Jerky Jubilee ZC July!


i think I’ll go for the rump steak, even though i probably prefer the sirloin.

The sirloins have longer use by dates on them, so…

Yeah- that’s the good thing about my upcoming ‘trial’…I love steak and indeed i can’t think of any meat I don’t like. Trying to think…is there any meat i don’t like? :thinking:

I don’t think so. Unless I’ve forgotten.

(Karen) #362

Up at 4.30am again did my stair runs then ran to tram terminal. This past couple of days there has been tram works in Nottingham so I’ve had to get off about 2 stops before and walk the rest of the way to where I get off tram. Got to know a really lovely chap who works around the corner from the stop so we have walked and chatted together. Ordinarily I would have been in too much of a hurry to walk and talk but the new relaxed me (since my Stroke) thinks to hell with rushing lets do this! He’s from Nigeria and speaks very good English which is just as well as I can’t speak Nigerian :roll_eyes: I will ask him to teach me hello next week. The ladies I’ve come to know took the bus that was laid on to ferry everyone to the other side of the tram works !

Another boring day but thats not a grumble, rather a boring day than stressful. My BP was down a considerable amount this morning … I guessed it would be … its been raised for past week :roll_eyes:

Brunch was chicken thigh re heated in butter and a hard boiled egg. I had the egg earlier at 10.45 because when 8 eat it after the chicken it doesn’t rest easy when I start running for the tram after work🤑

Dinner was 2 frying steaks out of same pack as yesterdays gristley ones but these were thinner and much nicer and followed them with 2 cheapo beef burgers.

In bed ready for another early start tomorrow. No dancing tomorrow afternoon as I have a hair appt.

@Fangs is the fat cap the rind? We only seem to get rind and the thick layer of fat on shoulder so I rarely buy the loin.

@JJFiddle my friend daughter had a rod inserted into her spine when she was 15 as she had curvature of the spine and when I next saw her she was a good 3 to 4 nches taller and although she wasn’t a big girl she had become so slender and it was all due to the rod and her new posture!


Starving is BAD on every woe. Keto, carnivore, vegan, whatever. Carnivore isn’t some snowflake where general bad things become okay. It was the opinion (and actually fact) I wanted to convey.

Carnivore will always be keto to me, it’s subset of keto, clearly. Below my ketosis carb limit.
The non-ketogenic part is something I can’t comprehend but frankly I don’t even care. It’s below 45g net carbs so it’s keto to me. But it doesn’t matter, both are diets so both need to give us enough nutrients, that’s it. Starving causes problems, not eating non-animal things can’t undo it, clearly.

I only said the keto as it’s a keto forum, carni is jeto just even stricter and when people lower carbs, they often tend to eat less. But it’s not important. Forget the keto part, fine. Starving is bad and one should make changes asap if they notice they do it AND they even have very bad experiences with undereating.
I could handle some starving. I like to be safe and not mess with my metabolism even for 2 days but I never starved beyond 11 days once and I bounced back quickly. With a worse past, one should be more cautious. But everyone should forget about “trusting the plan” if it’s already a longer term starving, like one ate 400 kcal on carnivore since a month. I don’t care what you say, it’s clearly serious and one MUST change it asap. But make it 1000 kcal, still starving for almost everyone and if it’s not short term, it mess up our metabolism. And we don’t want to function poorly and for proper body functions we need our normal energy need, not some starvation induced subpar one.

I think I overtalked it. But wanted to be clear.


My day. Well I ate way less and way leaner meat today, eggs and pâté, mostly. It was fine but I really don’t like pork shoulders I think.
And now I am in a somewhat bad mood because I thought about money and whatnots and I don’t know why I want to do carnivore when someone with my financial situation and pretty indulgent body should eat seitan with split peas… Dying would be more proper but I have various problems with it.

But I will get better until Monday I suppose.

Btw I was wrong. So many things start earlier this year. Williams pear season arrived. It was supposed to happen at the middle of August. Oh well. It isn’t such a big deal.


