Jerky Jubilee ZC July!

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Ahh Fangs, so rough on ya, all this stuff! I hope Bolt will be well and his meds will make his condition a lot more manageable. Wish there were better pet insurance.
@Karen18 what beautiful photos as always! What a nice time, chatting with that man in the coffee shop. I laughed about him taking out his hearing aids - who wants to hear that noise better?? And the prison cafe manager - sod the people in high places! LOL :rofl::joy:

This morning I heard again from my brother’s gf, long call. These calls eat up my day but I’m still glad I can help. It’s been a day full of calls from here and there, and texts from friends with bad news, just a long phone day. But we went to Kerrville, about a 40 min drive, to get wood for some steps off the porch that will lead to a part of the yard we haven’t used. It will be nice and shady over there and hubby has worked at clearing it for a few years. He’s built an Adirondack chair and will build another, and the ottomans, and it will be a great place to relax.
While we were at Lowe’s I checked their plant sale and got a couple big gerbera daisies to pot, some begonias and vincas to put in hanging pots between those hummingbird feeders on the deck. We have 4 plants between the hummingbird feeders on the front porch already. These will live about 6 weeks as we’re going to Virginia again in mid-September. I took Mimsy with us and popped her in the shopping cart. I’m determined that she will stay exposed to people while we’re here!

So we didn’t eat anything past coffee until 3pm, and we didn’t walk because of the phone call, looking forward to getting back to that! I had quite a bit of the whole chicken left from the sous vide at the beginning of the week so broke it up, rolled it in beaten egg and pork rind crumbs and fried it in the bacon grease from yesterday. He loves those, I needed mayo. Stuff like that tastes dry to me. Next time I’ll wrap it in bacon! Then I took the rest of the beaten egg and fixed us each a plain omelet to use it up. It was a decent meal.

I’m doing cold brew coffee, found my filter and have been soaking the coffee grounds for a day or so in a quart jar on the counter. What I made the other day was great and lasted 2 days. I made another quart today, it’s on the counter.

Checking the prices of yogurt I was disappointed yesterday, as I plan to make smoothies for him. I got just a 1c plain greek one and used some of it to make 2qts yogurt today in the instant pot. I won’t be partaking in that yogurt - it’s still post-covid gross smelling to me, so I’ll give that a pass. But 2qt will be half the price of the quart container I didn’t buy and it’s for smoothies. Who cares if it’s the best tasting yogurt in the world??

Tonight the rest of the chicken and a couple diced eggs with some mayo for supper. Long day.


thanks. I can’t imagine a vet bill in the house with 2 big ones like you got LOL

that does sound like a long day! Long crazy days seem to be a more normal factor we are all dealing with lately on our thread. yikes, we all need more quiet and ease in our lives vs the drama part of it :slight_smile: Hope ya get ya some good rest!!

---------------so vet called. he had 2 more grand mal seizures overnight. Had to put him on oxygen since he is breathing bad now. This vet said the Neurology Dr. is calling later this morning to discuss tests. oh boy. I know they said if they do any scans and more I am into the $4,000 range on the bill. OK…just pay and accept. Don’t think about it :wink: I said I would give doggie one big chance and this is it so…we shall see where it all lands for him. So today is wait on call from neurology vet and see what goes down.

Today I have to cook that roast. Since I think I won’t be picking up the pooch today I think I have time to put the pork roast in the oven and get it cooked at least. Around 9am I will get that into the oven and handled and that way I can fridge it if I have to run up into Charlotte for doggie later in the day?

key being, get that cooked so I don’t lose it and then have it in fridge to eat it…yea sounds like a plan.

I am more of a control type freaky person so when anything like this is ‘left in the air’ and hanging around me unsolved ya know, it just grates on my nerves. Again work in progress changing that in my personality HA

ZC on strong all…August is coming at us and we can all just hope it is a more easy month for each of us as we need it!!!

