Jerky Jubilee ZC July!


@Fangs… I am SO SORRY you’re so sick!!! Ugh! I’ve known a few people who’ve gotten that awful headache, and ice on the back of the neck is the only way one got relief. It was unbearable for three days, had a fever and was miserable. Others have a more mild fever and headache, but also sore throat and bad cough… Hoping the OTC you have will resolve the symptoms! Gargle w salt water for the sore throat. Keep your toothbrush in a shot glass filled with hydrogen peroxide. If breathing is a problem, and you have a natural/health foods store…try Olbas drops. A few drops in some simmering water, towel over your head and inhale…that stuff is liquid gold. I’ve used i for years. It tastes horrible, but if you can deal with it, a few drops on the back of the throat will kill a cough in no time.
The nursing home where MIL is had a worker with C, and it spread. Mom and Dad both got it. They’re fine now, but that’s scary. Having distanced myself a bit- and partly because I am back to work, I haven’t seen them much. Dad got the Paxlovid, which seems to have helped him rather quickly. I feel more susceptible to illness if the emotional status is on the downside. Completely unscientific, but I’m going with it. The distancing from the family is healthier for me right at the moment. Haven’t gotten sick,and hoping I don’t. The most recent outcome of the last family meeting (that I did not attend), was to employ hospice care AT HOME. I still don’t feel she is ready for hospice, but if its the only way to get everyone to agree to bring her home, fine. She’ll probably recover better there- hospice or not. The primary reason I did not attend the meeting is because my mouth sometimes speaks things that can be a bit harsh, and I did not want to upset dad more- and say anything that would jeporadize family relationships. And, with the emotional baggage I carry from losing my own family - no way could I handle these premature end of life discussions.
So glad that you’re able to stay carnivore. I am finding the joy in it again. Thanks to that freezer fiasco. I haven’t cooked that much beef in ages. and chicken just needs too much “outside help” if it doesn’t have skin - so- this was good. Brisket, 3 packs of round steaks - all in the insta pot. Cooked a 2 pack of ribeye, and a 2 pack of NY strip yesterday. HUbby ended up full carnivore yesterday…all he had was three steaks! I had one last night, plus eggs and round steak for breakfast. Had 5 beef hot dogs for lunch. Today is Sirloin and Porterhouse Day. So much to cook!!! Freezer is defrosted, and re-organized with the un harmed meat.
While I don’t eat veg much, I like cruciferous things like brussels spouts or broccoli once in a while. Glad to see some came up in the garden. Germination for the beans and peas has been abysmal. not sure what happened. These were new seeds. So, guess we just wait and see.
Its very warm and humid here the past few days. Had a massive thunderstorm Monday night - slept right through it. Hubby was up at 330 watching all the lightening. Last night/early morning,more rain but not as much. Cooled off to the 70’s now.
Chickens are not laying eggs yet. Turkeys still are. Not much else is new on the farm.
The foot made it through 4 days of work, so now we rest. The inflatable boot thing is awesome. But I just cannot do the exercises he gave me to do. Feels like the bone is going to crack again when I try.Next appt is Aug. 2. So, we shall see.
Anyways…tons of hugs and loves going out to you, my friend. Get well, I pray. The world needs your carnivore mojo. Over and out.


Good morning, gorgeous people! I have my 45 minute walk in, watered plants, and it’s not yet 6 a.m. Sunrise was glorious. It’ll be raining a lot the next several days, so I’ll have a whole lot of weeding to do in a week.

Someone gave me cucumbers, and I’m fermenting them. Either will take them to labor day potluck or if I go back to more ketovore in two weeks, eat them. Fermenting is great not only because it’s traditional and so on, but because you aren’t eating them now. it’s a delay strategy as well.

Yesterday was all chuck roast and salt, and yum. I worked at eating a lot of cartilage, which is like drinking bone broth but takes no cooking effort, just a bit of chewing effort. I’m making 18 jumbo deviled eggs and butter mayo today, part to take to a lunch thing tomorrow, and part to eat.

