Jerky Jubilee ZC July!


Thunderstorms here too,


The food is tastes damn good even after 300g fat but I never stop tasting good food good ever so it’s not for me anyway. Never looked at my stool either… But I am pretty sure my body uses the food, I just get a quicker metabolism when I overeat. I may be wrong though.

Some people do get diarrhea when having much fat. As I was used to tons of fat or maybe because I practically never have diarrhea (it’s possible but it takes a lot, just eating proper food isn’t enough), I don’t get it when overeat fat. But it’s pretty common as I have heard…

After using a calculator to figure out such weird things (I can handle pound now, even like to use it but oz is still tricky)… It’s a small amount of meat! But doable, I often have such days myself (and had way less meaty times in the beginning out of necessity but it’s way better for me now). I eat many eggs and sometimes dairy and if I even eat fatty meat, I can’t even afford more on eggier days. But I have meatier days as well now and I kind of need those with my much lower dairy style.
It’s a bit odd I am not the one eating the least meat by far here anymore :smiley: I came a long way.

We had no thunderstorms. Just a bit rain last evening so we didn’t water the garden. The plants were visibly suffering today, it was less than a proper watering :frowning: But we had a slightly less hot day. Still bad, I feel so hot all the time in the house… Except with AC when I bring it below 23C. That’s nice and cool enough. Cold showers are essential.

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@MeganNZ I started Carni Jan 12th after 10 days of PSMF (which followed about 10 years keto). PSMF is keto with super low fat, now I’m thinking that contributed at least moderately to the liquid D I suffered for SIXTY DAYS! there’s a lot of gall bladder disease and removal in my family but at least I thought mine was healthy.
Following that 60 days I gradually normalized. Occasionally a couple high fat days can cause me some D but nowhere near what that was like. (I also had the same scary D when I started OMAD in Jan 2019.)
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that if it is as long as 60 days, don’t give up, you’ll be fine and you’ll see results in your health even during it.

@Karen18 beautiful garden, love the long view from your window. Impressive!
@Shinita the restaurant where we eat has scotch eggs but I’ve never ordered them, now I find out they’re hard boiled, so who cares? Lol.
To peel them, gently whack the egg with the back of a spoon all over, then peel in a spiral around the egg. Put the eggs in the fridge to dry for an hour before wrapping them in sausage. Your scotch eggs still look amazing though!

Yesterday I made Alfredo sauce and served it over hamburger patties. It made enough for a week! So today with my brisket I had a couple scrambled eggs with Alfredo sauce over them. High fat meal! This piece of brisket was fattier than the piece we had the other day.

@Keto_Lou " really need to have cheese on hand for that moment. A single .7 ounce/20 g slice of cheese fixed me in five minutes. Weird." I am the same. I buy Sliced sharp cheddar and eat 2 slices during teaching or at night and surprised to find it’s all I need to sleep well or work without hunger. A neat trick! And congrats on your quick progress!


Well. Felt the need to fast. Can’t really explain how that comes about. Just kinda felt like my body wanted to take a break from eating, digesting, etc. So, I’m at fifty some hours now…Going to roll with it until my body feels rested.
Drinking chicken broth, beef broth, water, and my customary cup of coffee in the am. So, I’ll just sit back and enjoy reading of everyone’s carnivorous adventures for now - toodles!


Yay! My potassium foods/water interventions worked to leave me with no leg cramps last night. I’m going to do bone broth more often now. Food/medicine and all that.

Breakfast will be a frittata (or crustless quiche) with cheddar and five bites of leftover steak. Lunch, more chicken soup (bone broth and overcooked thigh meat). Supper, more t-bone. The next chuck roast is defrosting in the fridge for prep tomorrow morning. By the time I go into town and shop next Monday, I’m going to want a break from the roasts.

Hoping to find split chicken breasts, bone and skin included. I love cooking the skin to the side on the baking sheet and eating it crisp like bacon, and then putting the bones back in the oven to cook longer while I’m eating and eating the rib bones themselves at the end of the meal. If I get them dried enough, they’re delightfully crunchy. I do the same thing to wing tips. Cook the heck out of them and then crunch down. My favorite chicken breast recipe has me butterflying the breast and wrapping it around an ounce or two of cream cheese and baking it. Otherwise, of course, too little fat.