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@JJFiddle your yard sounds very big if there are areas you haven’t used! Makes mine seem tiny lol but its not really tiny as people who see it say its a big garden … i guess its just medium sized. Its enough for me to manage especially now I have been filling it lol We have rain forecast for next few days, been some today, drizzly stuff, neither here nor there, but possibly enough not to have to water the containers.
I am not keen on long phone calls … as you say they can intrude on your day and when you only have a small time zone before working again you can find yourself getting distracted and thinking about the shopping list instead what the caller is talking about! Sounds awful doesn’t it, it can sound quite selfish but I know exactly where you are coming from. I am trying to be more kind and allowing people to partake in my time space as I think it maybe just what they need at that time.

@robintemplin I have always liked younger men however I have had an older bf by 10 yrs, he is still in my life as a friend. The gent I sat with in the cafe was quite elderly but he looked kind and as I don’t usually ask to sit with someone I don’t know, he looked approachable. I had first asked a younger Chinese girl if she had anyone sitting with her (could have been in the loo) and she said she had but the table would be free soon … no one came back to sit with her so I guessed she just didn’t want anyone sitting with her that she didn’t know. Sometimes things are meant to be, I helped the gent out by making the place quieter for him and he made me smile, so all turned out for the good.

@Fangs Respect to you doing all you can for Bolt, pets can be so expensive but they are part of the family and thats why I get so upset when people take them on without thinking for better or for worse. Our pet rescue centres are over flowing with pets that were bought through the lockdown and now the owners can’t cope because of the animals having separation issues now they’re at work…makes my blood boil, did they think they would be in lockdown for the next 10 -15yrs lifespan of the animal?

I had a poorly tummy this morning, a bit hard to go to loo but constantly feeling like I needed to go. Whether it was the hot pepper sauce I had sprinkled on the chicken or a result of the stress I have been under over the past 3 weeks or maybe a bit of both. I didn’t sleep well last night so it was very wakeful and I have felt fatigued all day. I did go back to bed this morning after sitting on loo for a while but didn’t go to sleep, instead I decided to lie quiet and still and let my mind work through my emotions. My eyes stung a few times as I spontaneously started to cry, processing those feelings and then my whole body tingled as I felt I had travelled through all of them and out the other side. I got up feeling a bit better and have felt emotionally stable throughout today. My daughter said, funny how I am always feeling like this after 3 days at work! Yes she is right, I need to leave… the very early mornings aren’t helping.

Rambling on a bit…

I did a third of my stair runs and sat down, took my BP and had a brew. Decided to prep the 2 cooked chickens I had picked up yesterday at The Company Shop for £1.25ea. I filled 10 portions size bags for work and popped them in the freezer, put the bones in a pan and made stock and fried the skins for brunch… used every bit all for £2.50 !

Picked up Raymond and took him shopping to Beeston so we went to the cafe as he hadn’t had any breakfast and it was now 2 20pm decided to join him as those skins were eaten at 11.45am and had 2 eggs, 1 sausage and 2 rashers of bacon (cleanly cooked lol) it kept me going till I returned home.

Had a cup of chicken stock and then cooked 2 large beef burgers. Forgot to take pics except for the chicken skins which were very tasty.

these were the burgers 120g ea , I bought 2 packs lol.


yes with covid and all the price hikes and economy going to crap etc. and more there are tons of pets being abandoned. It is very sad!! I so agree with you on all that!

You know your guts will be ok :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I think you are in a swing change of emotions about how your ‘next life’ after med issues and torwards retirement etc. are piling up on ya! But all that will get panned out ya know, you will find your new happy place, your new scheduled routine that will now suit you in the life you are living with now :slight_smile: You hang in there K and ramble out those feelings all you need…venting them out also help us come to terms with them, kinda like saying them out loud means we can truly feel them and know we need to enact changes and makes it a real thing we are coping with…but I truly feel in the end you will be right where ya need to be!!! Hugs to ya on it all!!!

