Jerky Jubilee ZC July!

(Linda ) #401

Still going strong on clean carnivore and coffee… no icecream or porkrinds.
I think I can actually feel my body reacting feeling leaner but I’m staying off the scale…

First meal was bacon and 2 eggs today and coffee with cream
Went to Costco the other day and bought a packet of their flanken ribs but they are so thin compared to the ones from sams so it takes about 6 just to get to just under 11 ounces of meat (i weighed them cos they are so thin and want to make sure im getting a min of at least a 10 ounce steak lol) then their is bones…That was last night’s dinner so will prob do a repeat today.
I have no problem eating the same foods day in day out til what I have is used up as long as its meat it tastes good to me with salt to taste .
@Fangs good to hear that they think Bolt issues is med related and can be fixed…sorry to hear you took such a hit to the wallet…2000 ouch…hope you get him home soon so life can get kind of back to normal and you can head off on your trip to the beach.

(Robin) #402

It’s rare to find opportunities to indulge in some literary adventures.
Precious, in fact.

(Megan) #403

@Fangs I’m glad Bolt is coming home and I hope the med changes are enough to get him stable again! I managed to get an emergency appt at my vet for Grace today. She’s just gone 11 and I don’t think she’s had a sick day in her life, but has been worryingly not herself all weekend, and acting very not ok at night. I’m praying it’s nothing serious, I don’t even want to think it could be.

I’m still feeling pretty garbage, 6 weeks of keto and now 3 weeks of carnivore. Very low energy, mood pretty blah, joints quite sore again more often than not, and watery stools. I can’t believe it’s been such a short time. I’ve had my 1st crazy carb cravings the past few days and they’ve been driving me crazy. I gave in last night and made some cauliflower and broccoli rice and cheese. It tasted nowhere near and good as I was expecting it to, in fact it tasted almost unpleasant, and I ended up giving most of it to my dogs. I’m half glad I did it because it’s strengthened my desire to stay carnivore, even tho I’ve been getting so sick of just eating meat and some eggs and a wee bit of dairy.

8.2 kg down so far (18 pounds) which is great! I’m eating when hungry, and some days I’m quite hungry, and completely ignoring counting calories or anything like that. I just hope I start feeling a lot better soon.


It’s August here.


If Bolt is having seizures, did the vet talk about using a ketogenic diet to control them?

(Judy Thompson) #406

What a good idea FB! Of course keto’s used for seizure disorders. What type of diet is Bolt on btw? We never heard that. I do hope he’s home and healthy and happy for the month of Awesome ZC August, both he and kiddo will feel a lot better!
It’s bedtime but just chiming in quickly here with less than 2 hours of July remaining!
We scored big in the music biz down here, 2 nights a week strolling at an upscale seafood place in town plus all the Saturday afternoon events we can tolerate in the foreseeable future! Lastnight we started and people loved it so much. Just walked from table to table playing, talking, taking requests, a small crowded overpriced and overbooked restaurant. We did our East Coast gig for em, they were so happy! Nice tips too.
This will be lots of energy for us, so glad to be ZC, I’ll be able to step up to it.

@Karen18 we have 7½ acres, about. My dad bought this parcel on a former ranch back in the 70s, most of our land is still wooded. We’re the first inhabitants since native American days and have found cool arrowheads and things here. Hubby has cleared about 2 acres around the house, but flowers, not a working proposition outside of hanging plants, as the hungry deer eat everything. I bought flowers to put in baskets and set them on the porch Thursday night and the scoundrels overturned them and ate most of them right out of the pots! Grrr.

Yesterday I fixed eggs and bacon after morning teaching to get through the gig but then also a slice of ham with slices of cheese, and at night a few slices of liverwurst and more cheese slices.
Today I played church, came home and ate my last boiled egg, then went to the roadhouse. When we came home I reheated brisket from frozen, which never gets old!
Not hungry this evening. So, bedtime here- See you next month!

(Karen) #407

Happy August to everyone, sorry couldn’t find the August thread and I don’t really know much about setting it up! … so you can see why I struggled in the admin computer job hahaha
Anyway @JJFiddle you brisket looks so moist and to drool for. Your 7.5 acreas sound amazing and finding all the artefacts too. Do you have a nice cabinet to keep them in? Pesky dears eating your hanging baskets! (s’cuse the pun i love deer so much … ) I had a surprise visitor this morning as I was preparing to take the car to the garage, a beautiful Black cat strolling past my kitchen window! Havent seen a black cat in my garden since the neighbour 2 doors down had one, but his was a scaredy cat and this one looked quite nonchalant. I don’t mind his presence now and again so long as he doesn’t scare my birds away!

Fantastic news about your gigs in the restaurant sounds very successful and long may it continue. It must be really lovely doing what you enjoy and earning money from it. I always said to my daughter as she was growing up, ‘You’re a long time working so make sure it is doing something you enjoy.’ I didn’t want her to follow in my footsteps!

(Edith) #408

Yes, @Fangs, I’m curious, do you feed your dog a raw food diet?


Even I can’t read everything anymore… Especially now that I will get busy, so much things to do and even have some will and passion to do them, amazing.

I go to try to buy some fattier pork but I wouldn’t say no to some turkey either. And carbonated water. I can live without the latter but it’s nice to have.
I baked sponge cakes in the morning and I try to fast as long as comfortable :slight_smile: I am very, very satiated at the moment. It’s 1pm and while I ate only a tiny dinner, my meals before it were serious and very satiating.
19 hour fast this far, very basic. 24 hours would be nice. 46 would be even nicer (not much chance for something in-between) but let’s be realistic here. Though I am very, very, very determined to have a nice August :slight_smile: And very satiated. And way too fat and patience should end up or I can just wait until the end of my time. So it’s a good time for tiny miracles!

Great weather, I think, wasn’t outside yet but even weather forecast said “only” 30C, not 40 :smiley:

We still could use very, very much rain. Hungary still gets its 5-600mm a year but in a very bad pattern, very little in summer :frowning: And this area was new for me after the Great Hungarian Plain (I come from there and indeed, it’s very flat, I never saw a bigger hill without some serious travel), no 2 month draughts, rain in ever few days… But there are some worse years here and there and 2022 is the worst this far.

Good luck, everyone, for everything! Best wishes to Bolt!
See you all in the August thread, hopefully it comes soon!


ahhh I sure hope it is nothing bad!! Same with our pooch. Perfect medical life til boom, darn seizures hit at around age 9 and then it has some med stuff all with scheduled blood tests and stuff but in the end we sure do for our pets! Sending good vibes for Grace!



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