Still raining like mad here (leftover hurricane moisture). Only a couple cm per day, but since our annual average is 30 cm per year, that’s a lot for a day. Phones go off every hour with warnings, mostly flash flood (I’m up against mountains, and when it rains like this, you’re better off sitting at home for a couple of days rather than negotiating overrun washes and flowing water on the roads.)

Speed-puzzling day, after I do my words on my current novel and take a shower.


@JJFiddle: I’ve read all the things to be found about peeling eggs and watched videos too. They didn’t help.
Very hard-boiled eggs are super easy to peel, no matter what (okay, super fresh eggs aside but I never eat such ones) and not hard-boiled ones are tiresome to impossible, no matter what. I like firm whites (needs for peeling too) and runny yolks but this combination doesn’t happen under normal circumstances. I had eggs with already dry yolks and somewhat runny whites too though not often, maybe those were the ones where the water didn’t cover all, I had such a batch lately.
I actually found a few things that help a TAD but it’s not nearly enough so I just don’t bother.

It’s my birthday today, the 46th. Oh well, it’s still just a day like any else. I dropped the ice cream cake idea as I don’t want it at all… I make biscuits, I have egg yolks powder so I will experiment! :slight_smile:
I feel a stronger than usual desire for such things. So, salty, crunchy or not, vaguely breadlike biscuits. Either meaning of biscuits work here now. This is a very important food group for me, not one of my staples but still, sometimes I need it. Sometimes I want it super crunchy and I am bad at that even if I can use anything. When I am less choosy, a dry sponge cake does the trick.

I still have scotch eggs and probably will make egg pudding using the liquid the meat released during baking my scotch eggs… But it’s only 1pm. I was so very full last evening, why do I start to get hungry I don’t know. But it happens sometimes. I am still fine though so no hurry.

Oh yes :slight_smile:


happy birthday!


Thanks! :smiley: My best friend is a dear and my mood is pretty good today :slight_smile:

I needed it as my hunger decided it will keep me company for a loooong time and that’s rarely fun. I didn’t find my scotch eggs (and erm, virgin scotch eggs, the same but without egg :D) tempting… I had a 1.5 hour long meal to eat all the food on my few plates. It was about 1600 kcal, all carnivore… And I stayed HUNGRY. So I ate more (I strayed off in my desperation but just slightly, good enough). Now I am over 150g fat and 150g protein and hope for eventual satiation, I am done and not actually hungry anymore.

I blame my weekend carbs, not like they do this normally but they may, it happened before.
Such things pass after a few days very close to carnivore. Usually. Sometimes I am still very hungry and eat a lot and can’t figure out the reason. But I don’t need to do everything, I am just super curious.

So I suppose I had OMAD today. Good. Eating is hard sometimes.

And the scotch eggs are boring so I think I fry some fatty pork tomorrow…
I ate up all the quark so I guess tomorrow’s dessert will be sour cream as I don’t have anything else. It turned out my fav sour cream changed but for the better, it is truly sour now! So my quark+sour cream+vanilla is sour enough without the usual few drops of lemon… But I ate it mostly savory today (tiny salt and dried dill. as I don’t know any other salty flavor for quark. but poor dill is dry so it has about no flavor at this point… I use it so insanely slowly that 2 tablespoon of it lasted for years, poor thing).
I needed my quark for my biscuits as they ended up too salty and spicy…

Here they are. It was a success! The first 2 kinds (close relatives, one had a tiny butter extra), the blurry things in the background got crumbly but the ones in the foreground! They got CRUNCHY! They are cheesy and I used a raw yolk in the dough instead of a whole boiled egg. Great stuff, I will make it again.
These on the plate (10 somewhat thin biscuits but I will make even thinner ones next time and name them Crunchy Bliss or something) had 6 yolks (5 as powder) and an egg, 20g cheese, 2.5g butter and some spice.
I need these things for fun, variety and crunch. I can’t imagine eatiny only softish food without crunch!

I will try to feed some scotch egg to Alvaro, he needs the protein. He made curry, not the eggy kind with peas, that’s protein rich, nope, it’s normal and he considered the meat variety (fresh ham. that’s it) not right to use (something about pork being too flavorful. he made fish and turkey curry before but pork won’t happen, it seems) so he ended up with a vegan curry. And he eats it with his carby side and that’s it. No protein source added, crazy. He says he will eat protein in his other meals. I know it must work for him but it’s still odd to me especially that he almost always eats meat or eggs for his vegetable dishes. Not now. I should check what he eats for dinner as his breakfast was low-protein too. He surely can handle a few days like this but still. He can’t eat 1/3 as much protein than me, it’s just wrong… And I have too many scotch eggs.