How lucky! I have PLENTY… And I can’t afford most kinds of meats. Good thing I am usually fine with the subset and my non-meat items.
I wondered about a vegetarian carnivore day for fun… And because I only want pork chuck and I don’t have pork chuck. Well I go for sausages tomorrow, that should work too…

(Linda ) #366

If your eating when your hungry you shouldn’t be starving… I can eat my 1st meal at 130.and don’t eat again til 7-8pm because I’m just not hungry…im pretty sure sometimes eating becomes just a habbit…so im not going to eat unless im actually hungry…
I have found eating the two eggs on the side of my meat for both meals has dropped my hunger for meat alot but since eggs contain so much nutrients I’m fine with that…
And eggs are a hell of alot cheaper than meat…


Back at work on site in the office, classrooms, and on campus. New offices, shifted from the other side of the campus. New class rooms. new tech issues with computer equipment. Luckily I start my first few classes using pencil and paper, and thinking, staying away from the machines (until we need them to do some work).

Staff and colleagues sick (cold and flu season). If you are ‘healthy’ all the overflow work starts pouring toward you. Health is attractive it seems.

Problems hitting like a barrage. Eating has been messed up but mainly on plan. Had to buy some convenience options (e.g. take-away BBQ chook, sliced ham, sliced cheese, marinated olives) rather than make my own food, and that’s where the minor problems lie. That, and too much coffee. Is coffee actually the “carnivore crutch”. Well, I mean, keto has its crotch. I have to race off to another meeting. Just popped in to say, “Hi”.

(Judy Thompson) #368

Good evening, long day!
I love this discussion about letting your body dictate your food on zc. And whether or not carni is zc? I can tell you that going from 10 years on keto to carni I have thrown out fridges and freezers and cabinets full of food and at 7 1/2 months I’m still doing it. I can tell you my grocery bill has gone from 200/month to 140/month even with the rising price of meat and the fact I’m still buying some veggies for hubby. I can tell you that things I used to really enjoy, like salmon, have become inedible just because zc is the ultimate elimination diet, and if something isn’t tolerated by your body you’ll know it right away.
Other than that I use keto as a description when people ask how I’ve lost the weight, I just say, “oh, low carb.” And nobody asks any more questions. In that way, zc is keto because it’s “low carb” but THAT is where the similarity ends. If you’re not doing zc you can’t possibly know that.

Today was a great busy day, starting with a blood draw at the doctor, which I look forward to hearing the results of next week when I go back. Then to breakfast, then the grocery, then the usual stop at Walmart and home. We rested a bit and then took Mimsy with us to see the guy who owns the roadhouse. He also has a winery, a polo field, hot air balloons, and 2 restaurants in town. He’s the coolest guy and everybody loves him. We talked to him about possible gigs in his venues and he listed a number of them where hubby and I can play duos, strolling. He had some great ideas like in the tent when people are watching polo games, at the balloons when people are getting ready to ride, and in the winery when special events are going on. Also regularly in his seafood restaurant in town. So we went home to drop off Mimsy and then went to that seafood restaurant for a bite and to check it out for gigs. I had a shrimp cocktail and hubby had lobster bisque, with big chunks of lobster on top that I was able to scoop off and eat! and the shrimp was naked so just a tiny dip into the sauce and almost all of it was left in the dish, and it was a beautiful evening.

Home again and sat on the deck to watch the hummers, then 2 eggs and grassfed hamburger for a late supper. Puppy looked interested so I put my plate down so she could have the last few bites. Who am I to deny an interested puppy?


if anything ya got it backwards HA

ZC is not a Keto Plan. It can’t be a Keto plan cause, well, it isn’t LOL but if you want to lump the 2 then so be it but don’t ever think I would ever agree that they are the same. Eating plants and eating NO plants is not the same plan ever. Simple as that.

