Jerky Jubilee ZC July!

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Hi Brian, well I just read his cookbook. I thought, if I ever wanted to relax my hold on carni what direction would I want to go? Maybe Dr. S has some guidelines. Well. He now includes all fruits, both regular and veggie-fruits like avocado and tomatoes, he’s big on squashes of all kinds, all seasonings of every description, and many sauces. On some of his recipes he has an option as to how to make the dish as a strict carnivore serving. I saw some things I thought I could do, a pizza crust made with pork rinds for instance, that was strict carnivore but I’d leave out whatever herbs he included.
I didn’t say it was a bad thing. It’s just that at this time I’m reveling in the improvement of my health in so many ways. I like to read different opinions though. I’m just thinking that somehow, he set himself up to take the big fall when he placed himself on such a high pedestal in his original book.

So, simple day today. Phone calls came in this morning to derail my plans to unpack more in my office, repotted a couple plants and ate 2 slices of sharp cheddar. After the Toastmasters meeting at about 2, we had bacon and eggs - I cooked the whole package of bacon, put most of it on my plate along with a cheese omelet, and ate it over the course of one episode of Doc Martin, then chased it with a grand lungo coffee with cream. Tonight we played at the roadhouse and I drank an IPA, which was not carnivore - but was good.


always a great read for us carnivores


I reckon you will be fine after a few days. I am a weak male. Mrs. Bear was back to full action stations within a week. Instead of dreaded D (diarrhoea), try for the desired D - lovely sunshine :sunflower:
Carnivore on strong.

I cut Dr. Saladino some slack. My observation is he is undiagnosed adult Autism Spectrum Disorder. It makes him a thorough and focussed researcher to the point of fixation. He always exuded an aura of desperation. Intelligent and high achieving. Some human communication challenges. If a person wants scientific details and pathways, Dr. Saladino is an entry portal to information.

Shinita, What is green ham? I have heard of “Green Eggs and Ham”. But green ham almost sounds like ham that is old and best not to eat.


The way I’m sleeping on carnivore, it must have been quiet the storm last night to wake me for a half-hour. It’s the rainy season here + the hurricane moisture means i’ll be lucky to get a walk every morning for the next week before the lightning starts. We’re getting plenty of dry lightning too.

Food plan for day: lots of eggs and a small amount of roast. Yesterday my brain wasn’t working well at noon, and a piece of cheese made all the difference and lasted me another three hours until I had belly sensations of hunger again.

I don’t weigh, and I prefer wearing clothes super-loose in summer, but I can see extra skin developing, so I assume I’m losing some body fat. I’ll get out a pair of test jeans and start trying them on every Saturday.

Once I’m at this point, just marching along with a very low carb way of eating, historically, there’s no problem at all for me. Until six months in, that is. I don’t even have to be aware of the six months date, but I’ve tracked food off and on over 8 years on a website, and it’s a clear pattern. For now, I barely have to think about it.


@MeganNZ: Noticeable benefits are extremely individual.

I saw no benefits on keto except fat adaptation that made my hunger softer (still insisting and satiation was still hard so after a honeymoon phase when I lost fat, I ate too much again).

Carnivore was another world, I got multiple benefits! :smiley: Even my energy (low on keto and everywhere else until then) went up a tiny bit after some time. I think. Hard to tell. I still have low-ish energy but maybe a tad more…? It’s individual, I never will have much I am quite sure but I don’t need much, just enough to do things in my lazy ways. Maybe I need more passion, not energy. It’s complicated. I actually can wake up in the morning now, it’s plenty :smiley: I always had super low energy (and no usable brain) when I woke up, it gets better as time passes.

