Joining our Municipal Pool

(Denise) #1

Now that I am working out at the gym regularly I remembered we have a Pool in town, very nice setup too! I’ve decided to start going there, probably just rotate that with my gym-work. I see there are lots of posts under swimming so I’ll look around, but I can hardly wait to go. It was closed of course because of Covid but it’s wide open now.

I used to go after work when I lived in Alabama but I was so tired after a few laps and found out I needed my pacemaker replaced:crazy_face: I wasn’t always good about regular checkups back then in my 50s. Now I am pretty on top of all that and plan to just add to my physical activities as my sleep is getting better all the time.

My favorite is swimming on my back because I never really got the hang of the whole swimming thing (different strokes etc.). Also plan to use the paddle boards or tubies when I start out, baby steps :slight_smile:

Do you go to a local Pool and what type of swimming do you do?


I love to swim, but I’m not a fan of pools at all. Hate the chlorine, not too keen on all the people xD

Swimming in the sea is my thing. In fact, I just love the sea in general.

Hoping to be able to move back to the South West coast again at some point in the not too distant future. Was never a fan of where I am now. It’s too flat, too overpriced, and not near enough to the coast (not a fan of the East coast anyway).

Now that we can stay working from home, that should hopefully be a possibility!

In the meantime, while I pine for the sea, I’ve been decorating my sun room/office with sea themed things and colours xD

(Robin) #3

Great idea.
The last pool I was in was at a large apartment complex. They had several pools, all salt water. I would go after work when no one was there and simply float on my back and look at the starts and trees and feel so peaceful. No exercise points there, but I miss it.

(Denise) #4

Oh I got to do that when I lived in Alabama Robin! Not salt-water but in the apt. complex I lived in. Hardly anyone used it so I would have it to myself especially at night :heart:

(Laurie) #5

There is a large pool in my new town with several features and sections. And nobody uses it! So the no-people aspect will be great.

I had been waiting for months for my income tax assessment as proof of (low) income so I could apply for a free swim pass. Finally I phoned and found out what the problem was, so the assessment should arrive soon.

I have a home exercise routine that is fine, but I need a bit more variety. Meanwhile, leaving the house takes a lot out of me. So maybe one or two pool visits per week will be good.

(Denise) #6

That’s great Laurie! This pool also has that Pass! It says just 20 passes per month but folks can check in the first, and it’s first come first served.

(Shannon) #7

I love the sea as well. One of my favorite all time memories was in Kauai, we stumbled onto this off the beaten path beach, and I swam out just past the wave break and floated for a long while. I could see all the way down to the sand, probably 10-15 feet below me. I loved the feeling of the gentle rolling of the waves going by me. I’d totally use that memory for my “happy place” if I had to have some horrible dental work done someday.

My wife and I are headed to Majorca, Spain for the first time next month. Majorca has several beaches on the Blue Flag List, which from what I understand has the highest standards for clarity and cleanliness.


Huge amount of pools switched to Salt years ago, cheaper for them than all the chemicals. Still screwed on the people though :laughing:


I’m not sure that’s so much a thing here in the UK, though I admit I haven’t checked! But yeah, they’ll be busy regardless, I’m sure xD

Sounds beautiful : )

My favourite I think was snorkling off the coast of Greece. We hired a boat out so we could also find all sorts of quiet coves and just drop anchor and explore. Those beautiful crystal clear waters and so many pretty little fish <3

Absolute heaven : )



Oh yea I thought of the YMCA near me for winter water time. But the cost was so high I couldn’t justify it. I have a backyard pool, love it but when I shut it down, like I just did a few days ago my poor sad emotions came with doing just that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I AM SUPER duper thrilled you joined. AND I would take on like a cardio swim exercise class…not for just moving more…but to find a few friends!!! A few gals to chat up with you about what it is like to stay in shape as we age, move the ol’ body, and get into some type of companionship stuff…never has to go beyond the pool but if ya chat up some friends you make in class you got your social stuff covered also ya know. being in a group of like minded people wanting better health and movement is a common goal and a connection for us all.

I think it is wonderful you got such a nice pool community to do just this!!

Other than Ys pools around me which aren’t many I think some off towns have some community pools but I don’t do that cause of kids. It is a ‘family magnet’ and I get it so this would not interest me but they shut down in winter, they are outdoor only around me.

being in the South it is extremely hard to ever find an enclosed pool LOL even our hotels have outdoor pools mostly and shut down but some high end might have enclosed pool for a higher price for that room and amenities.

I can’t wait til ya go and let us know how you enjoy it! I definitely want an update cause when you say you are swimming and having a good time, I will be jelly on that one :wink:

More power to ya GG!


I have noticed that swimming helps relieve tension from the back after a hard day at work. It’s hard to force myself to go there, but in the end I feel much better! I haven’t chosen my favorite type of swimming yet, and I notice that I’m doing some things wrong. So I just try to swim in the right way


have ya hit the pool? is it nice? just curious

(Denise) #13

No, I decided it was too much money for me, and I really have a good routine already with the gym :slight_smile: Thanks for asking though :wink:


ohhh water gal I did the same with my ‘wanna do YMCA pool’ thru cost was too much also. feel you so much on that one :frowning:
I was thinking for me it would be ‘cheaper in the end’ to buy a darn cheap azz hot tub and soak in it when I need it vs. swimming but haven’t made that manuever yet for myself lol but I get ya on all that.

it is like I require water daily in my life but can’t quite get just that LOL but I have thought tons your way too.

have ya checked YMCA in your area. if more income thru IRS return ya get nailed on HIGH cost but if a more lower income, and I don’t mean that rude, BUT IF YOU can SHOW a lower income thru your acct and stats doing your return, your YMCA cost can be ‘so low’ for that pool it is crazy :slight_smile: I am still trying to get there on my IRS returns to show just that, lol

(GINA ) #15

My gym has a pool and I enjoy swimming. I try to swim once or twice a week in between other workouts. A swim snorkel and YouTube videos on proper form made all the difference to me.

(Denise) #16

My new gym has a pool, can’t hardly wait to get moved into my new place in Oregon. Where I’m living now, I would have had to pay 2 memberships to have a pool (community sort of like the Y) so yeah, I will have my gym and pool in same place, one membership, only 6 bucks more too per month :slight_smile: