Jimmy Johns Gargantuan Unwhich

(Jacqueline Magana ) #1

Jimmy John Gargantuan Unwhich, subbed out the roast beef for more cheese, extra mayo, no tomatoes or vinaigrette, onions, oregano, and I added cucumber. Pickle on the side…omg :tongue::heart_eyes_cat:

(Genevieve Biggs) #2

That is one of my go-tos. I could maybe even eat two. Soo yummy.

(Jacqueline Magana ) #3

I am seriously in love…the crunch…the freshness… omg we don’t have a lot of that on keto usually.


Oooooooohhhhh myyyyyyy! I have to get this!

(Jacquelyn Graham) #5

I do the same with the Ultimate Porker. Awesome stuff.

(Terri) #6

I was so excited on a long road trip over the holidays when I saw a Jimmy Johns pic on the road sign of food places. It was worth the small detour to find totally Keto meal. I love those pickles!

(Zach) #7

I like a #9 myself, ~8g of carbs. (but i do add peppers).

(Joel Pippin) #8

I didn’t know that was an option there, I’ll have to try that out. My go to is a Double double protein style from In N Out. I’ve found things like burgers are more flavorful, or at least I taste more without the bread.