And I could have used present tense in the beginning of the last paragraph as the benefits always come. Most of them are almost immediate but some took time. And I had to evolve and figure out what works best for me. It’s super easy for me to eat too much so I had to figure out what items work. Timing is important for me but I have no control over that on carnivore. I barely have hunger now but I am not always in the mood to ignore the siren song of food… With the right items it’s fine and it’s amazing. I dislike focusing on fasting when not perfectly satiated anymore for hours, it’s tiresome. But with Carnivore Quick Satiation (it’s a common thing in my life) I need more meals anyway so all is well.

I personally don’t even care about ketosis. I just want to feel right, as much as possible and I figured out extremely low plant carbs are the key. And enough meat.

Oh my god, my high-carber SO doesn’t always eat that much and he eats carbs with carbs quite often… Wow.
It’s way over to have some honey and fruit! Alvaro eats much fruit every day all year round (raisins are his staple), very much grains, lots of legumes every week and so on…
Well I did over 200g on paleo and I mostly used vegs for it… So maybe I can’t say much about 200g carbs, it can be reached in various ways… Still sounds much.
I can’t imagine I could have an activity where my body is on board with >80g net carbs. It was very serious about that in the past. I always considered these things simply individual even if one is very healthy. One thrives on high-carb, the other just tolerates it and feels way better on very low.

Most vegetables taste amazing if you ask past me… Well except the non-herb green leaves (but I am choosy with herbs too. I LOVE tarragon, best thing to happen with some white wine vinegar), they are like grass to me, ew. Except the spicy, sour, minty and onion-y ones. Those are cool.
There are many people who enjoy the unique taste of many vegetables… Not everyone likes them all, see past me, the huge veggie lover who didn’t touch green leaves even on keto (I tried but they were just too horrible)… But they are so different! Some are bitter, some are sweet, some are neither but with some great texture!
But people have odd tastebuds, I even read so many times that potatoes are bland. No, they have one of the best, most unique, irreplaceable taste of all thing, that’s why 5 years weren’t enough for me to stop thinking about that unique exquisite joy. But it passed. Still great but never needed.
Of course, people say the same to meat, that it’s tasteless… Okay, mostly vegans but still…

IDK about other kids, I loved almost all vegetables with a passion. Still hated spinach but no one tried to make me eat it. We had sorrels and that is awesome!

I am super sensitive to bitterness though (for some reason, weak coffee and cocoa is fine). To me, almost all green leaves are bitter. BAD carrot is bitter while good carrot is very sweet and tasty.
But most vegs aren’t bitter at all. They are just tasty and many of them are quite sweet too.

Well my body was still smart as I never had any problem from my excessive veggie intake (except when I went over my stomach capacity with 1.5 kg veggie dish at once) - except the carb part, carbs surely never were ideal for me, I just had no idea as I felt okay. Seeing the difference was enlightening…

Oh this is an interesting question and different people easily go into very different directions…
Unless something changes, I can’t add back the old vegs in more than tiny amounts as they are super meh to me now.
I can’t avoid fruits but I consider them the worst option I can choose unless I go and eat sugary overprocessed sweets… Yes, lovely fruits without using chemicals but my body dislikes sugars alone. It’s good it tolerates my tiny amount but that’s it and I don’t even need that!
I have better ideas but as long as I am not bored with my carni food, they hardly can tempt me. I mean, if I need to make them first. When Alvaro cooks something with much meat or eggs in the weekend, of course I taste that.

Btw fruits. We are in the very end of multiple fruit seasons (yay!) so I can do pure carni very soon if I wish so. I think I will go stricter every Monday but it will be more serious in August. What if I break my personal record of 2 weeks long carnivore? It’s summer so it’s unlikely but carnivore-ish has a chance. And it doesn’t allow any fruit beyond a little lemon. Sounds good to me.

Today I got borderline hungry early so ate before noon. The most fatty, most fried parts of the pork shoulder (yum), some bacon (yum and crunch! it turned out super good this time. and I was hungry too), some eggs (focus on whites for reasons). Around 1000 kcal but it’s impossible to say as the fat in my meat does things, I got a decent amount of bacon+fried pork lard I can use in the next days! So, 20g or something. That’s plenty for me.