Happy birthday!

We’re the same age btw.

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Happy birthday! I hope you do find something special to enjoy.

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Happy birthday @Shinita hope you have had a super lovely day. Its also my beautiful daughters Birthday so I have just popped over with her pressies. She has been out with her hubby all day, on a boat, while he was fly fishing… she said it was very relaxing! She has a very busy job so I can understand where she is coming from lol.

I got up early, did stair runs and then went and had my bloods taken, 2nd time in as many weeks. Checking my potassium levels due to the diuretic I have to take.
The nurse was as good as the last one, in fact maybe even better as I have no bruising this time … very small bruise last time but on both occasion hardly felt anything.

Been a busy kind of day though and wrote THE email to the #1Gov regarding the struggle I am having with the new job. We will see what he says. I felt physically sick after pressing the send button but think that was just pure relief having finally done the dirty deed! I have spent a week in turmoil over it and been very emotional this weekend just bursting into tears whenever I have had a quiet reflection moment.

Anyway brunch was a couple of beef burgers with a couple of slices of gouda cheese. No photo.

Dinner sirloin steak, cold water prawns and special butter followed by 2 beef burgers with more butter.

@JJFiddle I love looking out of my bedroom window now and I love sitting down the bottom under the Boa looking back at the house. It was such a gusty day though today so I sat down there long enough to read my books and then came indoors before going round my daughters house to give her some gifts.

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Happy birthday.


Thank you, everyone!
Today wasn’t so hot, that’s nice. And I found a nice site about animals (and plants but mostly animals) and it was lovely. I keep finding new species to admire… Or find old but forgotten ones like the tasselled wobbegong :smiley:
And when I told Alvaro that I try to say a species name without laughing but I will fail (pygmy blue whale. I already knew about its existence and it makes sense and everything but it’s still funny, today my overdeveloped humour sense is especially ticklish as my birthday gift, a story was super funny) and he pressed the kookaburra button on our Australian bird book. We use that button a lot…
So yes, it was a better day than normal. I go for being more creative though, I merely painted some rocks and nothing serious, just continued some projects, most are at its beginner phase with background, not real painting. Not like basic things can’t result in something nice, I have a cute fly amanita fridge magnet now, with 3d dots with a 3d pen, shiny and everything. That is super simple and involved some sculpturing. Minimal as it’s almost a half sphere but even that level is challenging for me.
I am such a kid (just less relaxed and self-confident*) but it’s fine.

*Well I actually stopped drawing at the age of 7 when I looked at my figures and realized they are utterly horrible… Everyone else praised me but now I know that it takes huge effort to make something that no one likes. And I was a kid too… Good thing I always listened to my strict inner critic, not other people’s way less right opinion. Though once I had a drawing teacher and she wasn’t too coddling. Once I got mad and tear apart my painting on paper. She looked at me with understanding in her eyes, nodded and told me : “Sometimes we need to tear apart a painting.” It immediately sounded like a very important wisdom for life and I never forgot it and sometimes I quite it.

I restarted drawing at 27 and I was the worst for years. No idea how I survived that time without giving up.
Now I am… Better but still very, very bad. My results are way more impressive sometimes but no one sees the path to it. I have antitalent though a very reliable inner critic too. And some knowledge.

Why am I writing about this?

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Happy Birthday Shinita!

(Megan) #315

A couple of times a week I’ll have a cocoa with heavy cream and a bit of Natvia ( erythrotol, organic stevial glycosides). I made one last night and Oh My Goodness, it tasted almost unbearably sweet! Great to see how much my taste buds are changing.


Happy Birthday! @Shinita !!!

Still fasting…not feeling hungries. at 78 hours now.

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Congrats on the long fast! Back in the 70s I used to fast a lot. Longest was 3 weeks with the 2nd very minimal, a little raw cabbage to clean the colon, as the book I followed suggested at the time. Distilled water. I really enjoyed it back then and loved the dramatic results - 38 lbs in that 3 weeks. Kept it off for 2 years fasting 1 day a week. Now, I’m mostly just OMAD but without any real commitment, it just usually falls that way or with a small evening meal.

