Jillian Michaels on the Keto Diet

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Given that the body uses a particular amount of energy for a reason, yes. There’s no free lunch here, a depressed metabolism will require some kind of non-essential processes being turned down that aren’t meant to be.

Also, and I’m paraphrasing here, I believe Ben Bikman has said “if you want to lose weight and maintain it, you want your metabolism to be inefficient, not efficient.”

If my body wants to rev up and waste extra calories as heat or increased energy, I have no problem with that!

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I always thought she was more knowledgeable than this. 20 net carbs of broccoli is a lot of broccoli! I think, if my memory serves, that 1 cup is 4 grams of net carbs. I can’t even eat 5 cups of broccoli at one time. Anyway, Jill, I am disappointed in you. I think the couple who posted the reaction gave a good rebuttal.


Don’t confuse cause and effect. I see metabolic slowdown as a common symptom with the others, not as a cause of the others. All of those are symptoms for many people when they initially start keto. The example of The Biggest Loser contestants can’t indicate what happens to the metabolic rate after someone becomes “fat adjusted” on keto. Unfortunately, my own experience makes me believe metabolic rate stays lower…


“aren’t meant to be”? Isn’t that the bad argument often used against keto? How often have we seen: "Carbs are the body’s preferred energy source!!"

“Survival of the fittest” isn’t about strength. It’s about adaptability. The body has all kinds of mechanisms that make it adaptable. Especially short-term. It can even create the glucose it needs if none is being ingested.

Sure, I’d like to eat whatever I want whenever I want without needing to worry about weight or any waste products from that food (and drink). But want and need are not the same thing. Just imagine if we could enjoy the eating process without the digestion process…

I had my stomach stapled 18 years ago...

It never really helped me lose weight. However, I did throw up 4 to 6 times every week because of it. For nearly 15 years. Then it suddenly stopped.

When they staple the stomach, it basically extends the length of the esophagus and they put a small “ring” at the bottom, where it enters the stomach. That makes the last part of the esophagus act as the stomach. Once it’s full, with four or five ounces of food, you stop eating. Or so the theory goes.

But my esophagus was larger and not very sensitive, so I could load it up with a lot of food before I felt a gag reflex. Then, what would happen is I’d have a “column” of food back up behind that ring, and often something would eventually get to the ring and block it. If I didn’t chew something well, it would block the ring. I had to avoid chicken breast. It would bind together and act like a cork in that ring. Romaine lettuce would block the ring. Once it got blocked, all I could do is a “Roto Rooter” job – load it up with water, fingers down the throat to provoke a gag reflex, then throw it up, and repeat until I cleared out the esophagus down to the ring and removed the blockage of that ring.

The reason I relate that story is that it did allow me to eat yummy foods that I normally shouldn’t eat. When I would throw up food, there was no stomach acid in the food. It hadn’t gotten into the stomach yet. So sometimes I could eat chocolate desserts and then just throw them up, and they tasted good going down and up. What came up was the same taste and texture as what I had just swallowed.

The bad thing about bulimia is all that stomach acid that comes up when someone throws up out of their stomach. It’s not there when I threw up out of my esophagus. Maybe a little at the very end.


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Only if your idea of “long term” is about June.

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Is it May already?

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Our timezones are different.


I just went to Jillian’s website and in ONE paragraph she where she is explaining some science she uses the word “literally” three times. For me, this is reason enough to ignore her. She’s a drama queen and an alarmist selling HER non-keto diet plan for an annual membership of $69.99.

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Lost it at insulin thru the floor


@juice, did you make that? Cool!

The part about increased inflammation…(eyes roll to back of head)

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I’m dead.

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Nah, flogged it off IG :grinning:

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Weirdly- named video, and a couple of times Ken craps on about how much he respects this cloth-eared bint, but otherwise good.

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Commenting here isn’t helping her hype.

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you helped her by this thread

I am planning to buy her book :smiley:

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good point. I guess it’s better to say nothing. But figured I’d let my fellow forum folks in on what I think is a scam.

My bad…post deleted

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Al Roker took a swipe heard round the twitterverse at JM yesterday. It was nice. I like Al.


I guess I’ve been a bit lazy about watching keto vids but THAT’S Dr. Ken Berry? He’s my people, with his southern twang. I’ll check his stuff out now.

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I never ‘complain’ about not being hungry. I see that as a bonus for my grocery budget.