I agree…no one should starve LOL no one ever ‘starves’ on carnivore at all. In fact with it being the ultimate elimination menu to understand what works for one’s body, it is very very normal for a few days to eat less. It is very normal to eat less and want less and not be hungry thru adaption and transition. I am sure this is the same for someone tackling keto or other plans sometimes but again, all I chat is experiences on carnivore. ZC one never starves and won’t. And first off for all of us, no one is gonna starve :wink: We all get hunger pangs at some point and we all eat so we are kinda taking this starving chat into a useless area :sunny:

I was always a meat hound point blank. Buy the steak, then buy another steak, then buy a roast, then buy all the other meats ya love, buy the seafood, fish and fowl ya love and have at it! Hit sales. Have a good freezer and it helps us zc’ers alot to buy on sales cause in the end, yea we eat ALOT of meats LOL

you found a good pattern. mine is like 10-12 and then around 3-6 and I am done eating for the day too. I love my 2 meal per day pattern!
I wish eggs worked for me but darn if they aren’t going up in price now. Eggs were so low before but now they are taking the hike too but still, like ya said, a hell of alot cheaper than meat prices and if one does great on them, have at 'em.

feel for ya FB on work being a royal pain for ya on your eating and what ya gotta do to buy food etc. How long til your retirement time?

I loved how you describe it as ‘keto’ to keep the general population understanding your eating LOL we have to dumb it down for many cause so many can’t and won’t ever fathom what zero carb/carnivore is all about sometimes :slight_smile: You said: In that way, zc is keto because it’s “low carb” but THAT is where the similarity ends. If you’re not doing zc you can’t possibly know that. ---- You are right, there is no similarity from a low carb type eating plan and zc. They are apples and oranges. You explained that so well!! And zero carb means 0 carbs from any plant intake, not that carnivores don’t eat a few carbs, we do in the form of some from eggs, some from seafood etc. but it IS animal carbs :slight_smile: it is never plant intake so we are ‘zero carb’ from any plant matter :sunny:

polo field? that is so cool. I would love to attend a polo match, the horse person I am. We have nothing like that around my area :slight_smile:
your puppy is a true carnivore, is that a toothpick hanging out of her mouth HAHA carnivores love their toothpicks…wee…too cute!

K that isn’t skin/rind on that pork loin. It is just a cap of fat they left so it gives it some good fat intake for me. It isn’t a thick fat cap either but I wish it was, they do over trim it ya know, but since it was 1/2 price on sale I scarf up roasts like this for me and the family. Any sales, I grab LOL

-------------------SO MY ribeye yesterday was delish. Got such a tender one. I inhaled that bad boy so fast. yum.

I didn’t cook that pork loin roast. family wanted spaghetti and meatballs so I just fried up some burgers for me when I made meatballs for them.

Today, first meal is my pork for me. second meal I have a pack of thin cut pork chops I must cook today…so pork and pork today is my theme :slight_smile: which is fine, I love pork so…plus the fatty pork in the oven and frying up some thin chops in butter on the stove actually will taste diff. to me a bit so it isn’t like I have an issue with an all pork day.

off to shower and out the door to grocery store. hubby told me we are out of bread and rolls LOL yea I never buy them unless I get told to buy bread and yes, he reminds me when he gets out of bread…ugh…but hopefully I come home with some good meat sales. we shall see.


Just for info, not that it matters…I’m an orange, not an apple!



sorry you got it all wrong big time.

You are a bull, not a chicken!!!

we got to compare steak to chicken LOL
keep the thread carnivore and forget the other plant foods out there…weee…


All threads are tenuous, my friend.


(Robin) #373

Cute doggo!


so at 5am our little doggie Bolt the Papillion had 3 tough seizures, one after another but ‘not too bad’ as in can we get thru this…seizure activity has been controlled well on meds over this 1.5 yrs he is having this issue…but I go shopping, come home and hubby says he had 3 more big ones.

so I took him to the vet and left him for them to evaluate. Dr Kim will do what is needed, he is brain fried and lathargic and out of it and more so I know he needs the vet, so off he goes. Fingers crossed on him getting stabilized and in better shape. These siezures suck rocks big time for him. ugh.