I handle the complete lack of dairy surprisingly well this time. Oh and the lack of coffee, I totally forgot I don’t have any :smiley: I didn’t have this long no coffee time since November. But I dislike the taste now (unless it’s a tiny extra flavor in something) so I don’t plan to add it back when we buy more. But it never happened yet so I will be careful…

IDK why I weigh myself occasionally but I did. 75kg, obviously. (It was 76 but not in the morning so the morning weight is 75.)
I won’t do it again until I feel loosening my pants.


I am healed I believe :slight_smile:
I think I got away super lucky here. I feel fine. No issues at all. Energy came back later in the day yesterday and I felt I went over that sicky hump into healthy land again.

yesterday I had 2 cups of chicken broth. omg I was so hungry not eating for 2 days but my tummy was saying no. Drank that broth and boom, I wanted to eat then a bit later. Fried up a medium sized cheeseburger patty and woofed it down. Later in the night I got hungry again but too late to eat so I just decided to wait to today to get my eating back on track. Got a nice ribeye waiting for me for later.

So far so good for me. I think ZC gave me some type of extra boost here truly. One I ain’t complaining about, all good benefits I feel I got from living this lifestyle when fighting the crap the world sends at me :slight_smile:


Yay for quick recovery, @Fangs! :slight_smile:

I ground 1200g fresh ham :smiley: Even with the big machine it was quite a few rounds. I don’t like to cook too much lately. I boiled the eggs in the morning, ground the meat now and I will assemble the scotch eggs in the evening… We don’t need them today. Alvaro had his fried cheesy egg whites today. If the whisk already got dirty, I thought why not to make some ice cream. My no-dairy ice creams are never fully carnivore but close enough and it’s fine for now. It’s nostalgic, I tend to use mascarpone or at least cream in it but my old keto ones never had dairy (except maybe a tiny butter but maybe not even that).
So I feel I have a decent variety right now.

(Linda ) #248

I’ve often thought about that with adding things but I find if I losen up it tends to be within keto boundaries of food not high sugar fruit or high carb vegtables but the what ive found is even keto friendly vegetables were the reason I cut most things out to begin with they gave me stomach cramps so for me to step back I can handle nuts I can handle avocado and mushrooms tiny bits of cheese and sour cream… I’ve got away with onions once or twice… but for the most part if I stray into keto it brings with it gas and bloating so it keeps me pretty much on my carnivote path where I’m happy…


If I loosen up, I totally add high-carb items to my carni stuff… It’s a bit odd but well, vegs are out, oily seeds may happen but not so often… Of course I eat high-carb stuff. Just little. And only a selected few items as more and more lose all their charm. Yay. I don’t want to be forced to give up things and I am not, it’s cool. But makes my journey long. Oh well, carnivore still sped up things, it was a small miracle at least.

Hmmm, sometimes I eat chocolate. Not a tempting thing alone anymore but with ice cream it’s basic to me. Not a big deal considering I make ice cream, like, 3 times a year… And that even sweetened by banana and with Alvaro’s chocolate with xylitol, it’s quite low-carb… Very much keto even if I eat the whole small box, it’s amazing :smiley: And a bunch of other carby stuff fits into keto now. I never had much room on my original keto where I spent 30+ g carbs on vegs and oily seeds every day… And there were my eggs… It took sacrifices to use 5g carbs for fruits. So I used 1-3g, it was enough for berries including banana, that is a real berry botanically while most popular -berries aren’t, I still am not over that fact :smiley: But now? I can eat all the banana I want, it’s almost no carbs. Okay I want about zero almost all the time, it wasn’t like that before though I was very happy with my 3g carb portion, it felt plenty.

