Jerky Jubilee ZC July!

(Karen) #261

A hard week at work and coming to the conclusion that God is sending me the signs that I should throw the towel in. I keep asking for signs as to what I should do and this morning asked again as I drove in, only I asked that he didn’t show me by blue lighting me into hospital again :laughing: computers were never my thing, I am not tech minded one iota. So I will have to decide how to go about it without all the emotions that i feel currently. I was all positive last week and that positivity has been drained from me this week. Got to let it go and eat meat !!!

Had less than half of the chicken i took in for lunch, it tasted too sweet and I didn’t have time to eat it before leaving at lunch time. Went dancing this afternoon but so tired from the dreadful wakeful nights this week. Was glad to get home and cook a steak but even that was a bit chewy and grissly. Ate 50g pack of iberian morcòn which wasn’t that great. Funny how emotions can spoil ones appetite and possibly taste too!

Going to look for something else, maybe just make some scrambly duck … when all else fails eh?

But all that said I’m not after pity or sympathy, I just have to let go of everything right now.
Oooh we have a bit of rain I had better head indoors, they are quite big drops and will poss save me watering the plants :wink:

(Robin) #262

It’s good to vent. Sounds like maybe you are being given the signs already?


I can’t handle deep things. Or anything. My brain is at its worst and I am suffering from the heat even downstairs in 24C. I probably absorbed the heat when I went out (very effective hair drier, I prefer to wash my hair and use the sun to dry it during the day in summer)… I used ONLY cold shower afterwards and it was nice. Okay, our warm water is set at… No idea, honestly, somewhere below 30C… Not even lukewarm, cold but not the <20C cold. But it’s still a difference. We didn’t take a warmish shower since weeks, not even on cooler days, not even at 1am though it was a tad cold for me then… I am curious how long I can do cold showers in the autumn :slight_smile:

Today’s workout went well. Nothing amazing but in this weather? So… Another pretty okay workout after an unusually meaty day. There may be or may not be a connection.

I had less than half the fat intake of yesterday - but my protein is still high. Not 200+ g but 150… Not surprising.

We may not go to the lake, after all. I doubt I wouldn’t melt way before arrival and surely a crowd would be there :frowning:

The nearby town has a pool, the stuff is very artificial but the water is natural… And super low, enough only for frogs. That’s not too bad, frogs are cool.

And Pie, who is very good at hunting now, way worse at eating what she hunted… Brought a beautiful bat :frowning: Stupid cats. We wish to see a bat sometimes but we don’t.


yea that is kinda weird. I did have to put a sprinkle on my ribeye steak, it was so wrong without it but I am a very heavy handed shaker so I pulled back and only used a smidge so I consider myself a winner still :slight_smile:

yes it is allowed. Condiments, ones not sugar loaded and used in small amts for taste and enhances your food and you do well on them is an ok addition. Many carnivores use some small herbs/spices til the day they drop them.

I loved a tad of fresh minced garlic on my steak when I started. Ate it that way for years and one day, omg the garlic tastes so sweet and ‘off putting’ to me I dumped it. I never thought I would dump it but one day, boom, away it went.

Condiments are not our food. they are small additions so if you do ok, enjoy them, find they make ya want to stay on carnivore easier, then by all means use a little you like. Nothing wrong with that.

I absolutely understand this thought process K! I had to do the same.
I am sorry you are in some type of emotional chaos of which way to go…relax, take your time, think things over, and just breathe thru it and the right path will come to ya and set your future up in good form!! As always, you take care of you and it is smart ya see ya need some type of break. Not a darn thing ever wrong with doing that!!! Hugs!

--------------so I snuck a smidge of salt on my ribeye. It was ok with alot less salt so that was good. Got some chicken to eat up later, will TRY to go no salt, but I might have to smidge it…hey baby steps but at least today I feel very hydrated tho.

(Linda ) #265

Don’t stress over your job do your best and that’s all they can ask its only been a week so give it time to adjust… they all know you had a stroke so they should be somewhat understanding.
You had a good week last week and maybe you’ll have a day or two of it being tough but just roll with it and see where it takes you…

@Fangs Glas your feeling better as for salt some days i do some days I don’t if something tastes salty like bacon I don’t need it…

(Judy Thompson) #266

Yesterday I saw that local doctor, first doctor’s appointment since spring 2019. He suggested I get covid vaccine #3, we did, and we’re still feeling it. Hope the bad feeling goes away by the end of the weekend although it doesn’t matter that much - teaching online is sorta like breathing for me, not much to it. We just laid around today after going to another town to get shelving materials this morning. I thawed a chunk of brisket from the freezer and surprise! He didn’t want his sides, just ate a couple slices of the beef and I ate about 4 slices, then water and we were done. Rested the rest of the day.