Dull me, healthy and right on track.



Take plenty of cuttings of that plant, get propagating…at those prices you won’t need promotion at work!

(And you could grow some mushrooms too, hehe :shushing_face:)


That is very appetising!


I lightly fry lambs’ liver at least once a week (try not to do it more frequently than that…it’s full of Vitamin A).

I would say about 3 minutes each side of the cutting at 80% heat. I would imagine this would be the same for beef liver- but I’ve never had that. It doesn’t seem to be popular over here (Northern Ireland). I’ve no idea why.

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I think the term “flipped” is being used because he really was a zealot for carnivore. The fact that he is no longer pure carnivore after being such a fanatic I think rubs people the wrong way a bit.

Both my son and I tried pure carnivore and we both had to stop due to increased heart palpitations, similar to Paul Saladino’s reasoning for adding back some carbs. So, I totally get needing to change things up. I really do think people feel duped because he was soooo zealous.


@Keto_Lou: Give us some rain! But -10Celsius would be welcomed too! It’s super hot in Europe now. And at least in Hungary very, very dry :frowning:
The house is still nice though.
I never was good at fermenting (only tried a couple of times as I had good sources to get some stuff and didn’t need more) and now it’s a moot point… Now I pickle eggs as a sour treat :smiley: I liked pickles more than properly fermented cucumbers (oh those are a huge thing in this country) but both were okay…

Hi guys, I just eat as I did in the last days. I got hungry super early, at noon so I ate after 2:30. My cute lovely, totally not annoying baby hunger stays the same all the time so it caused no problems.
I had a sausage as I start to get bored of my fried pork. It’s nice in small amounts but I rather eat other things too, even for the meat part (as my trusted eggs are present all the time).
I eat a bit too fatty, I need very much fat to get my protein this way, fat I probably don’t need for satiation now. I can shift my focus on egg whites but that can’t help very much. I just have no lean meat options. But a leaner pork piece is defrosting now, I will cook it tomorrow. I need something different so I ground it and make 12 scotch eggs. I got bored of them quickly last time but it’s probably very nice occasionally. There are not very many dishes I can eat multiple times every week, Alvaro is the one who does that, sometimes I am second hand bored…

It would be nice to have a bigger fish variety. But there are so few species available here (I need the city for most of them too but that’s not a big problem) :frowning: I don’t like very lean ones as they are pretty much tasteless and almost all nicer fish is very expensive. But it’s really just a few options anyway. I like hering and especially mackerel but they typically come in tins and never in brine. Not even olive oil (that’s for tuna) and I dislike the taste of olive anyway. The herring yesterday was kind of nice despite the sauce (and I realized my other, similar tin has half as much sugar), I keep that for emergencies but it would be nice to have some proper, tasty fish more often, like twice a month or something… I do that with hake, that’s even cheap but it takes effort and spices as it’s not really tasty all by itself and I very quickly get bored of it.
That would be help with leanness too. But I shouldn’t complain, pork and turkey should offer almost enough variety as proper meat… And they do.

I want pork chuck :frowning: I get some on Saturday, we won’t visit the usual hypermarket but there are a bunch of supermarkets around, some should have it for a decent price. It’s one of the most popular cuts, often on sale… But I buy it even without that now, I need the stuff.

I don’t remember the time but it probably depends on multiple factors anyway. But beef liver does take a surprisingly little time! It’s from me who spend 30-60 minutes on chicken liver (it needs it, I can’t help it :D)… Beef is a fragment of that and it’s great, at least I like it. Alvaro hates it. I always wanted to try lamb liver but couldn’t yet. I imagine I would like it… It’s one of my life goals to try all not too exotic livers… So all from common domesticated animals. It goes slowly… Getting any kind of mutton isn’t trivial (the hypermarket has it but it’s expensive and only some parts) and I don’t know WHY, keeping sheep is very traditional here! The beef farm had it once and we bought and it was AMAZING and they said they will keep them and have more but it didn’t happen :frowning:
I could get baby lamb liver if I travelled some hours but I am not that desperate yet. It’s possible I will get emu liver earlier as it’s only a small detour when we visit my Aunt…

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Hahah the mirror looked bigger when she gave me it but small on the wall. I like it though lol

No vines, I have a faux trailing rose that I am going to thread through it and it will look pretty, thats how I saw it when I decided to buy it so bought the trailing rose at same time.

