Jerky Jubilee ZC July!


It is, and so is keto, really, particularly if you eat real foods only. But simple isn’t necessarily easy, especially in the face of the “food” supply out there. The real world can be a minefield we tiptoe through.

Kelly Hogan says the reason she doesn’t post many videos or that sort of thing is she can’t figure out any new way to say “eat eggs and meat, and drink water.”

(Judy Thompson) #322

@Keto_Lou congrats on losing your shorts :rofl::rofl::rofl: no greater nsv than that!

Yesterday I went through cabinets again and tossed and tossed (again). I disagree that keto was easy, tho hubby said, just eat meat and veggies… My daughter texted that she rolled out pasta for her bf’s birthday lunch and I offered her my Atlas pasta roller I bought last year when I was experimenting with lupin flour. “One less thing” as Forrest Gump says. I could make Carni noodles but they’d be mostly egg thickened with a little pork rind, poured into a jellyroll pan and baked dry, then sliced. So far, too much trouble, lol. (could put that chicken Alfredo on top.)

Sometimes when I consider these “frankenfoods” we concoct, I’m reminded of the story of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and the captain inventing conventional meals out of ocean harvest. That was my favorite part of the book and movie, even when I was young.


I am considering doing a “meat month” in August. I’ve done this a couple of times before and felt fantastic. At the moment, I am doing “egg week.” That’s a lot of $&#*(&% eggs!

(Karen) #324

A quiet relaxing day today after the stair running. Brunch equalled 2 beef burgers with gouda pic… forgot.
Dinner a ribeye steak, very tender and rare
With special butter followed by 1 beef burger with special butter.

Oh must tell you about a little visitor to my garden this morning. A young thrush flew on to the gravel path so I stood very still and watched it. He/she was stamping his little feet and chasing an insect, so cute then he flew off almost brushing my ankle! A little bit later when I was sitting in my Boa at bottom patio, he flew down again, then flew on to the patio infront of my feet, about 6inches away, and sat there looking up at me, then he hopped on to my sandal, my feet still in them lol and flew off through the bars of the boa and onto the fence and sat there singing his heart out. He was so sweet … I think I made a friend today :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Spent a hour on the phone with the Stroke psychologist as I did last week and cried and listened and she was so nice and very understanding and made me feel I was doing the right thing, looking after me and my health. Booked in for another session in 3 weeks time as she’s away next week.

At work tomorrow and not sure what i will be doing, won’t be worth doing any more training as that would really be a waste of resources! Not going to worry about it… I keep reminding myself that worrying about tomorrow takes away todays peace.


Broke my fast at around 100 hours. MIL took a nose dive and we are looking at 2-3 days left. Bacon, eggs and butter is a good fast-breaker.

(Robin) #326

I would sometimes pay someone just to listen to me cry. Or not… they could just mute and walk away. I’d still feel better.

(Judy Thompson) #327

MIL getting ready to leave the planet - so sorry for what you guys are going through. A hundred hour fast is impressive, and now you’ll need the sustenance that your good ZC nutrients provide for the coming days and weeks.
@Fangs you’re there too, seems like you haven’t gotten a breath since the beginning of the year. Still strong, not just for yourself but your family and your MIL too. I think this ZC clarity is one of the things that draws all of us to this woe, not that there are no chinks in the armor but that we can see past them somehow and live in the present at the same time.
@Karen18 love your little thrush story! Our hummingbirds will come within a foot of us and stand still in the air staring us down if we forget to fill their nectar bottles. For the first time in years I keep 10 lb of sugar in the kitchen at all times so I won’t let the little guys down! I have 6 feeders and most of the time there are at least 2 flitting around each one. But your birdie jumped right up on your foot! Wow.

Hard day as my brother is in surgery for compressed spinal discs. I’ve been in contact with his gf who doesn’t know much of what’s going on but she’s been at the hospital all day waiting. He’s having a long plate installed in front of his spine, which is a minimum 4 hour procedure. They’re in Tucson. He is legally blind from birth, and she is an absolute godsend as she is always there watching after him and she’s so devoted.

This morning, more cleaning kitchen cabinets and unpacking boxes from Virginia, stopped for a boiled egg about 11, and we had lunch about 2 after I taught a lesson. I had bone broth soup again, but this time I added grated cheddar on top. Both the chicken and the broth, I cooked without salt. I’m doing that more and more and keeping the Real Salt on the table. The chicken was all breast though and we haven’t had beef in a couple days.
So about 4, I still felt hungry so popped a can of tuna, diced an egg and added mayo. Tonight, I had a sausage patty and an egg - to sleep on, though lately it hasn’t bothered me to go to bed more or less on an empty stomach.

