Jerky Jubilee ZC July!


your encouragement is put down the booze and peanuts and eat only meat for today’s menu!!! :star_struck:

only way into this is don’t delay. why the delay? run to the store, buy meat/seafood fish or fowl ya love and then eat that for your next meal :slight_smile:

Jump in this last week of July and then ya go into August full speed on zc and living the lifestyle. It ain’t for everyone truly but if ya truly want to play in this sandbox the best way to do it is to eat the meats and don’t look back.

I think for someone eating so low on carbs already like yourself, I think actual all in carnivore is gonna treat you very well. I think you will see alot of great benefits kinda quick. Should be interesting to follow how ya do :slight_smile:



I’m seeing a consultant early August is why.
I’d like to quit the inbibing, before I make any more lifestyle changes…that’s all.
It’s all good…progress has been amazing, healthwise.


a consultant for carnivore?

we can have booze on ZC. key being tho we obviously don’t want it til we get thru adaption time and get over that hump of transition. So you can know that at some point ya want to drink a bit you can of course. I still drink some but for me, older I get the less I want booze anyway now, plus, on zc, omg a drink, weeee…we buzz out very fast LOL


I’ll post a pic of the lamb steaks I plan to eat with pup today, lol.

Thank you so much for the encouragement btw. :slight_smile:


Nah Fangs. thanks

I’m functioning, socially, workwise etc…but I can put a lot (booze) away, and I’m heath concious these days.

If i have worked this hard to get rid of NAFLD; I don’t want gin to interfere with the recovery.
I’m just going to talk with some professionals about the way forward.


cool. do the path you feel drawn to and work it!


That’s the plan. And I am a planner.

(Robin) #288

Never would have guessed there’d be competitions!


Thank you! They were totally waterlogged mid time though :smiley: IDK what to do with that. I used fresh ham so of course it released much water… But I poured out the quite nice tasting liquid (it’s basically a spicy pork soup and I like those. even without spice) and baked the balls more. They are fine but the eggs are very hard-boiled or else I can’t peel them. Still good but I really need some sauce or mustard with them.

Hi guys, I am off at the moment but I was in the city (almost melted and died. I am not used to being over 26C for HOURS! my house is hot enough, 26C in my room, 24C downstairs unless we use the AC) and got pork. 4 tongues this time :smiley: And fresh ham and a little shoulder. And smoked, cooked pork belly, sausage and lots of dairy. Well, various kinds, the amount isn’t huge, I will be careful with them.
Stupid whipping cream might not be a true whipping cream and it didn’t respond well to whipping. I didn’t have this before, it separated so I have some very fatty whipped cream (it didn’t become butter this time as I noticed what happens) and lots of liquid that is still good in coffee. Oh well, it’s still edible.
Yes I bought coffee and I tasted it. But it was ONE coffee. I always drink coffees at Alvaro’s Mom but not now! I tried to wait but that would be too much to ask when I come home in a miserable overheated suffering state with some lovely coffee and cream… I think I will only use coffee after my first meal and as a proper eggy drink. That sounds safe and proper enough. I don’t want to undo my results regarding coffee. I try to have it rarely too, not once every day, that’s too regular and unnecessary. Tomorrow probably will contain one as I have cream…

Yes, there are zillion simple and (for most of us) impossible things… Simple isn’t easy… But if it suits us, sometimes being strict and simple do help. It was so baffling when I realized carnivore is easier than my normal keto… It made no sense… Until it did. Carbs complicated things.

@Keto_Lou: I had no idea there are speed puzzle competitions… Of course it’s not surprising, so many people with so many hobbies and people like competitions but I never heard about those. Congrats for your speed :slight_smile: I only rarely do jigsaw puzzles and I go for mere joy, not speed :smiley: I am competitive or was but in other things :slight_smile:

Oh, guys, guys, WE HAD RAIN, AFTER SUCH A LONG TIME, it’s amazing!!! :two_hearts:

@Fangs: Oh grats for the -3lbs! You surely deserve it, you did things to reach it. Even if you enjoy it, it’s something to be respected. I have problems with doing things good for me sometimes and it’s not very hedonistic… So, respect!

My peanuts in my theoretically no-peanut July are even worse, they have a carby wasabi coat but they are crunchy and tasty… The amount is tiny but yeah, I should clean it up soon… It will be way easier without fruits. I am less strict when I already strayed from my own carnivore-ish rules.

I am fine with any proper carni name but I will feel a bit sorry for myself as I probably will eat zero ruminant meat in August… Way too expensive. I am so thankful I can afford cheap pork and don’t need to eat chicken frames.
We bought tinned and packaged fish, no luck with salmon paste, only found expensive ones and Alvaro said he won’t bring that to work (the thing that would be the smaller though more nutritious and tastier part of his breakfast would be half of his food money. or third, prices went up and he eats much more than me… honestly, no idea exactly how big is his food cost) and I already got bored of it earlier.
But I bought herring in tomato sauce but not too sugary, for emergencies only. All other canned fish was in rapeseed oil in that particular shop where I actually remembered I wanted tinned fish as I ate them up this week. Oh and I remembered it in another but couldn’t find them. All shops keep putting their stuff into new places all the time…
But I bought white wine vinegar, it was so long ago… I need it for my pickled eggs!