Sorry but if someone mentions fruits… :smiley:

Dinner (and second dinner and the meal between lunch and dinner) was nice! Well I had my ice cream (definitely too much egg white, yep. it was too airy - but nice) but more importantly I fried 360g ground meat, it wasn’t the plan to eat it all but well, it felt good. I can’t stick to 120g protein all the time, I need my higher protein, higher meat, higher calorie days sometimes… My eating window was huge, that never helps but it’s okay occasionally. I still will make sure I won’t eat around noon without a good reason even if it’s almost 40C outside and my brain functions are pitiful and I just follow my whims. No regrets, it was a nice day eating wise.
Fried ground fresh ham is great! It used up a big part of my little lard but it’s fine :slight_smile:

It’s possible it will be a tad lean for scotch eggs but I used something leaner last time and it worked…? It was long ago.

So I had almost 1.4 pounds of meat today and it was satisfying :slight_smile: I had my fun with pork shoulders but it doesn’t allow me eating much of it and that’s not fun. And I prefer other cuts anyway. I just had problems with variety in the nearby tiny shops.

Meanwhile the energy price situation isn’t as dire as it could be. We won’t need to suddenly pay 8 times as much for electricity, it turned out. Well there is a cheap part but the ones using more than that needs to pay more for the difference. But only (not even) twice as much. it’s still unfair that the people using natural gas get a way higher allowance than us who only use electricity as it wasn’t super expensive with the earlier prices for a very well insulated house… But with our AC, we still aren’t that bad. We go over the electricity allowance but not horribly much and considering we heat with electricity, it’s impressive. But we will look up other things, there is something for ACs at the electricity provider and that isn’t affected, something like that. It made no sense before but now there will be a big difference. So maybe it will be all right for a little while. Then IDK, we get most of our natural gas from Russia and things should be changed regarding using that…


that is me too Azi. It isn’t worth it so I don’t loosen up anymore.

in general, what I do is every now and then I stray with 1 bite. Like on vacation hubby oohing and ahhing over something he ordered and I will take a bite and try it and enjoy it and DONE…cause if I go ever past 1 bite for me all bets are off and I can’t allow myself to go there. And only time I allow a bite is if I really really wanna try something, most times I say no to even that one bite. again, cause I know me :slight_smile: Once we know ourselves then we can be true to what we require. our choice.

talking keto options is useless to me. I am zc thru and thru not only cause the other foods ick my body out for numerous reasons, all the best benefits I ever had on any menu plan I ever ate are given to me thru carnivore.

so that is my path and I hold it strong just cause I feel so darn great every darn day eating this way.


I have to head down to the chest freezer in the shed and see what is for dinner tonight. It has been great to get out for mobile (feeling the workout in my bear body), generally pain-free walks in the local national park. There is that nice “work-out” soreness a bit later. I think I’ll up my salt a bit.

There are some wildflowers starting. But we are expecting a bit more winter tomorrow.

The rainwater tanks are full. That’s the Bear homestead water source. I love our rainwater. It’s the freshest in the world I’d wager. The storms come in from the Indian Ocean. Nothing human and polluting between us and South Africa, thousands of kilometres away.

I can really taste the difference between rainwater and city scheme tap water, which tastes all chemically. The city water is from stressed aquifers and desalination plants. The rainwater on a carnivore palate almost tastes sweet. It is in steel tanks from a steel roof, then comes via copper pipes into the house. I planned it to come through some copper. Minute doses of copper are needed. I have to go back and look up why. But the French often cook in copper pans. Our pans are steel or cast iron. That copper piping might be part of the sweet taste?

The tree leaves I clean from the house gutters and the top of the rainwater tanks are a mix of eucalypt and Melaleuca. The Melaleuca is known as peppermint tree. Both leaves have aromatic oils. Some probably gets into the drinking water. Maybe we are drinking a very dilute tea? Water that is a bit ‘alive’, not dead water like distilled lab water or the trendy suburban multiple filtered water. I see them selling water filter systems in the local town where there has been a mass arrival of city refugees. They could have rainwater from tanks, but that is an alien concept for modern world people. But they bring their city thinking with them - air conditioning, big screens, water filters, fences, flushing toilets, locks on doors… locks on their minds, maybe.

