Jillian Michaels on the Keto Diet

(cheryl) #1

And to think, I use to admire her a long long time ago when I thought she was actually helping people. Now I think she’s an idiot.


(Jeff Gilbertson) #2

Yeah, she’s an idiot:

Ketosis is a considered a state of medical emergency

(Kyle Kerstiens) #3

I tried to read it… but when she said people on keto eat unrestricted calories With mainly protein she lost all argument. I knew it would be bad when she called it Atkins.

I like how one second keto is all about eating only fats then the very next second the diet is mostly protein.

(Victoria Mc Coy) #4

Yep. She’s uninformed but still happy to broadcast advice to others, and that’s the worst kind of idiot.

Her lack of knowledge is demonstrated in this line, “Ketosis is a considered a state of medical emergency.” NOT. Ketoacidosis is dangerous. Ketosis is not the same thing, and is biochemically no where near that neighborhood.

She’s handing out bad advice and really should fact-check herself more carefully.

(cheryl) #5

YES - She’s really not very smart…

"Eat balanced meals every 4 hours that have healthy fats, proteins, and carbs to help stabilize and manage insulin levels. "

… and CARBS to help stabalize insulin levels… HAHAH AH AH HA

(cheryl) #6

The other thing is – she says Keto is hard on the Kidneys… Where is the science behind that?

(Anderson Herzogenrath Da Costa) #7

I guess if it’s high all the time they can call it stable. :confused:

(Karl) #8

She’s not an idiot, she’s just a businessperson. She’s nothing without people to buy her exercise videos.


My wife showed me Jillian’s video on the keto way of eating last night——-and then we proceeded to tear it apart.
She uses a really cool word that I have to look up—Telemeres?
She also states that she can “cure” Type II diabetes with exercise. :woozy_face::flushed::thinking:
She shows no research, no studies and sites nothing to support her accusations.
Now—-I appreciate a different opinion in that we can have a good conversation but at least have some facts in your arsenal to back it up.
I would like to see/hear what Dr Fung, Dr Berry, Carl and Richard have to say or have said.
Otherwise——she’s an uninformed hater. :man_shrugging:

(FRANK) #10

The ONLY reason she is against KETO is because if everyone did KETO, it would make her completely irrelevant.

(Jessica) #11

Because her strategy (Biggest Loser) was reeeeeaaaaally healthy…


It was effective, if people would have stuck to it.

Keto can only help as long as someone sticks to it too. It won’t keep the weight off when someone goes back to the same old bad eating habits. No diet will.

For me, keto is more sustainable because I’m no longer ravenously hungry all the time. On any other diet, I felt deprived and would soon (not later) give in to a binge. And then another. And then…

(John) #13

One of her points is that exercise can improve insulin sensitivity. I do not disagree with that. There have been enough studies to show that is true, with different age groups.

However, she seems to cherry pick that one approach.

Other factors that improve insulin sensitivity are losing weight, avoiding insulin spikes after meals, getting enough rest, reducing stress, and reducing inflammation.

A ketogenic diet covers the first two points (lose weight, keep insulin low), and if you follow the food and fat choices that most sources recommend, you also reduce inflammation.

I choose to combine a ketogenic diet composed of real foods with a moderate exercise approach (walking + weights) so I guess I am winning in both areas.


I mean, it’s the same old “don’t eat too much, exercise, eat every 4 hours”.

I don’t know why I bothered with keto, the answer was staring me in the face the whole time. I just needed to cut calories, run around a bit more every day, and eat more regularly!


A lot of them tried to stick with it. But to expect them to have kept up that kind of rigorous exercise and starvation diets, on top of their ruined metabolisms, was like asking someone to win a fight against the ocean.

(Scott) #16

I think there are many that just can’t see past the idea that keto is a fad rapid weight loss diet you do for awhile. That could be true for some but the vast majority here are “this is the way I eat now”. I am growing tired of people taking a glancing blow at keto saying it is dangerous and move on without providing any specifics or studies. The incorrect use of ketosis to imply ketoacidosis I feel is deliberate. I cannot fathom someone doing research for a public bolg missing this one. I was like is it even possible for her to be that stupid?


That’s a discussion I’ve had here before. Why does “lowered” necessarily mean “ruined”? Certainly not a good thing if someone is habitually eating more food than they need. But how efficiently can the body actually run?

A common keto complaint is “I’m not hungry”. Is that a problem, or should it be a goal?

Remember, some (misguided) health care professionals call keto a “starvation diet” and claim the very fact we are producing ketone bodies proves we are in “starvation mode”.


I mean these people were put through vigorous exercise that burned 2000-2400 calories a day and then were expected to eat 500 or fewer calories a day in order to sustain the weight loss that resulted from that. I don’t think I really need to say why that’s unrealistic, why blaming them for their regain is wrong, or why tanking a metabolism that low is bad.

(Lonnie Hedley) #19

At some point they completely crack up. Good breakdown of how off Jillian is. And how she’s likely being paid to tell people how bad keto is.

(Adam Kirby) #20

I believe their metabolisms were slowed more than people who were naturally that reduced weight, and when they almost all inevitably regained the weight their metabolisms remained depressed. That is a ruined metabolism for sure.

As you lose weight your metabolism should slow a little bit because you’re not carrying as much mass around, but any protocol that reduces your metabolic rate more than that is terrible IMO and should not be done.