But I got home and thought I best make the thin cut pork chops first before the roast in case I have to go get him or ?? with the vet issue up in the air.

see how skinny they are :slight_smile: only like .80/lb and bone to consider but I just love them cause I fry hard and dark and they are like dark tater chips to me LOL but hubby hates them but I sure buy them.

so flip on food. roast for tonight when I know my day kinda but will fry up these skinny’s in just a bit and get some food in me for whatever the day brings.

yum can’t wait to get my hands on them soon :slight_smile:

(Karen) #375

Thats how I use my stuff in the fridge, I che k the dates and sit them in order of ‘use by’ no matter whether I fancy something else. I waste very little if anything at all.

(Karen) #376

Aww I had a toy Yorkie called Rosie, she lived to about 15/16 yrs old. She liked ankles and would often try to take a chunk out of any visitors! Having said that she really was the sweetest little doggo and even when she was an old lady people still asked if she was a pup! Food looks great.

oh bless @Fangs I do hope Bolt will be alright bless him, I hate it when animals are poorly. You just have to hope they understand you’re doing the best for them.

Well I was up early again but not quite as early as Wed/thur… 4.45am instead of 4.30, did my stair runs had a bath and drove to work for 7am so I could finish at 12.30. Better day today, I had to train 3 girls on the pin phones so it was headphones off for a while. Those headphone kill when you wear specs for the computer. Didnt have any chicken (or anything else really) to take to work so took some money in to go to the bistro for a bite to eat. …gave me another excuse to move away from the headphones/specs lol. The supervisor (as prisoners work in there) was asking me all about why I was off, nobody told us he said, and let me have the last 3 sausages and rasher of bacon on the house. Nice to have friends in kitchens :wink: (sod the high places :rofl::rofl::rofl:) mind you it was the end of the breakfast meals, I just opted out of the hash browns and tinned toms that were left… sorry don’t know how to blur.

Went to get my hair cut this afternoon and just had time to pop into the cafe for a brew first. I joined en elderly man at his table so I didn’t use up a big table and stop the enormous amount of peeps coming in for a meal. It was quite noisy in there and a child started screaming out a bit so I remarked about how noisy and busy it was and the gent agreed so I said well you’re alright, you could take your hearing aids out if you wanted and he said Oh yes I could and as he took the first one out he said wow what a difference, then took the 2nd one out and again said wow thats better, now watch me forget to pick them up when I leave :rofl::rofl::rofl: he was very sweet.

So hair has been virtually shaved off this time and it feels great, happy as Larry, my hairdresser is great, love him to bits!

Dinner was the last 2 remaining steaks out of the 6pk and I followed that with home spiced (hot pepper sauce drizzled on before freezing) chicken wings and I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.

Feeling quite tired now so it won’t be long before I am upstairs in bed, just enjoying sitting outside now I have watered the parched garden (always difficult to get it watered when I am working) everything is exploding into colourful life.

(Robin) #377

Darn it! I hope your doc can get Bolt up and running like his name suggests.

(Robin) #378

I have an affinity for older men eating alone. I usually ask if they care to keep me company. A fun way to broaden my horizons. I’ve met some very interesting people that way.


my vet recommended he go to the ER Hospital so I transferred him there and then when they evaluated him they suggested he go to a bigger animal care hospital near Charlotte. omg 3 vets. right now I got a bill of 1,900. if I get him tomorrow that is the cost, if he stays another night if not good yet then I then hit into 2500 for the bill

they are re-balancing his seizure meds and hope he didn’t aspirate too much into lungs but they say he ‘seems’ ok on it but watching for signs of pnumonia and I tell ya guys…woof…what a darn long day.

SO glad I ate my chops when I put him in the vet when I got home cause then I didn’t get to eat again until we got home from Charlotte vet hospital around 5…so those skinny pork chops saved me :slight_smile:

came home and ate a small burger. at this point my appetite has waned, dont care about food now.

So waiting on a call in the morning to see if they ‘fixed him up’ and take it from there.

whew…long day for all around here. kiddo not happy her little doggie is in hospital but it is the best place for him right now. We shall see tho…

(Linda ) #380

Glad to hear your dog is doing better it so hard when they can’t tell us what’s going on with them…
Hoping you get the call tomorrow and it’s all good news you deserve some…