Jerky Jubilee ZC July!

(Karen) #181

Sorry 8 have had to skim through all the posts, had a busy old day today.
As the weather temp has increased so much I did gentle stair runs today, still 100 flights just took it steady. Had the fan on with windows open upstairs and the front door open at bottom of stairs! Phew sweaty weather.

Watered containers and had a leisurely bath before getting to bank, doctors (to change my appt time next week, and then off to Leicester to catch up with my ex/bf. Had a super brunch/late lunch lol mixed grill and didn’t realise till the end of the meal that they hadn’t put the fried eggs on … my fault, when I was ordering the usual no chips no side salad no 9 ion rings no tomato I inadvertently add just meat meat and more meat lol when the waiter came afterwards I said wasn’t there supposed to be eggs so he said what he told the chef and then said but the chef added more chicken and sausages as it didn’t look much without all the chips etc :rofl: when he asked if we wanted desert I said yes please 2 fried eggs! :laughing: he saw the funny side thankfully.

After the meal we went over to Market Harborough for a brew and sit down at the wharf watching the canal and long boats.

Got home about 7.15pm and feel quite positive as it the first drive of that distance on my own since my stroke … testing the waters. Super nice afternoon/early evening.
Just had a bit of cheddar, some Hungarian salami and a packet of cold water prawns (150g)

(Robin) #182

Good for you. Another milestone! And the view was worth the drive.


I left out that I ate almost a pound of meat today and 4 eggs. I like to track these numbers.
I tried to plan a cute day for tomorrow… So tricky with such fatty meat! Too much fat for too little protein and I can afford only a very small amount of meat (well that’s cheaper and less boring, maybe it works with this one, less so with my favs but they are leaner so all is well)… My plan has 200g fried pork…
But maybe I can pull it off. OMAD makes my chances bigger, we will see.

And it was ODD not to eat something different. Just eggs and meat. It wasn’t bad but unusual, I don’t do such days often!


Fallen off the ZC horse here. Just a fall back to keto. More a fall off the ZC Shetland pony. I like these occasions for keeping it real for the nervous lurker readers of our thread. Long drive in a dangerous storm. Work related. City related. Family dinner event thrown in. Will try to stabilise today with good coffee and less managers.

I get a sense people read these forum posts to see if they could do what we do within the busyness of their lives. We have life happen. We experience the moment(s). Then we get back on plan. It’s simple to get back on the carnivore plan even though, sometimes life ain’t easy. But the stability returns after a delicious carnivore meal.

Dr. Jen Unwin (UK) has that saying about low carb eating,

It is simple but not always easy.

(Linda ) #185

Yeah I find if I step back to keto I look forward to getting back to meat…I think I had one meal on the road that the meat had some kind of breading on it not ideal…didn’t make me crave didnt send me spiraling just really nice to get home and back to real meat. Oh i love my meat…

In these really hot days I’ve still kept in a packet of keto chow and ice made into ice cream…so its protein powder with a few additives so although not 100 pc clean but it’s not upsetting my stomach and it keeps me away from too much dairy…which I have in coffee…

Meat lately has been flanken ribs and bacon.

(Robin) #186

Good points here. Life happens, even to the most experienced and devout carnivores. If we step out of bounds, we are likely to simply land back on keto for a while, which is certainly not the end of the world.


Oh yes, I saw “keto is so simple” so many times. I said of course, shovelling for 12 hours is simple too just insanely hard and for us normal folks just plain impossible…

By the way I feel super lucky that I don’t need to come back to feel right, I keep the benefits for a while, it just falls apart when more and more carbs are introduced (it was the same with low-carb). Well I can mess it up with one go but I need to be quite wild for that.