-------------so Bolt is better they say. Still can’t get him today. Neuro vet said 1 more day, they still don’t like his breathing and I said cool. They weaned him off big life saving meds and he is doing better and they re-balanced his seizure meds but all his bloodwork seems good and this was a cluster seizure episode that the vet ‘feels’ is med related and not any other brain disease, but if I want an MRI they can do one but I am like, nope, I don’t want to pay another 1200 for an MRI on him…I would but I like the vet ‘feel’ it is a med prescip issue and we will get him back on good ground. She said my bill is at $2000 now and I am thinking, ok, that is enough LOL but she gave him a very good report so I think we will call the testing and say done, get him home tomorrow and go forward. Whew…what a stresser that was…my kiddo is now wanting her little doggie back and moaning but I said one has to just wait for them to be fixed up so suck it up and we will get him tomorrow.

Funny how him being gone for a few days makes the house seem all weirdo…kid feeling it the most :slight_smile: ahhh, our fur babies right? ugh

So I ate up my yummy pork and had a burger yesterday and then the family hit ‘snack it up crap time’ and hubby made a big ol’ ice cream sundae thing and kid popped a monster bag of popcorn and I was like, damn, I WANT all that. So big handful popcorn which was like BLAH, don’t really care on it but that ice cream hubby had, yea I spooned up a few good sized bites and then realized I was ONE step from making my OWN giant sundae and I said STOP! walk away, walk away, walk away and I did. forced myself outside and walked down to the goat and changed out her water buckets and fed her and then I hit the RV and did a tiny bit of cleaning, general cleanup in there to walk away from the food smells and that sight of hubby’s sundae.

I know me. I know me very well. I know point blank if I didn’t walk and have alot of hard chats with myself real fast I would be binge week eating crap in a split second but luckily, years on plan, I can talk me off the ledge…took a long time to learn it but darn I did, but when this hits, key is to listen to yourself, take control fast, and MOVE away fast so it worked out ok.

This morning I want bacon! MY best snacky yummy stuff.
so bacon later, got leftover pork, and chicken/burger as second stuff to eat when wanted. Keeping all carnivore simple and that is key for me.

So soldiering on in good zc form and ‘feel very secure and calm’ again on plan and that is what I strive for every darn day :slight_smile:

on we go guys, into August in full zc force!! :sunny:


I tried to stay away until I do carnivore properly but of course I can’t. I have too many thoughts.
First I tentatively planned a meatless (and definitely not vegetarian) weekend to take a break, my meat variety plummeted lately… I will solve it next week. If the temperature stays this nice, I go to the town and maybe there will be something (it’s never sure, village shops usually have some kind of meat but which ones, it’s anyone’s guess. sometimes my own village has nothing. okay, I said town but it’s tiny and it was a village until a few years ago, it’s totally village-like)… But if not, fine, we will visit the usual hypermarket on Saturday! I do have meat, I just low-key worry that I will be bored. But in the worst case I will make sausages. I should forget about the most strict styles… It’s tempting though, starting it super strict (only eggs and fresh meat) and adding things when needed. We will see. I have zero problem with spices and processed stuff, I don’t use much anyway.

But Alvaro came home with a young rabbit… That works well as a break too, rabbit is nothing like pork :smiley: And Alvaro makes interesting dishes from it. But it’s just a young rabbit so I was careful yesterday, today is my fun rabbit day :wink: We will fry the kidneys and the liver for dinner. Rabbit liver is lovely. Kidney is edible but meh, no memories of it.

I don’t have very definite goals for August (yet)… I wrote about my plans in the next thread.
August is the season of Williams pear but this can’t stop me from having many carni days. And the first week should be very proper, I am looking forward to it.
I want it to be super simple :heart_eyes: I never could pull that off but it would be so amazing! :wink: I just almost worry I NEED pork chuck for it, my fav cut I barely ate lately! It’s not that easy to find. Or I was distracted, I bought this and that, leanish pork and shoulders, processed meat and lots of dairy and thought it’s okay. Nope, I want my chuck. So I will get some as soon as I can! Or else the 4 tongues in my freezer will be in danger :wink: I don’t even have any fowl now!