Yesterday was on plan. NoFUN (No Food Until Noon) is a natural hunger response. Breakfast happening between 1pm and 2pm. But it’s not a proper fast as there is a coffee with cream in the morning. 3 chicken eggs mixed with 2 rashers of middle bacon to make an omelette. I found a stash of cheddar cheese slices and added 3 to melt on top. For dinner I baked a rack of beef short ribs in a very hot cast iron camp oven. The meat was rare near the bone, juicy and delicious. It was probably enough for two meals. But I ate for flavour and ate the whole rack like Fred Flintstone. Plus with ribs you get the chewy, collagen, connective tissue.

The scarlet is a wild flower called a flame pea. It is showing a bit out of season, so I’m wondering about this winter (if it’s warmer). The wildflower season is due toward the end of August. These are the early bloomers. I found the native purple wisteria.

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Evening! Busy day here, dr’s appointment , shopping, breakfast out, then a covid vaccine - which we both felt when we got home. I hoped I was probably hungry so ate 2 eggs and sausage sort of late. Didn’t get a photo of the sausage but here’s the ham and egg breakfast.

@Fangs so happy to hear you’re all better! Yeah you really can tell its number is up when your appetite comes back and you woof down that cheeseburger! Welcome back.

(Edith) #253

I totally believe this is the case as well, because the food aversions start as they become mobile and independent (I.e, terrible twos).

(Edith) #254

I read his book. It was definitely well researched. In the book, he actually has three levels of following the carnivore diet. The first tier includes what he considers benign-ish plant foods.I don’t remember tier 2. The third tier was what he was following himself with all the organ meats. So, in truth he is not going against what he had in his book.

I read somewhere, in some carnivore discussion, that they thought he overdid it with too much organ meat and that’s why he ran into trouble. I ran into trouble on carnivore and it was definitely not from too much organ meat. :laughing:

He’s mentioned that he used to have eczema and it cleared up on carnivore. It seems reasonable to me that if he can add plant foods back in and remain eczema free, he has done what many of us try carnivore for in the first place: an elimination diet to solve health problems.


@FrankoBear, such a great source of water! there is a rainy season here, but few people collect water. As we’re on a well, and the rain water gets into that supply, I get it eventually. I’ll have to look up how the first people to get here 10,000 years ago did water storage. (though since then, we’ve drunk several streams and rivers dry, so it may have all been “walking to the stream” and no storage needed.) My local river has water in it that lasts for two months only out of every year.

Alexander the Great’s army on the march used to drink rivers dry too, or so the ancient records tell us. I believe them. It doesn’t take many and it doesn’t take long, to drink it dry (The Colorado River) or pollute it so it may as well be (in the eastern third of the US, that’s most rivers.)

I’m marching along with food and exercise. Made deviled eggs with bacon-dripping mayo yesterday. I haven’t experienced any other physical changes than the ones I felt in the first few magical days. Not that I have a lot of symptoms to wish gone.

I’m a basically healthy person, and in terms of strength for US women over 65, I suspect I’m in the 90th percentile (never would beat a woman rancher–those are some strong women!). I’m always ready when asked “move this fridge/lift chair/hot water heater/picnic table,” or “move this truck full of compost from A to B.” I always like doing those kinds of jobs and feeling the work of it. Though not in 36C weather! We get a break starting tomorrow from that, and I thank the rain gods for it.

(Edith) #256

I am so glad to hear your joint problems are improving!!!


Feeling ZC good.

last night I wanted something so I fried up some bacon and hounded that down and within an hr. I was so thirsty. drank 3 bottles of water and still couldn’t ‘feel hydrated’. it was strange. I think the sodium just showed me something and I think I am gonna deal with using less salt.

those days off all salt and when I started eating again I just felt like the sodium did me in somehow?? not sure on it all but my mouth was super salty, kinda bone dry, I was slamming down water trying cause I felt like the body just didn’t have any in it. I don’t know LOL it was a strange thing.