The situation is different as I can eat meat basically any time but I got reminded of the changes in my life in the last years, again.
When I started these on/off carnivore-ish times, I had carni times with little meat and off days with no meat. I had very little meat and I felt it’s a waste to eat it on my off days (OMG my mind worked so much differently regarding that. it probably had the part where I wanted to use the time and eat things I don’t on carni)… And then times passed and I had decent amount of meat, obviously eggs all the time unless I was bored of them - and various carbier dishes (sometimes very low-carb but containing plants).
And now it changed, I mentioned it already and now I just eat normal on my off days with very little extra. So my off and on days are super close (usually. I still can go wild as it turned out. but it’s not good so it will stop). But I just don’t desire many non-carni things anymore. Who knows if my tiny extras help… Probably yes, I don’t like restrictions except for fun experiments and only the ones I don’t mind much.
But looking forward to some simple, meaty day… I know that feeling since long. I don’t need the meat itself, per se, I just don’t have many options, I can’t make a meal from eggs only. But I like meat, sure. I just don’t feel it’s essential to my life, I could live without it. But that would raise my carbs and that wouldn’t be ideal. And pork tastes the best but that doesn’t make it vital.
If I simply don’t have (much) meat when not at home, that’s problematic because it inevitably gets too carby, way more than what I could do at home. And that’s never good. So of course I miss my very low-carb then. Many people seem to be able to stay on a carbier woe, I can’t. I feel a bigger and bigger pull, can’t stay away for long. And it already was the case ages ago when I loved and occasionally wanted zillion different carb sources. Hence my on/off keto, I didn’t come back because I thought I should (though I definitely did), I came back because I am a hedonist and I eat whatever I like/want/need and I HAD to do very low-carb just like I had to eat in a small eating window. I couldn’t avoid it, I don’t have that kind of willpower or anything.

I’ve read about keto chow, must taste utterly horrible to me, I am bad with most sweeteners.
But I plan to make ice cream as I want to make ice cream cake for my birthday. I still don’t want them but I am mildly curious but I do it because I am planning it since years! I never had an ice cream cake and mine surely won’t be anything similar (especially the ham flavored one, I would think. I still have smoked ham powder I need to use up) but that’s fine :slight_smile: I try to make it decorative but my skills at that… Well IDK, I just need some hard enough material, ice cream sounds good for that. My ice cream isn’t very watery, it’s probably closer to buttercream than ice cream but it’s super far from both, actually. Butter is too expensive, I won’t use any. The dairy part should be mascarpone anyway, it’s so amazing for desserts. IDK if it works for savory stuff, I will test it but first I need to buy some on Saturday. My birthday will be on Monday. But I am not good with dates, who cares if it will happen a week later. Definitely a weekend thing, anything can happen, maybe I even stray away from carnivore and that just couldn’t happen on a decent, normal Monday :slight_smile:
I need lots of experiments anyway… I never made properly firm and good carnivore sponge cakes yet.

Today I make 3 high-carb dishes. Life is like that sometimes with a high-carber. Almost zero work except for one but I like to make that. Sometimes I wonder if Alvaro’s diet can be changed more but it pretty much reached the point where such things are near impossible. It works very well. But frequency changes can be made I suppose… I bake various things for him and he eats them all happily despite the extremely different macros. One eventually became quite low-carb and no problem. It’s the ONLY really low-carb dish he can use as a complete meal. And he can’t eat it with carbs even if he wanted as it’s not that kind of stuff :smiley: I lack an ingredient, that’s why I barely used it in the last months but that will change. And he can use it for breakfast when running so some wet stuff can’t work as they often escape, the container is good but not THAT good).

I bake sponge cakes too, I still eat several almost every day. Nice stuff. Maybe I start my experiments… But adding some flour type thing usually does nothing to them. I wonder if using a different mold will produce some proper shape at least, I have no problem with my overly soft muffins, after all. But I will make egg yolk powder again, a finer one than this far…


I went down last night sick as a dog.

I assume covid from hubby? last few days I have been getting these little chills, nothing bad but you know when ya say, hmmmm, but always felt great.

last night I fell into the abyss. hot flashes and sweating and then cold chills to the bone. I have been on over counter meds last few days cause of hubby and I just tripled them up last night and got thru a super sleepless, miserable night. My head, omg it was like sinus 1000x magnified. Like my eyes were gonna blow right thru my sockets and ping pong off the walls LOL I laid all night throwing blanket on and off and using wet cool washcloths all over to get thru the high heat.