I think I ate well/much lately so tomorrow I go for a fast first (it’s almost completely sure it won’t happen but who knows? I surely can’t skip a day while eating carni, my chances are best now) and then eggs only (never happened but always wanted to try :D).
I have enough ready to eat stuff in the freezer to pull it off along with many eggs even if I get hungry as always when I don’t eat before hunger…
It’s not so easy to decide when to cook my meat. I tend to eat it when it’s ready even if I have absolutely no need for it. It’s just too tempting. Maybe I can work on it? But it’s best then…
It helps that I do much frying now, that’s a quick job but I still need my emergency fried meat and sponge cakes in the freezer. Roasting takes at least 2 hours so it’s not always good to start when I get hungry. And roasts are especially good fresh. Sometimes they are fabulous anyway but it depends on the piece, some are so lovely…

I think I wrote more than enough again.

Oh, it was a very coffee-y day, tomorrow I will cut it off… Alvaro can hide the coffee jar… I could find it, sure, he isn’t particularly creative at that but that’s a more conscious effort than what I would do for coffee. Even with an opened package of mascarpone just for me (not as good in coffee as cream due to its higher density but nice), I don’t think I will be triggered. (I never ever could stay away from many coffees a day when I had cream. They are a match made in heaven.)

So I want multiple serious changes tomorrow.
It was probably one of my best weekends just before a stricter time, good. I already noticed I lost my “oh let’s use this last day to enjoy stuff I might miss later” behaviour at times like this. I don’t want or miss many things at this point. And I always knew it wasn’t a right attitude but my mind and emotions don’t work that way. I think many can relate.)

But I ate in a too big window again. I always do these things especially on weekends. Sigh.

I see @Karen18 put here beautiful flower pics again! Thanks for them, it’s always a joy! :slight_smile:

@Fangs: Best wishes to Bolt!!! :heart:

Just like keto is nothing like another, very different style of keto. And <20g keto and eating 100g carbs is different too. And both are low-carb. One can be vegan on them, one can eat crappy stuff, one can live on sweets… There are zillion different styles.
Carnivore have many different styles too but due to its nature and basics, they are closer to each other than the various styles of the barely indulgent, barely restrictive keto. Any items can be consumed on keto.
Of course people are very different so everyone can expect a different experience than others, except a few basic things, we are all humans and SOME things are the same. Though the body is so very complex that even that isn’t so apparent all the time…

Eggs and the pork I used have the same price. I need both but pork has its benefits. I think the right type of meat is my 2nd best satiating food, egg is the 3rd. Not like it’s easy to tell as I almost never eat only one item but after a long time, it seems so. (Gluten is the first one, by far, apparently, I can’t help it. I extremely rarely eat it but if I get desperate, i.e. August won’t work well enough, maybe I go for some fat-loss gluten diet or something. No, I doubt that. Maybe I do that after serious overeating days. Good break from meat too… It’s actually my plan B since long and a staple item for meatless times but I didn’t use that route yet, only for a tiny variety. Most perfect easy satiation ever every time. That’s how my body works. And even the amino acid profile is completely irrelevant to me… It’s like the avidin in raw egg whites don’t matter to me. I have these things. And I can thank both for my numerous egg yolks.)

I have no idea what a keto “plan” is and I don’t cvare. My carnivore is always below 40g net carbs therefore it’s keto to me. It’s below my ketogenic carb limit. It doesn’t matter much but it’s keto by definition, I don’t know why it is a problem. It’s a subset of keto, it means almost nothing except I allegedly am in ketosis while doing carnivore but I think I mentioned last time that the “non-ketogenic nature of carnivore” is something weird to me and I couldn’t care less about ketosis anyway, I just want to feel good.
It’s just like vegan woe is subset of the vegetarian woe. They are quite seriously different (hey, both vegetarian styles and vegan styles can be extremely different from each other too) but well, it’s a subset, one has all the rules of the others and more. It can’t be helped, it’s just a fact.