(Linda ) #328

Well two days of no “icecream” bacon and eggs for first meal and steak and eggs or just steak for dinner …still got my coffee small steps but def alot cleaner eating no pork rinds either.


Oh, interesting, how many? :smiley:

I can’t even do an egg meal normally so I will stick to meat and eggs on my most puritan meals and days in the future. Okay, I can do a full meat meal sometimes but it’s, like once a year thing? And it never fully happened yet, at least a yolk always happen but it would be possible without.

I wonder how many eggs I eat nowadays. I know we used to eat 70 a weak (mostly me), that’s not very much, I hardly could go WAY below for us two (most of the eggs Alvaro eat is in food I cooked but he does like eggs and use them himself).

Right now I am not into eggs at all. It has surprisingly little to do with my egg consumption, I need to be quite bored of it to drop it below 5 regularly. And even if I love eggs to bits, I can’t go over 10-12 a day.

Good think I have no problem with meat since some time and now I will experiment with starting with meat. In the distant past I always made sure to eat 3-5 eggs first but I had little meat and I got bored of it in no time and when I don’t want meat, I hardly want eggs because my body and mind has its weird logic… So I ate as much eggs as I could handle well first.
Then I ate them together, mostly… And NOW I will try to get satiated by meat. I fry pork shoulders so it has a chance. It’s clearly impossible with something lean as I need my calories.

Not carnivore (well it could be but I am not that type of animal) but I made photos during my walk… The pond is surrounded with those spiky wild plants with flowers and the butterflies LOVE it. I found a wonderful new species (to me, obviously) last time but I had no luck with that today. But I still found a few species and it was interesting when the sun shone through them. It rarely happens when I shot them on our summer lilac.

@Karen18: Wow, lucky! The little birds here are more shy than that… I am glad if I spot them on the thuja in front of the kitchen window (the other window, not the summer lilac one). I saw so many birds on it this far… Long-tailed tits, redstarts…
I only could get close to a birdie trying (and failing) to fly, its coloring was so simple that I don’t even have any idea of the species… I am not so good at coloring of chicks anyway, they look very different then, I learned a few since we have been living here… I’ve read baby coots have an orange head!!! I want to see that. I only saw bigger babies, they aren’t like that and aren’t similar to the adults either…


@Keto_Lou, I loved reading your shorts falling down :rofl:
I vaccum’d the house one day and while doing it my pants fell down and I was like, hot damn!!! Nothing like the clothes changing that show real progress!! Cool

@JJFiddle, so so agree the sub meal recipes ain’t worth a lick. I saw those carni noodles and made them a few times, even tho easy and simple, who needs them? not us carnivores cause it goes against the ‘simple of the plan’ to me and not worth my trouble just like you said :slight_smile:

Sending prayers and well wishes for your brother to get thru surgery ok. Hugs on it too cause the back area is one of the most important med issues so many of us face and hope he gets only great results!

@Karen18, so happy you have someone to talk to that gets your medical thinking and more ya know. one needs that, good thing ya got that!! I love what ya said K…worrying about tomorrow gives you nothing in your today!! Such truth to that!

@SecondBreakfast, ahh so sorry SB!!! it isn’t easy to deal with the med issues as so many of us know. Sending prayers to your MIL and your family to get thru tough times!! Hugs!

@Azi, keeping it as simple as can be suits us in carnivore for most of us! sounds like you are doing so well!

-----------------keeping it super simple also
got a ribeye steak defrosted for later. got some chicken tenderloins I am gonna just sautee up and chow down. if more wanted I got some shrimp to cook up.

ZC is treating me very well. Feel great. Just cruising along now and hoping life hits that more normal routine again, and it is, so that is good.

leave Aug 5 for a week at the beach. gonna start to prep all my burgers and meats and get ‘me zc’ ready as usual. My rv freezer can hold a ton for me so that is great and not even thinking for a split second this vacation is gonna get in the way of my zc thru any means. ZC and me, we are the pair LOL

ZC, hold tight all~! August is coming at us, what are we naming the new month? I am ready to roll into it carnivore strong as usual.