I woke up this morning at 6 and took 2 sinus pills, then I took Alka Seltzer Cold plus and funny thing is I feel a hell of alot better. Where my hubby went down for like 4 days I think I went thru it all in one night!

I am not good right now tho, I am tiptoeing around with such a clogged head but my body feels like it burned thru the hot/cold so…I think I should rebound up now? I hope so.

I ate ok yesterday but this morning my tummy is off. alot of drugs in my system and food has 0 draw to me right now.

broken foot and now you are in a boot thingy…girl!!! that will slow ya down around the farm I would think but I hope ya heal fast!!
Sorry on the stress and emotions of it all. I hit that recently, I feel for ya and a little distance never hurts, it heals so I am happy to read you are taking care of you too!!

yes I agree there is a point when a longer term carnivore will only default back so far, like into keto for a few things to eat and it is never ‘that binge’ back and beyond ya know so I am happy to hear you are doing ok!!

--------------so today I am resting all day. I can’t move fast or my head gets me so dizzy like. Hubby is running to store for a few things and I am thinking what do I want to eat but nothing at all is coming to mind plus I got meats here so…eh, I think today might just be a no food day.

I feel too like I want to move more but I can’t :slight_smile: So I best not move so much and go lie down again and call it a day HA


Oh gosh, to everyone who is experiencing difficulties, deaths in the family, illness, physical pain, I am so sorry. Take the best care of yourself you can.

Back from my dawn walk. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors, and since I quit a day job at age 49, even more. I’d be outdoors more right now but that it’s 35C every day, and nope, not going to do that! One of the benefits is that at dawn, i could see there was a hurricane coming (they never reach us with anything but extra rain, so nothing to worry about) because of the way the tips of clouds were curling, as if someone had taken a curling iron to them. “hurricane” my brain remembered. You think about paleolithic woman and how she’d know all that kind of thing, but better, for her area.

Before I walked, I put my first chuck roast on–had to use a sauce pan as it didn’t fit in my one-person slow cooker. So it’s simmering away over there and should feed me for four days. Yesterday I ate three meals, and it’s the first time i’ve been hungry for three in a week. Chicken and bacon. I drink really weak cold tea in the mornings (one one-cup tea bag in a half-gallon pitcher, not brewed with heat–so more like tinted water.) Otherwise water all day.

Do you all have good water where you live? We’re on well water here, and it’s very minerally in taste, but a cheap filter removes most of that taste. I haven’t seen an analysis, but the last place I lived was near an open-pit copper mine, and the city water had arsenic at about a 100x level of what’s allowable in the US. (But a small poor city can’t afford the equipment needed to take it out). Everybody who could afford to drank reverse osmosis water, but I’m not sure that took care of it. Where I grew up, the water was full of benzene from a factory and the cancer rates are many times the national average there. (Not all the carbs–if you drink or breathe poison, it’s a problem.) The US has a ton of water problems. Oregon and Washington States probably have the best water, with the Rocky Mt. states doing pretty well too.

(Robin) #190

Well, heck I sure was hoping you would miss the covid train. It can really run right over you.
Hope you recover soon.

(Karen) #191

Very hot and humid night so I had the fan on until about 4am. Wakeful as per but also because I find it hard to sleep with the noise of the fan. Kept it on low until on one of my wee trips I turned it up one notch (which of course makes it a bit louder) then at 4am I had had enough of the noise and switched it off.
Up at a reasonable time and got my stair runs done cos my man who can was coming this morning to do a few more jobs. He put my bat box up, a couple of door curtains to keep flies out, one hd to go up in the outside wall and I find drilling holes in my exterior walls is nigh on impossible … so let the man who can do it lol. He does in minutes what would take me hours of faffing about lol
He also put up the Boa that I bought pre covid for when the garden got done and the lovely maroccon style mirror my daughter bought me for my birthday. I have pottering moving containers here there and everywhere to fit around the Boa. It was bigger than I remembered when he measured the diameter but I still managed to put it where I had planned in my head all along… and it was just by chance that it fit! All it needs now is a nice small rocking chair with my little occasional garden table to sit in the centre!