I NEVER said they are the same. It’s a subset. Keto has only one rule. Okay, carnivore has one rule too if one is very strict :slight_smile: But unless one uses interesting rules, carni is a subset. I can eat only animal carbs and eating way more sugar for my keto but that’s quite special… My carnivore definition isn’t “eating only animal products”. That allows tons of animal sugar and that bothers me. Well okay I don’t have a clear definition but I don’t need one :slight_smile: And people use different definitions anyway.
I don’t use the word ZC as I always eat plenty of carbs from animal sources. Even 10-20 isn’t zero to me (let alone more but I rarely go over it).
By the way I think I will ignore the vast majority of my animal carbs… They don’t seem to matter a thing. Maybe they do, I don’t know but the not mattering(?) ones are hard to overdo, that’s why I stop at 20g unless I am quite liberal with the more sugary dairy items. Maybe I need some experiments one day but even I don’t want to eat, like, 50g lactose every day. And I can’t notice if I go out of ketosis… Okay, drop that. Maybe I do one day and ask my body, it’s very ready to tell me its opinion about my diet…

I want so many experiments in August. I got curious again. But nothing extreme, that’s for the future. Maybe.

Of course they do if they only eat a few hundreds of kcals a day. There are physical and mental reasons to eat that little and if it’s serious, carnivore can’t magically fix it right away. Obviously. Nothing can. But I think I said all that I wanted already.
You are lucky you don’t know such people closely. But they are in danger and I never would encourage their detrimental behaviour. They should work on changes as soon as possible.
I don’t talk about a few days but longer than that. Few days is perfectly fine even without any food for most more or less healthy people. Problems come later.
It has NOTHING to do with the woe. Starving is bad on all and there are no magic that cures people with serious problems regarding that. But even people without ED may listen to people and eat when hungry even if they never are. That can mess up things too.

Oh I said I said it all, why I repeat myself? Grr.

No, some people never do, apparently.
And what if one gets hungry every day, eat 3 eggs and it’s fine for 24 hours again? Still starving and very serious nutrition lacking too. Okay, it’s not a real life example but doing a very low-meat, low-cal carnivore is. We should ask @Keto_Lou if things got better already… Even if they did, she actively put effort into eating more. It seemingly was very much needed to avoid serious undereating. Some of us must low-key force/persuade/“whatever I do as I HATE forcing myself” ourselves to eat more or less sometimes or else problems happen. It’s NOT GOOD when I don’t focus on eating much enough when I have an undereating period either but it can’t do much harm in my case. Still want to avoid it if possible. It would get solved but still would mess up at least a day in my life.
These things are very, very complex. Our carnivore is very different, our past, attitude, whatever… Hunger is unreliable for some of us, especially on carnivore in my case. So I don’t even try to eat according to it. Satiation can be unreliable too. We should figure out what we should do in our individual case. Yes, overthinking or making bad decisions can mess up things too. But just following a few rules can’t solve every problems quickly enough.

Well, let’s hope we all will have a successful August! Without more problems with our loved ones and pets. I would like enough rain too. Alvaro says Hungary will have pathetic corn crops, whole field got rendered useless (the corn fields around here looks bad too but not that bad)… Wheat is better, only -25% less than normal… And the animals we eat consume corn… It wouldn’t be fun without the war in the neighbourhood but it’s even way worse together.
And the price cap probably get lifted… And maybe pork will be super expensive along with eggs and I will eat cheap gluten and split peas instead. No, I will think about something.
But that would be problematic. There are probably too many families where the half of the income (or almost) must go to already quite cheap food. There are just no wriggle room. Oh my and many of them will pay a higher price for gas and electricity soon… Natural gas over the quote gets 8 times as pricy soon…? People using a lot won’t be happy. But well, these are modern times, insulation is a must. Big houses will still be a problem…


i just had a wee kip there…what’s going on ? :wink:


S I know we are chatting ALL AROUND stupid semantics of this and that and what ‘we each feel’ fits what ‘category’ people gave to ‘this plan or that’ but in the end, carnivore is not and will never be a ‘low carb eating plan’ cause we drop ALL carbs from plant intake. Carnivore would never be a 40g day, so I get ya lump it all but in truth it ain’t reality so…So lets go there, eat NO plants ever in a meal, eat NO plants as a side dish, eat NO fruit or grains ever as some type of ok side dish in small forms, so key being is take out ALL PLANT BASED FOODS in your daily eating and you got ZC/Carnivore eating plan. Simple as that. If one wants to eat some plant meal stuff in their day then so be it but then they are on a low carb plan, they are not carnivore. One wants some fruit for dessert then so be it but it ain’t and won’t EVER be carnivore.