It’s not impossible I will try emu liver in August…

(Karen) #290

Wpw that brisket looks good … I could lay into that right now!

(Karen) #291

Cleanly cooked lunch at the cafe today.

Dinner … very delish ribeye, very tender :heart_eyes:
Nice and rare too

Started reading this book. Not into her vegetarian woe obviously but interested in using the mind to heal the body… I have practised mind over body in the past and had some startling results.

Did my stair runs but cancelled my CrossFit as I had a strange sort of tum when I got up … poss due to the increased stress. Came to a decision this morning about work and think maybe thats why I enjoyed my food today? Took Raymond shopping and I shopped books and I pucked up a few. Couldn’t find another Joyce Meyer but will pop to Christian book shop on Monday, if I can’t find one there i will get one off amazon.

Brandon Bays writes well though and is an easy read… I like an easy read. I don’t have to keep reading over the same paragraph several times for it to sink in lol.

View frommy bedroom this morning :smiley: sat out in garden this morning but kept having to get up and potter, dead heading and watering before going out. I love sitting at the bottom of the garden in the evening, thats where I sit and do my reading, very relaxing :slightly_smiling_face:

(Megan) #292

I watched the Dr Chafee video linked above. At 17:49 he talks about eating fat and how we can’t “eat too much fat” because our bodies only produce X amount of bile, and if we eat more fat than we have bile to emulsify the excess fat is expelled in our waste. He talks about using 2 measures to determine “how much fat is enough”. If the food tastes good, and one’s stool.

What are peoples’ thoughts?

Re myself, I had my gall bladder removed about 18 months ago. I never had any noticeable digestive type issues my friend had (she needed to take bile salts and digestive enzymes and all sorts of things the 1st 2 years, and she still feels nauseated and generally yuck if she eats a high fat meal). I just trucked along as if nothing had happened.

My stools on keto (started 23rd May, this year) were fine, a weeny bit of diarrhea or constipation the odd day but mostly once a day, smaller than usual, easy to pass (and almost no smell). I’ve been mostly carni about 2 weeks, now zc carni, and I have been adding fat to leaner cuts of meat in the form of cream cheese. I tried cooking those cuts in butter and adding a knob of butter but really disliked the taste (like ewwwww, almost inedible), tho when I used to cook veg in butter I found them delicious.

I’ve had terrible diarrhea the past week or so, the dangerous to fart type. I wonder if it’s my body reacting to the added fat, or just an adjustment period as my gut changes. I’ll give it another week or 2 and if the diarrhea continues I’ll drop the cream cheese. By the way, for those who haven’t tried it, cream cheese on steak is delicious!


Great to read everybody’s posts on a Sunday morning with a cuppa. I find all your stories inspirational. Thank you.

I have to admit that it has been a challenge to get back into clean ZC carnivore since last week. It has been a dirty week here in the Bear Cave. With a good bounce back on returning home. But some slips. Minor things like a taste of fruit, or some vegetables, that are not a real worry. Just a niggle for me as I try to build some resilience to returning back to work in the city for the next few months.

Making a note here that I did solve this month’s ZC challenge question for me and that was working out the deal between carnivore way of eating and some higher blood glucose, lower blood ketones readings.

At this point I’ll note that I watched Dr. Chaffee’s video where he uses the adjective “simply” quite often. It does remind me how simple the carnivore way of eating can be. We just have to fit it somehow into our complex lives. I reckon the pursuit of a simple life, whatever that may be, may be a key factor to augment the simplicity of simply eating clean carnivore. Then the whole thing, this thing we are pursuing, or some of us are bumbling through, gets bundled as a ZC “lifestyle”, which is more than a way of eating.

How about August, as an option, could be “KIS my Carnivore August”?

Anyhow, the thing I worked out is to last eat at about winter sunset, or throw in an OMAD day, and the following day’s fasting blood glucose and blood ketones are more in a ketogenic LCHF range.

‘Fasting’ blood glucose this morning after coffee and some carbs last night is 7.3 mmol/L (132 mg/dl). Lesson learned.

Winter here. This was a late afternoon 1-hour dog walk through bushland to the local beach and back. Dog walking, a simple thing. Greeted by a rain front rolling in on getting to the beach. Hoisted the umbrella for the return leg.

(Linda ) #294

I think why I like Chaffee so much is because he does keep it simple and often we get in our own way of success by adding things we don’t need…like me and pork rinds make excuses or justify add ins like my icecream I don’t need it I should just ditch it…
So for me I’ll work the rest of the month up to August trying to remove add ins and give August a run for 30 days keeping it clean and simple… meat water and eggs …can do anything for 30 days and if no notable difference I can alwaysbbring things back.

@MeganNZ yeah I had the D for weeks but it came right on its own… but yeah if I eat really fatty it can make things loose do I back off a bit.
So I think he is right …as for taste not sure usually I enjoy my meat from start to finish…often it’s a mental note to self I think I’m done and I stop.
But I have noticed after eating a certain amount my nose starts to run.