Brunch was just after 12 and I finished off the roast pork with some cheese and a bit more cheese and some small Hungarian salami sausage.

Not sure what to eat later, possibly a steak or the chirozo sausages.

(Edith) #192

@Fangs Sorry to hear your succumbed to COVID. Take it easy and don’t rush your recovery.

@Keto_Lou, your post about water is very interesting. I read an article once about an area in India, near the Himalayas. A charitable group had come in and dug wells for them. Unfortunately, the wells caused terrible sickness in the village because the ground water had such high levels of arsenic. I don’t know whatever happened, though; such as if anything was done to fix the problem.

I am not on well water where I live. We do use filtered tap. Without the filtration is had a fairly strong smell of chlorine. After reading an article about how terrible bottled water is for the environment and what the bottled water companies do to the towns where they get their water, I try to avoid drinking it as much as possible.

(Judy Thompson) #193

Nice chef! I usually just get a big dinner plate with a little piece of meat in the middle! Lol

@VirginiaEdie " Without the filtration it had a fairly strong smell of chlorine." when we got back to VA in April the chlorine in our Falls Church water was so strong I could hardly stand near the sink. Even the RO water we buy had a chlorine smell. I thought it was because on our Texas land we have rainwater collection and though we add Clorox (1 gallon in each 2500 gallon tank) it never smells.
2 weeks after we got back we went back to Mom’s (organic grocery) and I tasted the water again and there was no chlorine. The guy there said other people had complained about the chlorine taste earlier too. He said when levels are very high in city water, RO just can’t get it all out.
Your home filter might not take out the chlorine - Brita filters say “takes out the TASTE of chlorine” although we had a 10 step filter that actually removed both chlorine and flouride.
I’m so happy to be back to the rain collection water! I cook with it but for drinking and ice making I still buy Culligan’s reverse osmosis water.

(Edith) #194

When we first moved to Virginia, I did not notice a chlorine smell to the tap water and I thought the tap water tasted pretty good, but within the last few years, I have noticed the change.


Only a minor blip mate- and I’m sure it wasn’t excessive.

Get back on the horse (and then maybe eat it?).

As long as we all stay away from processed crap/oils and carbs in the main, I think we’ll be OK for the very odd slip. Like my dance with lentils the other day!



Get well soon- both of you.

I feel almost bad/selfish asking tthis, but I don’t mean to…when you recover, could you let us know if it affected your taste or smell in anyway? Even diet changes because of any palate change?

It’s just that I’ve had a number of people I know who have had Covid remark exactly that…but not all of them. I love my ketovore food, I’d hate to lose that sense of taste and/or smell of good food, even if it seems to mainly temporary.

Good news is, mostly it is only temporary.

Get well soon. :relaxed:

(Linda ) #197

If it rains it pours in your neck of the winds hope you and your hubby get over civid asap sorry to hear you caught it too.

@SecondBreakfast wow first your leg now a broken foot hope you heal up fast …

@Shanita it’s not bad I can’t do sweet much but it’s nice that I can turn ice and the protein powder into a creami texture and I don’t need to add all the cream… Its super hot in florida and it’s passable for me as a cool treat at the end of a meal that basically just adds protein…I still go for all my meat…and other than that I have my coffee.

(Robin) #198

Oh, that is perfect! Will you have vines growing up it’s sides? And that mirror is so cute!

(Robin) #199

I lost the mid-range tastes. It could taste very sweet (extra in my coffee) and very salty. I couldn’t taste the actual flavor per se… but the presence of sweet or salty, if that makes any sense.
Slowly, the middle filled back in till I’m back to normal. It took about 4 months.


I think I’m close to taking the leap of faith…the metaphoric jumping off that cliff into ZC/Carni.

I have to wait until August, for reasons I can’t go into.

But yeah- I’m thinking about trying it for real, not just ketovore.