I get your fluffed up chat trying to make it work for you in your brain but sometimes the truth of what a simple eating lifestyle is all about can be worked around to always allow and change the initial plan to ‘suit that person’ but in the end we ALL know what carnivore is and you know also, you just won’t accept it :slight_smile: So I am so over this part of the chat.

I think tho also a biggie for you point blank is availability of big meat intake as needed when we need it to change into this lifestyle is very restricting for you. I feel for ya on that point cause truly coming into this lifestyle if I wasn’t in a location where I had local stores to buy what I required, when I required it would make my walk into this lifestyle very hard and heck I am a farmer too. I had big livestock numbers from Angus to hogs to chickens and goats and I had meat at immediate harvest when I required it.

So you truly are doing ok S. You are keeping that more carnivore lifestyle as you can do for yourself. Like you got a young rabbit, but heck that entire young rabbit would be my food and not someone else’s food LOL I think in a way from what I read that hogs are the biggest and easiest purchase for you and that is good but you don’t have that access to alot of other stuff that so many of us have around us but thru it all, I think you are doing very well in knowing how you feel best in your eating and if could surround yourself with carnivore like alot of us here can, you would be a full on carnivore with no issues cause I feel like this plan/lifestyle suits you very well and ya feel great eating it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think you manuever thru what meats are around your location pretty darn well for how restricting it can be for you personally, so thru it all you ARE adopting a good line on moving in a direction you seem works well for you. I give ya more power to you! for all that!!!

We all truly got issues with prices coming at us all and food is one of those big hit items that is gonna hurt alot of us but life will and is getting more expensive point blank and the fallout thru it all is going to be very eye opening for all of us no matter where we live :slight_smile: we are all gonna feel it hard and are starting to do that just now.

key being, all we can do is KEEP us and how we eat best and feel best in line with putting our $$ to our eating to help repair/heal our bodies and hope that is money well spent :wink: and it should be ya know for all of us. Prevention is key before the big bills hit that take our bucks and our health and puts us into stress levels.

I think you are doing ok. but I also think in a way the brain can’t deal with too many pans on the fire and we get a tad more fluffy confused on how we can go into one way or the other in that I know you can do carnivore but I think your location/options to do so are more limited then alot of us.

OK this was a long chat on thoughts about how you seem to be dealing with what you can do, options to got how ya wanna do it vs. reality you got to handle those changes and more.

but I have to say again, eating plants will never be the same results and experiences that one learns on being carnivore only. One must be it for like at least 30 days all in, and that is low to a full on 3 mos no eating plants to the best change we know one can ‘see themselves’ into that 6 mos. time on carnivore.

But from what I read from you your walk is actually going very well and you feel good in your eating and how you are focusing on carnivore best ya can thru what ya got and to me that is all a good way forward :slight_smile:

I feel your post is a ‘searching for me’ post and what ‘suits me’ and you will find that :sunny:


from the oldie to the younger, or me and my life to your life, what is a wee kip? :ok_hand: tell me that and I can then comment :eyes:

(Karen) #389

Yep tummy fine today… cant have been the hot pepper sauce cos I drizzled some on my 2 beef burgers last night and no issues from that this morning. So yes has to be the stress and fatigue. Stair runs back on form today, again no issues and felt good. I think going back to bed yesterday for half an hour and clearing out the emotions has done the trick :slightly_smiling_face: even my BP was down again this morning, it had spiked quite high yesterday, no surprises, today it 124/66 … I can go with that and I didn’t feel surprised either, just said to myself, Yep I guessed you were going to be back down today.