Back from a pre-dawn walk, waiting for my cheddar frittata to bake. The past two nights I haven’t fallen right back to sleep after my mid-sleep waking. I still sleep hard when I sleep, and I’m grateful for the three weeks of sleeping so deeply. As I don’t have a normal job, I’m not overly worried about it, but I wonder if my system is adapting to carnivore in that way. (as with quitting salt, my body seems to be great at adapting to new inputs and going back to its normal ways after a month.)

Lunch will finish off the bone broth, with some chicken thigh meat if I’m hungry. Supper: chuck roast. Last night I weighed it cooked (I usually use the raw weight if I’m recording food), and it was 9.4 ounces (266 grams) and I had to force those last two bites. I wish I were a person who could eat a pound and a half of meat at a sitting, but I’m not.

I am worried about keeping calories up. I had years of metabolic adaptation to hypocaloric diets, and all it does it make it impossible to keep at a lower weight because the metabolism slows so much you eventually start gaining at 1000 calories a day. It’s not a good thing in the long run, but of course starvation always works temporarily to take off weight (including muscle). I really do not like my calories falling under 1400, and I’d rather keep them up at 1650 instead. But then my absence of gallbladder limits the fat I can eat per meal (I get pain in my liver if I overdo, which I’d discuss with a doctor if I had a keto doctor, but of course I do not.)


you don’t have to worry. key being your body will direct you exactly as to the amt of meat/fat that works for you. just listen. we all flip our appetites around as we transition, there was days I ate like nothing, then days I inhaled 3 lbs of meat and more thru my day…key being, keep the plan faith your body will heal more and repair and hormones rebalance and your normal what works for you appetite will be presented to you.

just eat. eat well at all times you are hungry…never worry too much about not eating enough, but key also is, when one is not hungry for a longer time, cook up a burger and take a bite, you might eat the whole darn thing or 1 bite is all ya want and put it up in fridge for another time.

you have to eat to you. as your body changes it will show who you are and what it needs :slight_smile: carnivore does that truly for us!


Yes, I do. Hypocaloric diets left me with a basal metabolic rate of under 800. I really, really do

Assume I know myself and am intelligent.


well that is what carnivore fixes :slight_smile:

see key is on plan, hold there in all in status on carnivore and we become WHOLE new people. So while I get ya feel worried, if one holds plan it shows us alot of differences from other eating plans and how it does change us.

I worried a ton coming into zc from my low carb days. til the day I realized the plan has its own benefits that truly makes us ‘new’ and ‘healed and repaired’ to a higher level and then I could listen to others who had years and years on this plan and understand their advice. Key being I listended to those who changed, they knew, they been there done that and when it goes down for us to change, it is a wonderful feeling being in a whole new lifestyle of eating that gives us life daily without food eating worry :slight_smile: Of course we all have to put the time on the plan for these changes to happen, we all had to walk the walk to better health and zc gives us just that and worry free mostly if we don’t get in our own way.


I had maybe around 2500 kcal for lunch, easily more but it’s impossible to track. I fried 500g pork shoulders but I only used the very fatty parts of a big slab and got 75g lard in the process… No one can tell me how much it was. 1500 for normal shoulders but I guess it was significantly fattier.
I ate it all up quickly and stayed hungry. I had eggs and yogurt too. And I was still so hungry that I eat pâté as well.
Nothing surprising, yesterday wasn’t exactly carnivore and I used pork shoulders, the item that apparently triggers 4000+ kcal days if I dare to eat twice…
Protein is at 120g so I should be fine, fat is anyone’s guess, maybe 200g? Probably more.

I try not to eat more today, I will just patiently wait for satiation. I am not exactly hungry and ate a ton and I don’t have anything else I would want so it should be enough. I was thinking fondly of Carni Satiation that almost always kicks in after a few days close to carni (and often stays with me for a quick stray) but that will arrive soon. I am curious if it stays with me if I do carni weeks or I still will get hungrier days…

I might have overfried my meat, the texture was lovely, the taste was lacking. Oh well, still good fuel! The yogurt and the egg milks were lovely. The boiled eggs were useful, I think I drop them now… I will keep some in my pickle jars but that’s it. WHY I don’t have sponge cakes when I need them?

