be in keto.

That being said, it is definitely something you could enjoy in small quantities from time to time if it fits your macros. There is also some low carb fruits you might enjoy (check out carbs for berries).

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Yes been consuming berries…I think the other alternative which i’ve done in the last hour is brewing herbal fruit sweetened tea, fruit notes are from fruit solids, like fruit essence, or fruit zest, no sugars no carbs, Im letting the brew cool outside now as its bitter cold, and will add monk fruit and a splash of lemon juice for the brightness that lemon brings in the form ascorbic and citric acid which my body craves…this may be the solution…


Like stated above, there’s pretty much no reconciling Keto with juicing. Juice is pretty awful for you, the effects on your blood glucose and insulin are instant and harsh. Maybe use some water flavoring for the sweetness you’re after.

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thanks for the chart Gaff. yes raspberries and blackberrries are the only two berries/fruits I have been consuming as they have always been my two favorites…but i think this tea maybe the way to go…Im going to my local natiural foods market in the AM to shop and will also pick up some ascorbic and citric acid to add to the tea, that should give it the kick I want Iwant it to have…

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Depends on what kind of juice your consuming, I mostly. primarily use cranberry, and the science research has suggested time and again the benefits of cranberry…as for many other juices I agree…and lets be clear, I am not juicing, nor consuming cranberry with added sugar. I do not feel any effect on blood sugar ( I’m hypoglycemic) and am very aware and highly sensitive of what I intake and how it effects my body/the way I feel internally…

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Why the hell do you want to drink Juice? Legit question.
Fructose is ew. Lol

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Some people find that Juice cures constipation :grin:

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That’s magnesium juice

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I’ve heard talk of turnip juice…:grin:


Don’t you know Juice is the answer to everything.

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