So im going to try stopping there and see if that’s a new hunger control signal…


Yes, prices are going through the roof at present.

We all know who we can blame for that…



Beware the shart!

(half way between a ■■■■ and a fart)


I’m looking forward to a lot of lamb chops…good fatty protein.


“Carnivores don’t fart” said Kelly Hogan, meaning, if you have the urge to? That’s not a fart.

Gallbladder long done, here, from low-cal dieting. My diarrhea resolved in 2 days. I did record macros and took fat back to 60%. That’s all it took my system, and since then, the fat has crept back up to 72% on average, and I’m still okay.

Dr Chaffee and one other doc I’ve heard says “if no gallbladder, do not intermittent fast on carnivore.” Three meals. No more than 40 grams of fat per meal. Seems like a place to start, at least.


Wild storm last night. house felt like a boat in a gale, noise, light flashing for well over an hour, and lost electricity. Sleep wasn’t possible, and I resented that. But like all problems, it ended. And then I was woken at 4 a.m by serious leg cramps, the kind that make speech impossible. (shame, for you really want to cuss a lot!) I hate taking supplements, and my philosophy is “if it needs supplementation, it’s not the right way to eat.” I eat 12 ounces of meat most days and can’t really stomach much more. (I did have 1.5 pounds of roast one day over two meals but I ate nothing else.) I eat four jumbo eggs in the morning, which should be 325 g of potassium. I’d be shocked if there weren’t some in my well water. I’m going to run to the local dollar store and see if they have canned salmon on the shelf. when i get to big store in town (won’t burn the gas for one item), I’ll get avocados. And I have some chicken bones in the freezer, so I’ll make bone broth today and add that for the next 3-4 days. And I’ll make sure I’m getting enough water and hope it’s enough to fix it.

Something I discovered while speed-puzzling is that around six hours after breakfast, i don’t feel hungry, not in my belly, but I do get brain fog. Were I just hanging out, reading, cleaning house, shopping, something like that, I wouldn’t have noticed. But the high-demand brain activity showed me that. Brain hunger, not stomach hunger. And I have to be ketone adapted by this point. So I really need to have cheese on hand for that moment. A single .7 ounce/20 g slice of cheese fixed me in five minutes. Weird. (and good-weird to be that attuned to my body/mind.) I wonder if the intensity of the speed-puzzling (or playing chess or maybe coding or doing calculus or taking the GREs) uses up brain glycogen/lactate/whatever faster.

The good news side of my ZC experiment and being LC most of the time since May 1, is this. You may know I don’t weigh myself. I did not get out my “test slacks” until yesterday. (You can tell how utterly unimportant fast fat loss is to me to ignore it for seven weeks! I know fat loss will come eventually, and it’ll be what it decides to be, and watching it obsessively just doesn’t change the end point or speed of change one bit, so why obsess?) But it was nice to see that those jeans already fit. And I only have one size lower in the closet, so I need to pick one of those to test weekly. So just three imperfect months got me 2/3 the way to “there,” meaning a comfortable and sustainable and I suspect healthy size for me. By my birthday two months down the road, as long as I stay the course, I’ll be back to where I like to be, size-wise.

My health is already good even two sizes over my ideal–I’m lucky on that point, no digestive issues or mental health issues–maybe a moment of joint pain now and again, but like 1% of that other women my age seem to complain of. And at age 67, I’m still only about 25% gray-haired (getting there from blonde, so I’m probably the main one who notices the gray). I think it’s mostly genes, honestly. Maybe being LC more than not over the past 22 years contributes to not feeling old at all, and whole food almost always over the past 10 years might have helped slow aging. Hard to say, but i do suspect genetics plays the strongest role.

Enjoying my ZC experiment except for the leg cramps. Will keep it up if I can get control of those until my next shopping trip in August and will probably cycle in and out of ZC in the future…and I’ve been convinced to stay down at 10 g or fewer of carbs even when I wander off to “ketovore” or “sloppy carnivore” or whatever you’d call it if that’ll keep the “fantastic sleep” effect.

(Karen) #300

Brunch and dinner. Omelete had edam cheese as a filling and instead of using the smaller pan with a bit of oil and butter it was cooked in yesterday steak fat. It was okay even though it looks a bit iffy.
Steak was a sirloin and was very tender, eaten with the cold water prawns and special delish butter.
Followed with some sliced cheddar.

Started the day with stair runs and then spent quite a bit of today in the garden, pottering, dead heading and weeding the containers. Did some codewords and some reading. Really enjoying the new book. I like the way she writes and the text is in a readable size and a little bit bolder than some books. Also read this little book which has had me giggling which has done me some good im sure.

Went for a walk to local retail patk to M&S and bought some cheese, only to go into the next shop and realise at their checkout that my bag was a bit light … I had left the cheese on the self secerice checkout :roll_eyes: head is definitely broken :thinking::thinking: fortunately it was waiting for me to return, a nice lady handed it to the assistant… honest lady and I would have done the same thing.

Sounds like some good old thunderstorms about the place and it has been quite gusty here and warm so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some later. I love a good thunderstorm.