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Wow so many posts to catch up on so skimmed over some as per, just can’t face reading so much on my phone. Another very hot night and very wakeful for the first half of night, up at 4.15am ran my 100 flights of stairs and was out the house running up that hill to 5.30am. Got the tram and had to get off at the railway station as a tram had failed at the next stop (I believe that may be the new term for conked out) so everyone had to get off nd hike up to the next stop past the broken tram, then eventually on another tram and off again running up the hills to work. Quite a stressful day so I was glad to be running home. I can get into the zone and clear my head!

Tired and sweaty when I got home so had a quick cool bath and cooked a rump steak with cheese. Very nice followed by some salami and cheese.


Ah I see what you mean. I saw a recent video of his where he was cooking steak and eating native fruit and squirting honey on the steak. Not exactly nose to tail but if his ways have changed because his thinking has evolved, I give him more credit for that evolution than if he stuck with something he knew wasn’t sustainable. I always thought 100% pure carnivore was sustainable…until it’s not. Maybe that’s what he ran into. Or maybe he’s so active that he can totally get away with 150-200g non carnivore carbs, unlike the rest of us. I’d be keen to try and find a recent podcast or article about what he’s eating these days and explanations why. I suspect he’s still heavily “carnivore-adjacent” with deviations that he can justify due to his own preferences and activity levels, etc. Now that I type that out, I suppose that would make sense to me and I wouldn’t view it as some sort of dogmatic carnivore sell out (not saying that’s what you’re saying above, of course).


I really got bored with my fried pork shoulders… I had some boiled eggs (mostly whites) and my last tinned herring for dinner, the latter was nice (of course my eggs too) and indeed way less sweet than the previous one.

Now I could plan a way better meal/base for tomorrow, using green ham :slight_smile: I won’t need to eat a lot of fat to get my protein. But I will have fattier pork too, in moderation, green ham is too lean, after all and I am not THAT much into it either, I need variety.
Each and every day, my protein is around my minimum (120g) and the fat falls wherever it falls with the items I use. I am curious if I am right and I don’t need as much fat now. Satiation comes ridiculously easy now but until my protein goes near 120g, I can’t get perfectly satiated.
Not like 1800 kcal is bad. But I am really not into pork shoulders, it worked for a few days and now I need a change. Maybe I can find some nice turkey…

It’s possible I have too many commas, I am good with spelling but certain nuances are too much. I have my own, slightly wrong style in my own language too, sometimes. And I am tired.

It was super hot outside at 7pm. It wasn’t exactly okay at 9pm either… And tomorrow will be even hotter…

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So are folks saying all the possible benefits of being in ketosis will be experienced on a carni way of eating? I know some of them will (reduced inflammation, decreased appetite/improved satiety, better blood sugar regulation, decreased body fat/increased muscle mass), how about the rest? Increased energy, improved sleep, improved concentration, reduced blood pressure and blood ldl cholesterol and lipids, increased endurance, improved mood?

Do we fully understand why ketosis does these things?

I started off on a ketogenic way of eating and have quickly moved to carnivore because, right now, what I’m enjoying eating most is meat, with a small amount of dairy. I like the simplicity too. But I am still interested in experiencing the possible benefits of being in ketosis because I have fibromyalgia which negatively impacts my sleep, pain, concentration, energy levels and mood. I also have depression which negatively impacts me in the same ways.

My plan is to give it a few months and see how I’m feeling, plus see if I’m losing weight, but I’m still interested in understanding what the possible benefits are and how they are achieved, so I can tweek if needed to increase my chances of achieving them.