Lastnight I sous vided a large chicken and this morning boned it and did a broth. We had chicken alfredo (surprise! but the alfredo is almost gone, happily.)
Tonight I strained the broth and cut some chicken in a bowl of it and it hit the spot. Didn’t get a pic although I really do try to get them.
Here’s the chicken alfredo:

And it was so good I had seconds!


I have cocoa sometimes (when it’s the only thing keeping me from drinking coffee… I am very serious about quitting) but I would hate it with any sweetener :slight_smile: If I already add a little sugar (whipping cream), why would I add sweetener? :smiley: It took… a decade(?) to prefer cocoa without sweetener but I wasn’t so stubborn in vain (I rarely drank cocoa but it helped that I never sweeten my coffee since long. cocoa was another step though. chocolate too. actually, I never actually preferred unsweetened chocolate unless I had it with something sweet but I got close. then carnivore came and I lost very nearly all interest in chocolate).

As normal, my sweetness perception changed a lot right after I stopped eating added sugar. Keto did nothing but it turned out carnivore could lower it even more. AND it’s not just the perception, it’s the need for it. I don’t want my desserts to be actually sweet anymore. Sweetness is overrated. And I had a HUGE sweet tooth. Still like sweet things but in moderation. And whipped cream is perfectly sweet for me.

I popped in to tell what I forgot after the city shopping. We saw something new in a supermarket.
LIGHT pork chop…

And I realized that the “pork thigh” (mirror translation) may be quite often pork butt, not fresh ham. The butt part hasn’t its own name. The part near the tail has but I never see that cut sold separately in supermarkets. But almost the whole behind is called thigh and sold like that. For cheap now. Still 1300HUF/kg in LIDL. That’s $1.5/pound. But the artificially fixed price will be lifted, our corn fields are dry in this draught, Putin and his war still was too lively last time I checked… Who knows what comes in the near future.

I will be scarce. I am a huge food addict, I think about food way too much, I had after midnight eating again (I just can’t have my last meal ending too early, before 5pm, I WILL lose my satiation after midnight. and I can’t not eat when I can, basically. if I want to avoid night eating, I must be satiated at that time), I need more strictness and getting serious :frowning:

I will come after proper carni days, that’s the plan I surely will mess up but not as much as without it.
Best wishes, everyone! Oh, we had a little rain and now it’s a cool enough day! Okay, warm but properly, not in the usual summer-y super hot way! :smiley:


Happy Birthday @Shinita

make a birthday wish and go in all carnivore :sunny: :wink:

I sure love a good alfredo and I lived on it alot til the day I got tired of it but darn, every now and then still I love it for the creamy of it…but if you push it too much, the guts have a say what happens, well my guts do at some point LOL great pics!!

-------------I still FEEL behind the 8 ball. ugh.
one thing good remains constant in my life. zc.
I lost another lb. Wee…appetite is not as strong but eating very well tho. today is ribeye steak and chicken when wanted. I just keep on zc’ing and never does that waiver for me which is a good thing for me, I need a dead set control in life and zc is it for me, after that, behind the 8 ball or ahead of stuff means nothing in a way anymore to me. I don’t care LOL which is good, means I am more into ‘letting it all go’ and go with the flow of life and is putting me in a more calm existenence :slight_smile:


@JJFiddle, love that alfredo sauce!

I’m awake late after another storm waking last night.

A neighbor is gone until the end of August, and I’m picking her veg while she is. I’ll just cut it all up and take it, raw, to Thursday’s games + snacks thing I go to.

Today’s food: leftover steak + fried eggs. Bone broth and a boiled egg for lunch. Roast for supper.

I cooked all of a one-pound t-bone (weighed with bone) 2 previous nights and tried, but I just can’t eat that much. I do like having steak with breakfast, so this is not a problem. It gets eaten. My only problem right now is that in this desert, one seldom has to worry about anything going stale…but it is so wet my salt is clumping! Doubt that happens 10 days out of every year most years.

NS(V?): my shorts fell off on my walk. Luckily I walk at dawn, and luckily I grabbed them before they got entirely over my hips, but I did have to finish the walk holding on to them. Something must be happening or I wouldn’t be stuffing all this clothing into a box as unwearable.