My ribeye I am cooking later today. NO SALT for me. Will be interesting. I have tried using no salt before but this time, it is like something flipped in me and I see my sodium level kinda for what it is and what it does…again, just rambling a bit but heck it might be cause of this covid crap and I was just dehydrated alot and nothing to do with the sodium intake from the bacon? HAHA

but if I got a feeling that I wanna control sodium alot now, I will do it since I got that flip feeling to change it and wanna change it. Let’s see if I go from a big salt user to a very low salt user?

OK just some chat and something for me to focus on for the last days of July.

nothing on the agenda for the homefront here. everyone laying low and just cruising thru this hot great summer day. I have plans to swim later for sure, time for some floating and relaxin’ in the pool. Ahh, nothing like early retirement which is good for the soul, well my soul anyway :100:

ZC on strong guys!!


good luck with no salt! I tried it when a doc said he didn’t like my 140/80 BP. It took it down 20/10 points…for a month, and then it crawled back up, despite not letting salt creep back in at all. Weird. I didn’t expect that result at all. I adjusted better than I predicted to the lack of salty taste. fried eggs were toughest, I think. I poured the pepper on instead.


I think I’ll set Tuesday the 2nd August for my tentative steps into ZC/carni.

I need to get some provisions in from my butcher friend.
I can’t see me giving up on garlic and some other condiments though…at least at the start.

I know this isn’t a cult!!! But I’m tempted to ask, is this allowed?

Under the carni philosphy I mean!
Not some individual or others who I would just tell to go and get stuffed anyway, in the politest way possible.

Thanks for all help on this stepping stone.


Oh yes, it’s known that spices diminish the need for salt :slight_smile:
It’s interesting that eggs were tough for you. Eggs have plenty of sodium naturally and indeed, I always could eat them without salt (but I only did it when had to as they are better with a tiny salt and I had no reason to lower my already modest intake). And when I make an eggy desert, they are a tad too salty nowadays (I never added salt to desserts despite all recipes say so. there is an exception but that’s high-carb and from my distant past, mostly)… I must be sensitive to the salt in my eggs… But they are good alone. Not ideal but nearly. But meat? Meat is awful without salt (not like i tried it without but I don’t like it when it has just a bit. could eat it with little but not the best. I don’t think I could consume much if any unsalted meat).

@coopdawg: Most of us use condiments I think… I use less and less spices and condiments - except mustard, that thing is just too perfect with sausages and scotch eggs where I didn’t find my recipe and my sausage spice mix run out and it was good but a tad bland so I used mustard…

Fangs always says and she is perfectly right that it’s one thing to use a little spice/condiment (but even other things if one is very, very relaxed… at least I think so), to compliment your meat - and it’s another thing to depend on it like a significant amount of your food.

Good luck, I will start on the 1st :slight_smile: It helps that it’s even Monday, I tend to be less strict in weekends but Monday I am back to business as usual.

I need to eat up a part of the tiny non-carni part of my freezer, that will happen the next 2 weekends… Otherwise I try to behave very well. I like my food.
My self-control is worse than ever but it’s 38C outside. So I totally depend on my good taste and training. And I diligently make enough meat dishes with the right variety. So it’s fine. But August should be better.

This was my plate at lunch but I needed the small dinner to finish it, I ate a bit more though, mostly eggs, of course… (There are only 2 on the pic, inside the scotch eggs.)

Didn’t track yet but no way I ate very much today…

Tomorrow we try to visit the nearby but not that super nearby lake. We wasn’t at any beach since years… The water will be fine for sure but we need to take a train as parking the car at that popular place is problematic. Anyway, we didn’t check out the train since ages. Though the railway company asks everyone not to use trains if possible as the heat bends the rails…