I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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Hmmm… good questions. I was keto for a year before gradually sliding ing into carnivore. I saw all the above mentioned benefits while on keto and see no difference since going carni.

I just kept eliminating foods when they became the obvious cause of gut, inflammation or energy issues. Looked around one day and realized I was now carnivore. Let your body answer your questions for you.


So I lucked out and stumbled upon the answer to this in the first 20 minutes of Episode 172 of his podcast. He explained his reasoning as to adding in honey and fruit (primarily testosterone, muscle cramps, palpitations, sleep, and other reasons). He admits he pivoted and appears to own having done so. He even hints that for the 2.0 version of his book, he’ll need to make some changes. He clearly is shifting away from the carnivore angle and re-branding as “animal based” as his primary focus. Finally, he confirmed he consumes 200g of carbs per day, but cautions that he’s very physically active and insulin sensitive, so our mileage will definitely vary.


You might enjoy episode 172 of Paul Saladino’s podcast. Although I haven’t finished it yet, he’s doing a back-and-forth and pro/con with keto and carnivore, both through his own experience and the science of each. It appears that his theme in the podcast is the same as yours (let your body answer the questions) as he explains his adjustments as a result of how he felt and what his blood markers were telling him as an MD.

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Excellent to know I’m in good company.


Start here:

Plants are trying to kill us. Not very effectively in the cases of broccoli and tomatoes, but still, they produce chemicals that try to convince critters (us) not to eat them, so they can get to ripeness, go to seed, and complete their life cycle. Oxalates, lectins, phylates, many more. Some people react to some and other people react to others more strongly (children who refuse vegetables are probably smarter than their parents in this). They tend to be the source of inflammatory diseases, from RA to Lupus to heart disease, and I think the mechanism is discussed in Paul Mason’s video, linked below. It has to do with pieces of plant molecules breaking off and attaching to receptors in the gut lining. (But I’m just some schmoe–don’t trust me, listen to Dr. Mason.)

There is precious little good science yet on carnivore eating in human test subject (just millions of years of it in our ancestors’ lives and lengthy studies of Inuits and Masai and so on, who eat carnivore diets). I’d google the Paleomedicina clinic in Hungary, “Shawn Baker science” (he’s crowdfunding a piece of research right now), and so on. So in the absence of 20-year double blind trials, a lot of what is assumed is about biochemistry. In the absence of any carbs, what happens to insulin, leptin, lipolysis, etc, leaky gut, the gut biome, and so on. It’s what we (or they) know about biochemistry + logic.

If you want to read papers like this: or, you can learn some tidbits. But the last is a pilot study, and so we rely a good deal on anecdotal evidence, but when the anecdotes are by doctors treating dozens of patients, one does tend to become convinced. Though it’s not a problem of mine, when hundreds of people say their depression or anxiety disorder went into remission, I’m thinking “gotta be worth trying for such folks,” right? Beats misery.

There are a number of youtube vids that go into some detail Here’s one, Dr Paul Mason on Low Carb Down Under’s channel: That’s a good channel to follow. Ken Berry’s youtube channel is folksy but he has papers referenced in show notes (papers usually visible on the USA’s site for no charge). Dr. Shawn Baker’s youtube channel is a good follow. He’s not a very intrusive interviewer and he has interesting guests.



While I agree with your post above, I think this issue you note below relates more to the super sensitive taste buds that young kids have and the fact that most vegetables taste terrible. I don’t think it’s an innate wisdom. Just my two cents.


could be the same thing! Maybe they taste the bitter compounds that cause gut issues.


I think it’s more of an evolutionary protection mechanism for them to have an aversion to vegetables because cognitively that haven’t been told or learned which are truly toxic (like “die” toxic, not upset my tummy toxic). So, evolution wise, it’s better if their taste meter was super conservative until their cognitive abilities educated them on plant safety. That’s what I vaguely remember from my school anthropology classes, but who knows if I’m remembering this correctly from 35 years ago….