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that some people actually are able to do it. Okay that many functions can be done poorly using less energy but we are pretty big hot blooded land animals, we need a lot of energy! Human bodies are amazing. Sometimes in a negative way, I think of people who can’t lose fat at a normal deficit because the body decides it’s starvation and takes away the deficit, proper functions be damned. (Damn is a proper verb as a hell is a proper noun, it means a specific thing that can’t be said otherwise so it’s not a swear word IMO.)
But even a healthy body can get messed up if one eats unwell for a long time, that’s known…
My SO was lucky as he very quickly and effectively starved down all his extra fat (and he has barely any muscles to begin with and he didn’t care about that) and one hardly can mess up their metabolism in 6 weeks, at least he couldn’t or not so much and it bounced back…
My starvation (I had only a little money for internet, not for food. I can’t starve if I have access to food) was 11 days long so I had no problem either.
We both pretty much avoided “dieting” all our life.

Ouch. What about more meals and higher protein?

Fangs, some people STARVE on keto when they just eat when hungry. IDK why and how but some people work like that. I read about people barely eatingh on carnivore too. Even if it’s just temporal, it can cause problems.
Even me, with my huge overeating skills had undereating times on carnivore. It couldn’t cause much problem for me (and I lost no fat, of course) as my confused body with its insane calorie calculating skills moderately quickly realized it needs to demand overeating to balance things out BUT even that wasn’t exactly ideal, I hate overeating in an apparently starved state, it’s not hedonistic. I like to know if I eat too little and take steps to avoid it for going too long (one day is okay, more is unacceptable unless it’s a proper fast but I can’t do that without a higher-carb last meal).
It’s way more serious for @Keto_Lou (by the way, cute name, I never mentioned it but I like it :slight_smile: Isn’t it the name of some koala from a tale or something? I have a lot of cute Australian kiddie books with animals).

Sorry, I keep writing too much here…


SO, my sweet MIL did not even make it 2-3 days. She passed away early this morning. But she is in a better place now. Very hard on Dad. Married for 65 years…can’t imagine.


70 eggs a week?



Sorry to hear that.

Hope you are all OK (now and better within time).

(Karen) #339

@SecondBreakfast so sad to hear that your MIL is close to passing my thoughts and prayers are with you :pray:
Oh dear just got to your next post and I am truly sorry to hear she has passed so much sooner. It was her time and yes gone to a better ore peaceful place. I am sure she will be with you all in spirit.:heart:

@JJFiddle thank you. Fortunately I don’t have to pay this psychologist, all part of my Stroke after care. She says just the right things and I certainly felt better after our long chat.
Wow I would love to see hummingbirds in my garden but sadly not to be, good to hear you are keeping them well fed, thoug I wouldn’t expect anything less from you x
Your poor brother, my word sometimes a body has to have everything thrown at it, it must be so comforting to know he is well cared for by his g,/f

@Shinita lovely photo and yes I felt incredibly lucky … I don’t think that little thrush had learnt to be scared of humans yet :roll_eyes:

Well all the crying this week helped me to stay emotionally strong today. Went straight in and let line manager know what I had done and how I felt and she was lovely. The lady who had been training me said she was surprised that having had the Stroke I was even offered such a stressful job and everyone was very kind to me. I have worked in the Pin phone monitoring again today and feel like a weight has been lifted.

Was up at 4.30am and did my stair running before running via the tram to work and back.
Brunch was the usual work brunch of sliced cooked chicken with butter.
Dinner was 2 frying steaks which had too much chewy gristle followed by 2beef burgers followed by a tin of tuna…not the best combination. I am in bed now ready for another early start.

Oh and yesterday i prettied up the Boa

(Linda ) #340

Yeah I was down to 600 calories on keto and sure it got my weight off but after 3 weeks on carnivore I got hit with carnivore hunger and started gaining back those lost pounds about 20-25 lbs but the rest ive kept off for well over a year but the diet mentality sometimes still raises its head… I do the best I can to ignore it and just eat when im hungry…I’ve come to realise that’s the part I love about carnivore I eat til I’m full and count nothing so simple…
I do agree with Dr Chafee keeping it simple works I’ve noticed since going back to basics my appitite is naturally dropping on its own and I’m not counting anything so for now my aim is to keep bacon and eggs as breakfast and a meat and egg or just meat dinner I don’t need any extras …I was eating 6slices of bacon plus 2 eggs two days ago but today was only 5 slices of bacon tomorrow I may try 4 slices plus two eggs I can always add more if im hungry…
@SecondBreakfast sending you and your family condolences