Tonight I just wanted 2 slices of sharp cheddar which I split with the puppy.

@Shinita your Scotch eggs are beautiful! Makes me want to plan for a batch of those maybe next week.
@Karen18 I think it will all come to you when the time is right, what to do about your retirement. It really is true that emotional states govern the taste of food! Even if the cook is surly, he puts his bad vibes into the food and it can even make you sick, at least that’s what I’ve heard.
@Keto_Lou How amazingly you’re doing! You’re a good writer too, I enjoy reading your posts.
@Fangs “you do you” is who you’re all about and I see it in everything you do! I can relate to too much salt making you over-thirsty, but this may not last all that long either.

(Linda ) #267

Well I do love me a good listening to Dr chafee he just makes things so simple so I think I’m going to give his style 30 days and see what happens…

Meat salt water no spices no coffee no icecream…ice cream…


I’ll give that a watch too, thanks.


My new imaginary boyfriend! :wink: Seriously, though, I like his content and common-sense approach (no fasting, no supplements, just eat the darned meat.)


What a beautiful morning! (it’s raining and the heat has broken and carnivore makes me cheerful and full of life at 4 a.m. so they’re all beautiful mornings.)

Finishing roast and deviled eggs with bacon mayo today. I’ll fit a walk in around the raindrops if I can, and if I can’t, there’s a treadmill here I can use.

In my personal life, I’ve been getting into not a new hobby but a new take on it. For the past three months, a couple of women here and I have been doing more and more jigsaw puzzles. Two a week, then three a week. About a month ago, I said “you know, we’re good at this together. I wonder if there are competitions.” So we started looking into that and had a vague idea that we’d go to one next year.

For some reason, we escalated last week and I started researching “speed puzzling techniques.” We implemented them, I devised “exercises,” and we’ve been timing and tracking times. We do after-puzzle sessions where we decide how to tweak the techniques. The two big techniques I learned online, and from watching hours of the International Championships, were 1) you have to use both hands in the sorting process and 2) ignore the edges. We’ve gone, in a week, from 6:10 for a 1000-piece puzzle to 2:44, which would have placed us 22nd in the qualifying round of the international championships (different puzzles, so maybe not, but we’re a three-person team and all but one of the top 22 were four-person teams, so I feel pretty good about it). And the best part is, we’re still having a great time and laughing rather than stressing at problems.

Life is good.


Yep, watched it. Good stuff.

My butcher friend is about to get a pay rise!


I’m so glad that mayo and eggs are kosher on this new regime I’m about to embark on…and also limited seasonings. :smile:

I think I’ll be able to do this alright.


butter mayo–takes 10 minutes to make–and is the best imo, but you can use any kind of meat fat: tallow, schmaltz, lard, whatever you collect in cooking, or canned/jarred duck fat, which will give you a softer mayo. With lard, bacon, tallow, and butter mayo, you do need to set them out for 15 minutes at room temp to allow them to get spreadable.


3 lbs of ribeye steaks.
3 in the family darn it HA

well at least my first meal in a while will be my steak.
after just thinking chicken probably.

appetite is not raging but I am hungry. the first big steak meal of the day sets me up very well for not wanting alot on my second meal.

plan on using way less salt today again. finding I can’t go cold turkey without some but so far so good when starting this lower salt on my meals.

I got on the scale wondering if I lost anything. down 3 lbs. WEEE…hey I will take sick lbs off me also any time I can. Now I have to see if they stick and hold off or decide to come back as I eat more.

I also know that lower salt with Elizedge when she did it and is still off of it lost an add’l 20 lbs so I think maybe just using less salt is starting to give me some instant lbs. off just thru the water weight to start. But with E’s great results on cutting salt I think I am gonna take sight of her journey and start a real focus keeping salt at bay more in my meals.

something to focus on :slight_smile: ZC on strong all!!


I haven’t felt hungry until literally 5 minutes ago. No meals today.

I have had a G&T (I’m off and bored)…which probably is why I started eating these. Roll on August.

it’s 14:44 btw here.

I will cook soon though.


‘Aberdeen Angus August’, for a title?

I don’t want to step on anybodys’ toes here!


Looks good!


it is good, it is meat :sunny:

trumps that pic of crappy peanuts :wink:

the cow pic beats the icky processed peanut pic also :100::joy:

pics of meat very good, pics of crap food in ZC thread not good :crazy_face::crazy_face::ghost:


Use it for August thread title, and I will post pics of actual (bought by me) Aberdeen Angus meat.

It will encourage me!


I keep forgetting thread protocol, but I will endeavour to do better!