Really pleased to hear Bolt is on the mend and will soon be home but sorry to hear you will be 2k lighter in your wallet. Oh and well done on curbing that temptation!

I have chilled today, thought I would sit outside in between the drizzly showers and read my books but as soon as I sat down I looked around and thought the garden needed a tidy up. Some petunia and fuscia buds had fallen and magnolias and roses need deadheading so I got pottering. I had put a pork shoulder joint in oven, then got chatting to the neighbours on my right and suddenly heard my phone timer sounding and thought blimey how long has that been going off, so quickly aborted the chat and checked on the meat and back in oven for another hour. Then carried on deadheading and got chatting to neighbours on the left side and before I knew it I was 2 mins off sorting the meat again lol. I have eaten the best bit first, the crackling … all of it! And a bit of the roast ends … loverly jubberly!

Eaten a bit of cheese today too. Probably have the remaining 2pk beef burgers later with some special butter. I love that butter as it has a nice crunch to the sea salt thats in it.

Read my 2 books … only a page in one as it is a 365 day book and a couple of chapters of the other one.


@Karen18, ohhh those are beauty food pics for sure!!

yea Bolt and his issues and what the vet said ‘calmed me down’ and I am calm cause it gives my 17 yr old kid ‘back her brother’ LOL cause she loves that little doggie to the ultimate :sunny:

I ain’t as stressed about Bolt per say and how it goes down for him cause that little darn dog has lived a life of kings, lol, vs. the impact on my daughter ya know. I was a farmer, put down tons of livestock, my horses I had to put down thru alot of issues and more and I can deal but that ‘newbie younger’ having to lose life they love ya know :slight_smile: ugh

I am so glad you got your new garden to suit you so well and enjoy K!!!
I remember back when ya joined the thread and thought should I put this money into this big change and darn what a wonderful change it was and money well spent to me!! Your pics in that transformation were so cool to see. It gave you your outdoor space with your birds visiting and a great place for eyeball candy and a small job to enjoy maintaining and darn it was a great call to do it when ya did it!!


A knap…a wee sleep lol :slight_smile:


a kip.


you mean NAP cause one can’t nap on this carnivore thread…omg we move SO fast and love to chat life on this lifestyle so much that if ya take a few hrs or a few days you are way behind the 8 ball on this thread LOL

one reason I love this thread is we are ZC and we chat it all out as we need to chat it all out but darn it can move fast :slight_smile: which is great but we can then support each other so well too! We got a great thread to never really nap thru and us on ZC don’t nap usually HAHA unless you are a newbie carnivore and require a nap, then naps are great to get thru adaption times!


All I can say is, I like you all.

I’m not a carnivore…yet, anyway.

Tomorrow is a big day for me.


damn straight and I am gonna hold your azz to it point blank.

I know we got august, do you have more than that maybe?

well get thru August with me on your happy azz then we can see?

you want into this lifestyle then you bet we are gonna make sure you do just that :wink: I am fun but I am ZC carnivore all the way baby so you do this, then you got my voice coming at ya :wink: but thru the funny of it all, I think carnivore all in offers a ‘whole new you’ in physical brain and body one can’t understand unless ya do it! Will back you all the way!


Okay Carnivores, this Hobbit needs a clean carnivore restart. I did not do well this week.

(Robin) #397

I thought it was a sip.

(Robin) #398

aka There and Back Again

(Karen) #399

Well since eating the roast pork which was 85% crackling I had a cup and a half of chicken stock, finished it off and I have had the 2nd pk of 2 Beef burgers with special butter. Tasty…

Early night again for me this evening as I have to take my car to get MOT and service first thing. I like to be first through the door as I will be sitting and waiting this time. I was able to get it picked up and dropped off last time but they didn’t have that available this time :roll_eyes: so i have already got my books and codeword book ready at the door to give me something to do. Fortunately they have a help yourself to brew there but may take my coffee with me anyway just incase, you never know machine may be broken! Proper little boy scout me :wink:


ROFLMAO !!! Good one @robintemplin